26th, October, 2015


After running (or should I say puffing? Yes, yes I definitely should) past this patch of flowers after work several times a week, I knew it was the spot to shoot this beautiful backless dress by Zoe Vine. I’m no botanical expert (even remotely) but you simply can’t go wrong with flowers – especially when they compliment the dress print so beautifully..

Well, it turns out you can go wrong with flowers. I didn’t realise at first – but when I was standing amongst them there was no mistaking that these were onion flowers! While I can put up with an oniony smell for ten minutes while taking photos, I definitely don’t recommend face planting on the slippery surfaces – as you will reek of onions for an entire day. A nice wee contrast to possibly the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn in my entire life, eh?

While I didn’t end up snapping any photos on this beautiful Kodak camera I did enjoy peeking through the viewfinder, as well as the overall aesthetic it brought to the photos. I inherited this camera several months ago via my Nana (it used to belong to my Granddad, who I never met) and it gave me absolute chills to be holding something my Grandfather used to cart around with him fifty years ago. (I may have even gotten a tear in my eye when I saw his name inscribed in pencil on the inside of the camera bag). My ultimate dream for summer is to get this camera up and running – and no doubt there will be a tear or two shed when I develop my first roll of film.

Hummingbird DressZoe Vine / Shoes – Chicwish / Camera – Vintage



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  1. I just inherited a Kodak camera just like this! It was my grandpa’s too. I don’t think I could afford film for it or developing the film but I’d love to display the camera somewhere. I love how yours was used as an accessory to your pretty floral dress here.


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