12th, October, 2013


Is anyone else absolutely baffled that it’s October already?! I can barely believe it! Bring it on, I say. In New Zealand we are at the very beginning of spring. I’m particularly keen on all of the spring showers we’ve been experiencing lately – this year I am feeling extra prepared! It all started about a year ago when I bought this transparent raincoat. My attitude towards rain changed completely. You can style cute outfits even when the weather is rubbish, and people can still see them. Brilliant!

It’s something similar to the love affair I’m having with these cherry pink flats by Sun Jellies. They are the original French jelly mould, which means they were worn by fishermen in the 1940s. I know it sounds terribly sponsor-y, but I genuinely think this is super neat. I love knowing the back stories behind fashion (like for example: did you know that sneakers were first invented 1800?) Well, story or not (even though it’s a good one!) these jellies have been essentials during this rainy weather – they dry faster than you can even imagine. Hooray for embracing the 1990s – err… or the 1940s, I suppose!

Also – yellow is the best colour ever. It puts me in a good mood just looking at it!

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / FlatsSun Jellies / Raincoat – Oasap / Bag – A gift


24 Comments on “Yellow!”

  1. Hey there. What a lovely post, the colours are amazing. What lipstick do you have here? I’ve been looking for that exact colour for ages :)

    • Thank you so much! The colour is called ‘Carnation Mist’ and it’s by Karen Murrell. It’s an all natural lipstick, made from avocado oil – which feels amazing on your lips! xox

  2. I think yellow is the best colour too! It’s so happy. Also, your jellies and your raincoat are so cool. xx

  3. I love that you can see your adorable outfits under your raincoat! very cleaver! Jellies are great aren’t they!? they make me so nostalgic for my childhood! xox

  4. that transparent raincoat is so rad! I definitely loved how you wore it last year with the print dress and I’m loving your spring outfit this time! you look lovely, Jo! :)

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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