31st, August, 2015


Ahh, good old yellow. I quite genuinely squealed as we approached this colourful beach hut, nestled among the enormous resorts on Miami Beach. Luckily my boyfriend, Barnaby, knows me well, and was soon asking “do you want to take photos over there?” before I even had time to open my mouth. Ah, true love, aint she a beauty?

Not to ramble on (too!) much – but talk about a meant-to-be moment! I had my yellow dress on, the sunglasses were already packed in my pineapple bag.. It couldn’t possibly have been any better! Coordinating outfits to locations is basically the pinnacle of all things bloggy, but when you do it without even realising.. there should be a reward for that or something, don’t you think? ; )

These ended up being some of my very favourite photos from our entire trip. I took a whole bunch on a disposable camera too, and am so eager to get the photos back! I love digital, but it really is the most unique feeling when you have absolutely no clue as to what photos are going to turn out like!

DressLarmoni / Pineapple Bag – Luna on the Moon / SunglassesZeroUV



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  1. That hut is the BEST I’ve ever seen! I am obsessed with yellow – it’s the happiest colour of all time. Great find :) x


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