14th, February, 2017


Growing up in South-East Asia; specifically, Brunei, Chinese New Year was one of my favourite celebrations. The music, the colours, the lion dances.. I really do love it all! The moment I hear the distinctive drum beats come on while I’m walking around the supermarket (the music is everywhere!) I just can’t help myself and tap my toes as I walk down the aisles. So I was massively excited to be back in Asia again – after all, I moved to Thailand – so my new hubby could experience it for the first time too.

I sold most of my clothes before moving over and had nothing red in my closet! The closest I had to gold was this yellow suspender skirt from Black Milk which I paired with a sheer sleeved tee I’ve had for absolutely ages. And the hair? My co-worker is INCREDIBLE when it comes to braids, and luckily she offered to do mine up in the most intricate style I can even imagine (!) the day before the celebrations. Ugh, she is the best!

It was quite funny – despite my HUGE passion for CNY, we never actually made it to the celebrations! We headed down to look at the decorations – when we took these photos. But on the night I wasn’t feeling terribly well and ended up asleep on the couch at about 9:30. I vaguely remember waking up at midnight to hear the distant sound of fireworks, which put a definite smile on my face. Here’s to next year then, I suppose! ; )

Pinafore – Black Milk / T-shirt – Old / Shoes – Kate Spade



8 Comments on “Year of the Rooster”

    • SO MANY CLOTHES! (Though I managed to leave a few favourites at my Mother-in-Laws house!… don’t think I could ever give up my watermelon dress!) 😉 x

  1. I’ve never been to Chinese New Year celebrations but it looks like so much fun! Your outfit is super cute, especially the pineapple earrings. I wish I had a friend that could do my hair like that xx


    • Oh, she is brilliant! Trying to convince her to do some tutorials for the blog – fingers crossed! <3

  2. i’ve never been to chinese ny celebrations but i would like to do ha at some point:-) the skirt and your hair are so pretty! and congrats and good luck with your move – hope you’ve been enjoying! i really need to catch up with your blog now, haha:-) xx

    • Definitely worth a visit – they are a feast for.. well, all the senses really! :) And thank you! I’ve been a rubbish blogger lately, but starting to document life again now I’m feeling excited and travelling! x


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