5th, July, 2012

The Caitlin Shearer Biscuit Dress 

Goodness, another vanishing act wasn’t exactly what I had in mind! I’ve been struck by a vicious wee case of the flu – not the best, eh! The last few days have been pretty rough, and have mostly been spent in bed, with the occasional Lucozade-fueled editing spree for these campaign photographs. Now poor Barnaby has caught the bug too. Whoops! At least now I have a spot of company! It hasn’t all been bad though! With all of this time spent in bed, I’ve been adding to my ever-growing clothing wishlist. I’m particularly infatuated with the biscuit dress, pictured above. A cute print never ceases to win me over, particularly when it features Caitlin’s beautiful artwork – and of the most delicious variety!

I haven’t actually mentioned it here yet, but it seems like the perfect time to announce some exciting news. We are currently in the process of creating our very first original Lost in the Haze dress! It is a definite reason why everything has been so very busy lately, but I promise it is well worth the wait! It will be so very wonderful when all is revealed, I just know that you will love it!

Sessun Blazer + Mustard Blouse

Moschino Raining Cats & Dogs Umbrella

Cat Ears Headband

Orla Kiely Resort 2013 

Tea Party Print Dress 

14 Comments on “Wishes + Wants”

  1. Oh wow, that is so exciting about your dress! Hope you are both feeling much better soon! xx

  2. Aah I love everything on this list! They’re all too cute!! And love your new page layout as well! I haven’t visited your blog for a while but your outfits are adorable as always!

  3. I hope you feel better soon, having the flu is no fun! Can’t wait to see the dress!

    Maria xxx

  4. The dress by Caitlin Shearer is on the top of my wish list too! It’s so perfect *_*

    Meanwhile, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult week! I’m hoping you feel better <33

  5. Hope you’re feeling better now! I love the boat print dress – its so cute!

    Ooh, congrats on creating your own dress! That must feel amazing to get the chance to do that! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)

  6. I love all of these! You know you can win that first biscuit dress in the latest issue of frankie magazine? x


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