21st, August, 2013


I always thought I was more of a ‘silver girl’. But lately it’s been becoming all about the gold. These are just some of the white and gold goodies which I’ve treated myself to lately. Just little things that make me happy, you know. Appreciating the smaller things is far more fun!


I can’t express quite how long I’ve wanted my very own bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume. And now I finally do, thanks to Smelly Cat. Rather than conquering the obsession, it seems to have fueled it. I’d quite like to own one in every single variety. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Marc Jacobs daisy garden?! Oh, go on then!


Painting my nails white is the best. My job means I have to reapply it pretty darn often (I’m a preschool teacher, so just think about what playdough, gloop, and everything else does to a manicure) so it’s a great thing that I enjoy doing it quite so much. White polish: I ♥ you.


How sweet is this rocking horse ring?! It always seems to bring me incredible amounts of luck – making me love it even more, of course! Whenever I wear it, I’ll end up taking it off my finger at some point to admire just how pretty it is. Looove!

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  1. After years of thinking I was a “silver girl”, I recently realized that I am more of a “gold girl” too! Coincidence!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful,
    i personally love the gold daisy. Smells so good


  3. I love that rocking horse ring. Very unusual and it reminds me of the rocking horsefly in Alice in Wonderland.

    The Daisy bottle is so cute, too! I’m not a perfume girl, but I’d be quite happy to have an empty bottle of that on my dresser.

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree

  4. Always see marc jacobs daisy in every blog/youtube video and it always has glowing reviews! Really need to get me some daisy haha
    Lovely blog btw and you are too cute


  5. I always thought I was a silver girl too but lately I’ve bought so many gold things… hmmm. The rocking horse ring is so adorable and I LOVE the white nail polish. You have a really pretty blog. :)

  6. White and gold is timeless colors combo. Daisy by Marc Jacobs? White nails? Rocking horse ring? How pretty!

    Haven’t visit your blog for a while, I keep rolling and stop on page by page…feeling inspired! Thank you, Jo!

  7. I’ve never smelled that perfume, but the bottle is nice! lol

    It’s hard for me to keep my nails nice as well (I’m a librarian) because I’m always touching paper and it really dries out your hands and nails.

    Your darker hair looks so pretty! I don’t feel like I’m wear a wig with my blonde hair, I feel like an uncared for Muppet! My hair is so damaged and knotty :(

    Life of Mabel


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