8th, April, 2013

One thing I was particularly excited about during Wellington Fashion Week was the opportunity to shoot a slice of street style on behalf of Boohoo. Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a pretty confident person – I don’t get particularly shy, and even when I do – I somehow manage to get over it. But asking well-dressed individuals if I could take their picture? Eek! Somehow – yes, somehow I was able to ‘woman up’ – basically due to the Boohoo commitment, and capture a bunch of looks I am now deeply coveting!

For me, what was even better than photographing beautiful outfits was the people I met through it! I snapped these shots right after a photography seminar by Remix Magazine, and ended up staying an entire hour afterwards just chatting away. The lovely lady you see above, a certain Miss Izzie Austin, even recognised me, which was very bizarre – and of course made my shyness levels escalate to unnatural amounts. Honestly, I’ve been recognised about… 3 times? So every eight months, I suppose! So again, a big thank you to Boohoo, and of course to Izzie, Megan, Caitlin, Jodi, Becki, and the lovely flower crown lady who I didn’t get the name of!

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  1. These are so cute! I sometimes take street style photos and it’s the most terrifying thing in the world, but people are always really flattered that I want to take their picture. Yours turned out great!


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