18th, July, 2012

“They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky!” 

This is one of my favourite ever (!!) dresses. It’s that one garment I thrifted that I think of as the best find ever (I’m sure we all have one of those!). It was a spur of the moment thrift store trip; I just so happened to be passing by, so popped right on in. I found the dress straight away, but the best news ever – it was only two dollars! It always makes me feel like some sort of Wednesday Addams wannabe. Let’s be honest though, I’d quite like to be!

We took these photographs just before the late afternoon sun arrived. We had spent the afternoon wandering into the central city – in search of hot chips, typical me! One of the main streets has reopened, so we ventured through before arriving at a wonderfully tree-lined part of the river. I wore vintage boots (which are looking slightly sad lately, boo!) and a pair of dotted tights courtesy of TightsPlease. It was quite a lovely (and lazy!) afternoon really. Not quite as gloomy as the real Wednesday Addams; isn’t that lucky!

29 Comments on “W. Addams”

  1. BEAUTIFUL! You have inspired me to dig out my patterned tights too, these are amazing!

    Maria xxx

  2. I can never get enough of collars, and a black and white contrast always looks so adorable. Btw congrats on meeting your beau at 17 – that’s quite an achievement as well! x

  3. You’re making me want cooler weather to come along so I can get myself some spotted tights! I love those ones! You look gorgeous!

  4. LOVE this outfit! Especially your tights! You have such great style!

  5. Love this dress, what an amazing find! And for only $2, which is even less in my money over here! You must have been so happy!

    Pip x

  6. what a great find that dress is! sometimes the stars just align and you find something really unique and it also happens to fit perfectly.

  7. i’m in love with those cute polka dot tights! congrats on making modcloth blogger of the moment btw too jo!

  8. Oh aren’t lazy afternoons the best, especially when you’re in search of hot chips? ;D
    This dress does look very charming, sometimes the cheapest thrift finds are also the ones that you actually wear the most or remember dearly! I can’t wait for the vintage fair to come back in town :) You look gorgeous Jo!

    • Ohh, yes! I hope you have better luck with Ferragamo flats this year! The ones you spotted last year were so pretty, what a shame they didn’t fit! x


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