26th, March, 2012

Wombling Free!

Hands up if you love the Wombles! I certainly do! At age eleven, one of my best friends treated me to an afternoon of the best of British tv shows – on a beloved VHS of course. Thus began my womble love! My backpack is of my favourite character, Orinoco. He is a sleepy wee fellow, with a perpetual hunger; much like yours truly! I just couldn’t pass up the chance to cart him round with me – thanks eBay! It’s actually quite a momentous event that I actually brought Orinoco outside. I’ve owned him for months, and had never even removed the tag (as Barnaby was always quick to point out). Finally, today was the day, and we had a riverside stroll together; what bliss.

As for my outfit; the dress is vintage, and the pink tie is from ASOS. The cardigan is by Veronika Maine, and the heels were a shopping splurge from last year. Now, as for the glasses – they are sadly only frames. I do actually require glasses – badly too! I wear contact lenses every day; I literally can’t see a foot in front of my face. My real glasses are supremely outdated, so today I’ll stick to my faux pair! I felt  they were the much-needed finishing touch to my slightly preppy look. We took the photographs especially close to my old school too; I was definitely having flashbacks to my sixteen year old self!

26 Comments on “Underground, Overground”

  1. Awww! I love wombles, they show is so chilled out and softly spoken! I remember going to Wimbledon when I was little and trying to spot them. xo

  2. You look so adorable here! And aah your lips looks so beautiful, too, with red lipstick! Is that strange? No, they just look so cool! And I love your heels!

  3. What a doll! :) So preppy and innocent,but oh those red lips! Add just the right amoung of sexy! 😉

  4. Oh my, that’s one unique backpack but it fits you SO well. Haha. Love your frames and those snake print oxford heels. They are stunning!

  5. Love it all! You look great! Now I need to go figure out what a Womble is. Judging by the other comments, must be something fun!


  6. Ohmygosh, although the name wombles say nothing to me, I do indeed recognize that creature from something I sometimes watched when I was a kid!

  7. oh my goodness he’s amazng!!!
    So cool! You’ve inspired me to get out my mini mouse bag! She looks best in Winter though.. I just never remember to wear it.

    I like that you’ve paired it down with a neutral outfit – just lovely! Also, great hair in the post above!


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