27th, April, 2015


Last week, on Friday I celebrated turning the big 2-6! Speaking of which, it’s WEIRD to get emails from your big brother teasing you about now being in your “late twenties”. Well, you’re in your early thirties, brother, so ha!

To celebrate we headed to my favourite breakfast joint in the entire world – Drexels. I consider it pretty expensive for breakfast, so we literally only go there twice a year – once for Barnaby’s birthday and once for mine. Um, so if you can’t tell from the photos, it was bloomin’ delicious! Melt-in-your-mouth waffles (crispy outside and soft inside, mm!) served with whipped butter.. I genuinely don’t think it could get any better than that.

I got dolled up all fancy-like, as I do every year – it just makes birthdays so much more fun, you know. This year I opted for a scalloped little number paired with a vintage leopard print jacket from Nikita & Vesper. I’ve shot at this beautiful old hotel recently, but I couldn’t help but be drawn in again – it is absolutely gorgeous. We only took a few photos though – as people sat down to eat their breakfast right at the window we were shooting beside. Hello, people!

Jacket – Nikita & Vesper / DressChicwish / Beret – Vintage / PurseAnd Mary / Clogs – Lotta from Stockholm




9 Comments on “Turning 26”

  1. Happy belated birthday Jo!! You look so splendid! Do you know I always wanted to be 27. Like I feel like its the perfect age. Not there yet but when I do get there we will see how I really feel ahaha

  2. Happy Belated 26th! I turn 27 in two weeks and everyone likes to keep reminding me I’m getting close to 30 (thanks, no thanks!). Your outfit is beautiful and that hotel is lovely, it looks like it was a great day!

  3. I’ll be turning 26 in a couple months as well. Do you feel any different or older? I like dressing up for birthdays too. As you get older, there are just less and less occasions to so I take advantage on my birthday. 😉

  4. Your dress is so cute, really love the scalloped hem. I now have breakfast envy!

    Also, happy birthday beautiful!!


  5. You look beautiful, and happy belated birthday! And goodness do those waffles look delicious…

    xox Sammi


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