15th, March, 2012

My Lipstick Routine

I receive an incredible amount of emails asking me about my lipstick – so today I decided to share my routine! I don’t like to spend an awful lot of time getting ready, so I guarantee that this doesn’t take long at all. This is all just what I’ve learned from my experience with lipstick, so it works for me – and hopefully for you too!

Step 1. lip balm

To stop my lips from feeling too dried out, I always apply lip balm before lipstick. I usually do it about ten minutes before I wear lipstick; just so it has some time to sink in. I use Lucas Paw Paw lip balm, and squeeze a small amount onto a tissue. I find by using a tissue that my lips seem to soak it up better, as not too much Paw Paw ointment is used.

Step 2. foundation

This step always makes me laugh so much! Putting foundation on my lips beforehand seems to make the lipstick last longer. If I wear foundation, I generally don’t have to do any touch ups! It is definitely the funniest part of doing my makeup; I always have a giggle when I see myself looking like I have no lips!

3. and Lastly..

The final step; applying your lipstick of course! I usually use a Revlon lipstick, but it has mysteriously disappeared (I have an inkling that I’ve thrown it away, oh no!) So today I wore Silkygirl Moisture Rich 25 hot lipstick, that I bought while in Brunei. It’s more of a pinky red than I normally wear, but luckily it perfectly matches the gingham bow I was wearing. Best of luck with your lipstick, I hope these tips helped!

40 Comments on “Top Tips for Ruby Lips”

  1. Whenever I visit home and my dad and brother see me blotting foundation on my lips, they act so freaked out. 😉

  2. love it, I use powder to fix my lipstick, like lipstick, than powder and than again lipstick. but right now I’m working on wearing red lipstick more often..

  3. rebelrousher

    I love always admire your bright lipstick! Thanks for sharing :)


  4. thank you! i totally need this advice. i suck at a dark lip. hopefully this will be a changing.

  5. Lips are such an important part of my routine. If I’m a super lazy I still wear lipstick. I love the color you’re wearing. Red is so bold but classic.

  6. Love red lips so much!!! And your are always so perfect, no matter how hard I try they never re as perfect as yours! <3

  7. Gorgeous photos lady :) Your lips always look so pretty…


  8. i’ve not thought of putting foundation on my lips to make the lipstick last longer, but i’ll try it out next time! another thing i do is use lipliner because i find it lasts longer that way.

  9. Oh beautiful! I wish I could pull of ruby red lips…

    Your glitter shoes in the last post are so so gorgeous. I am obsessed with all glitter shoes at the moment

    xx Carina

  10. You’ve got the most beautiful lip shape, Jo!
    Sometimes I use the foundation trick too, or if I’m in a rush I just pop on a lip tint with gloss on top and I know that I can eat, drink and be clumsy but my lipstick will always stay in place 😉
    A thing I always love to do is a weekly scrub with sugar and olive oil, it feels amazing afterwards!

  11. Thank you for the guide! Lipstick(s) is a part of my everyday makeup-routine. I have never tried foundation on my lips, maybe next time!

    You have gorgeous pictures on your blog. Especially love the header!

  12. You should try Mac’s lipstick Ruby Woo! It’s matte so it gives that real vintage look to your lippy.

    You look gorgeous!

  13. Ooh such good tips, thanks so much for sharing! I have always wanted to try that lip balm, but i use kiels. Is it really good? I may give it a go ive heard such amaze things about it! X

  14. I love wearing my red lippie but I always feel like I can’t wear it if I have less than perfect skin but you are reinspiring me to dig it out again!

    Maria xxx

  15. Ooh thank you so much for sharing – it seems like I am always having problems with my lipstick, so I will definitely be trying out these tips! xo

  16. I didn’t use the lip balm beforehand but other than that, it totally worked. And looked amazing. :)


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