26th, February, 2012

Bowler Hats in Blue

Today, I think I found my new favourite park. Barnaby and I started our day with a driving adventure to take some photographs. We were both feeling completely uninspired by our first choice, so decided to venture further – and stumbled upon pure gold! We wandered down twisting gravel pathways, with bare trees looming overhead; what bliss! I also couldn’t resist sharing the cute wee photograph that Barnaby snapped of the two sparrows on the fence! They had been hopping from pole to pole; one was trying to cuddle, but the other wasn’t having any of it! It was too cute!

It’s completely bizarre that I’ve never worn my tiger skirt on Lost in the Haze before. It is one of my all-time favourite pieces! It was originally a frumpy 90s dress, which my mum had altered into a skirt. I own so many electric blue pieces; including my bowler hat, so it is especially easy to accessorize! The pan collared blouse I’m wearing was from the same thrifting excursion! I paired it with an Elsie Belle bunny necklace, and an ASOS glitter top.

52 Comments on “Tiger, Tiger”

  1. Rawrrrrr! hehe :) What a lovely and unique skirt! You are so stunning and all your photos are always so gorg!


  2. hah, that skirt is so cute! It’s pretty awesome when previously unappealing garments become really amazing garments with a bit of alteration…

  3. Oh my you have such a lovely style!! I just discovered your blog, I’m definitely following you now! <3

    xo Amanda

  4. Gorgeous outfit, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m now following you. I love your top, Asos has some beautiful clothes.

  5. i felt in love with your blog and your style!! very inspiring!
    thanks for your comment!
    i’m a new follower!! 😉


    kiss kiss from italy

  6. That tiger skirt is seriously amazing! Such a lucky find. I love how cute the blue bowler looks with your hair, and that park seems really nice indeed.

  7. ahhhh that tiger skirt!! So cool.

    Isn’t it brilliant when you discover more pretty places to take walks in?? Me and Josh stumbled upon the most amaaaaaazing park the other day and it just makes you feel all bubbly and inspired inside! I love the picture of the birds on the fence in this post, how adorable!

  8. Such pretty photos. You found a great spot to take them. That skirt is wild (literally) and in the best way possible :] I love it paired with the bowler.

  9. Hey there Jo! Thank you for your comment on my blog Sugar Magnolia! You’ve got yourself a beautiful blog here as well! I’m diggin that tiger skirt and the outfit you planned around it! And congrats for finding a new favourite park, thats always a great adventure!
    Cheers, I shall be following now!

    Take care,


  10. That tiger skirt is such a unique piece, I absolutely adore it! I always find vintage pieces are like treasures, and this one definitely fits the bill :)

  11. Cute sparrows :)

    I love that your dress was originally a frumpy piece from the 90s.. some of the fashion back then was so awful, but this is fantastic as a skirt!


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