11th, June, 2013


1. So so so in love with this jacket from Ark. If you’ve spotted me around Wellington, I’ve probably been wearing it!

2. I walk past these sculptures almost everyday when going to work with Barnaby. Aren’t they beautiful?

3. We spent every day of the weekend at the botanical gardens. The views from the cable car are absolutely spectacular.

4. When I took this photo of a lit-up tree, everyone around me started looking at it too. I love it that such a simple action made people notice the small beauty around them.

5. There was a dusting of snow on the mountains. It was so exciting (though I not-so-secretly wished it had come into the central city!)

6 Comments on “The Week in Pictures”

  1. Beautiful photographs Jo, I feel like I see something new every day on my way to work, it’s funny the things you can miss when you are so used to a place. I got your email this morning about the give-away. It really made my day. Hope you had a lovely day too!

    Emma x

    • No problem Emma! I’m so excited to see what you get! : ) P.s. sorry, just got home from work so I’m a liiiiittle sleepy to write an email! I’ll be in touch though! xo

  2. you make the varsity jacket trend look appealing – so cute!



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