19th, March, 2012

“Left Hand Blue!”

I do love this dress. It was a part of my incredible thrifting session weeks ago, but I have only just gotten around to wearing it. I’d originally planned to hem it, but have now seemingly attached to longer lengths! As the Autumn chill passes over my city, I’ve found myself drawn to brighter colours and prints. I love anything a bit silly, and this dress completely makes me think of Twister – pretty much my favourite game as a kid in the 90s! I’m half expecting to be walking down the street and hearing someone call out “right foot blue!” I can definitely deal with the risk though; it is so pretty! I paired it with my vintage Kodak bag, a cuckoo clock brooch by Under the Shade of a Bonsai TreeASOS brogues, and my always-favourite; a beehive!

36 Comments on “The ‘Twister’ Dress”

  1. You look so divine in blue polka dots!! <33 Loving your beehive! I need to rewatch your hair tutorial videos, they are stunning…just like these photos! Loving the black and white :)

  2. Such a darling dress. I love Twister as a kid too. Now that I’m older I’m more interested in playing naked twister. haha. Your hair looks great in this post as well!

  3. Suzie Q

    Such a cute dress with a vintage feel to it! I just found your blog, I love your style and you have great photography! If you get a sec, I’d love if you’d check out my blog =)

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  4. The pin is so cute! And the dress is very nice: I like dresses with longer lenghts.

  5. This dress is so pretty and it reminded me of the Marni for H&M ensemble (which I bought and love)! Not sure why but polka dots and stripes can immediately make an outfit quirky and original.

  6. That is absolutely an adorable dress! I wish we could both turn into pixie faeries and play twister on your dress! Where is it that you live my friend! Its awesome its Aututmn for you guys there! Its only the beginning of spring here!

    Anyhow see you soon and keep on looking lovely!


  7. rebelrousher

    Pretty Pretty dress! You look great :)


  8. Lovely, lovely dress! I’m really loving longer lengths too, I think it works perfectly without any hemming! Beautiful hair!


  9. no freakin way! that is the most incredible thrift find ever on that dress! the bright polka dots are so fun & it fits you so amazingly too. you look like a vintage model in the b&w one. Def a great length as is : )


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