2nd, September, 2013


It’s September, so you know what that means… Spring is here!! (Well, in the southern hemisphere at least..!) You’ll know by now that I’m not much of a Winter gal. Every year I go slightly into denial – wearing shorts and skirts and laughing (aka shivering) in the face of sub-zero weather.

The entire duration of the colder months, I’ve been left thinking about Spring. Naturally, I couldn’t help but begin to collect pretty things to style for when the weather warms up. The first being this stripy hat! Something about being a brunette makes me want to wear green all the time and these stripes make me feel like a wannabe Parisian. Something I am more than happy to deal with.


I’m beyond excited to get into curling my hair more often this spring! We took a whirlwind trip to Christchurch at the weekend to see family and to collect a portion of our copious amounts of stuff. One of the things I was most eager to find was my curling iron! You’re bound to see a whooole lot more wavy hair around here. Something about it seems so very spring-y, don’t you think?


These spotted clogs had me at hello! Once again, the very wonderful Lotta From Stockholm has outdone herself with her gorgeous designs. Clogs win me over every time – and the polkadot print is beyond dreamy. I’m so so so excited for the weather to finally warm up, so I can wear these babies out, without my toes feeling like they could drop off my feet.

22 Comments on “The Sweetness of Spring”

  1. Simply adoring these clogs! I would simply love to own a pair of Swedish Hasbeens!! seriously dotty about polkadots! loving that hat on you! xxx

  2. I have those clogs in plain red and they are the cutest! I wish I had seen the polka dot ones, they are even cuter :)

  3. Happy spring to you! It’s getting to autumn where I live. I liked wearing jewel tones when I was a brunette and now that I’m blonde, I like pastels.

    Life of Mabel

  4. Aww this is such a cute post. I love Spring, although I’m a winter girl too! Love the spotted clogs, they’re adorable.

  5. The changing of the seasons is always my favorite time. I’m looking forward to fall. Your springy striped hat and adorable shoes will be perfect for your warmer weather though. I hope spring comes soon for you!

  6. Little Red Boots

    Lovely post!! So jealous you’re going into Spring! We’re heading into Autumn in the UK now! Am looking forward to wearing some chunky knits and tights again but I know this will wear off soon and I’ll be desperate to get back into my floral dresses and sandals!!

    K xx


  7. I love your new hair colour…and I totally agree! green and brunette work so well! I feel like that with my red hair too! I love wearing forest green with it (whist trying to avoid looking like a carrot! haha) I hope spring reaches you soon…its so so cold here in Chch! xox

  8. Love that hat! I am so happy to be in spring, the bitter chill and the hot sun, actually my favorite thing ever. And of course sandals, i’ve even invested in some jellies!

    x Eloise – Jazzlipsandtulips

  9. Cute inspos. Here in Austria is welcoming Fall but cute stripes and polkadot are never expired trough all seasons. So I’m thinking about…perhaps stripes beanies or polkadot socks…:)


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