9th, February, 2012

Introducing The Ring of my Dreams!

I’m seeing red today – in a good way of course! Perhaps it’s the ever-looming St Valentines approaching, but I can’t seem to get enough of scarlet shades. This love isn’t just limited to clothing either, and has bubbled over into my jewellery selection too. The wonderful folks at Boticca recently sent me a fox ring – perfect for my new obsession! Though the ring isn’t strictly red, the breed of fox is; and that counts for something! Designer Emilie Thomas captured the whimsical expression so perfectly, and I feel complete happiness when I look at my hand and see my new foxy friend looking back at me! I am a huge fan of foxes; if you hadn’t noticed from the header (!) so I truly couldn’t ask for a prettier piece of jewelry!

We spent the day running errands and visiting pretty gardens. I’m delving back into the world of full-time employment next week, so am certainly making the most of my final days of freedom! I’m slightly fascinated by almost all forms of creepy crawlies, so Barnaby and I actually spent our afternoon taking photographs of bees! They were flying from flower to flower, and looking so intent on their duties; Barnaby captured it so perfectly. Meanwhile, I frolicked through the garden, wearing a vintage wine red dress and bowler, Foot Traffic tights, and of course; the beautiful Boticca ring!

66 Comments on “The Scarlet Fox”

  1. This shade of red is stunning on you Jo! Love the cute fox ring!

    PS What lipstick is that you’re wearing?

    Emma x

  2. Your lovely red ensemble is getting me excited for Valentine’s Day! And I love that fox ring. Absolutely precious in every way.

  3. these are the most magical photos…reminds me of a mix of Alice in Wonderland…and Little Rad Riding Hood. You’re so pretty in a ‘different era’ sort of way…like classic beauty I guess. The kind that makes you double take someone:).

    Love your style.


  4. That dress is so beautiful, I love the original hem (is that the right term?), especially paired with those tights! Genius ^^

  5. Wow. This shade of red looks absolutely wonderful of you. I love the monochrome look of your outfit, with the exception of your houndstooth tights which are actually an awesome addition to your look! Fabulous! You so look the part for Valentine’s Day. Lol.

  6. Beautiful! That colour is amazing on you :) All of the beautiful locations I see on your lovely blog make me want to book a one way ticket to Christchurch, everything is so dreamy and lush!

    x katielouiseford.blogspot.com

  7. You and Barnaby make a perfect pair. Has he ever graced your blog? His photography and videos are stunning!!

    And so are you :) I love your all-red look! Makes me burst with happiness!! Sending you love, doll!

  8. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)
    The red dress is absolutely gorgeous and I love how you paired it with those tights!
    And yes! the photo of the bee is indeed very very well captured <3

    following you now(see you at my blog!) :)


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