26th, April, 2012

A Week in Outfits!

We were cleaning out some old drawers during the weekend when we discovered a little box full of these Polaroid shots. They were taken a couple of years ago for a project that Barnaby was doing for his course. Finding old film shots – let alone Polaroids (!) is pretty much the greatest thing ever! I think it may be slightly addictive – and I will quite possibly be snooping through more boxes this weekend!

12 Comments on “The Polaroid Project”

  1. made like polaroids, that`s great my dear!!!!
    I made a vintagefashionshoot yesterday and gonna post the pics on the following mondays as Vintage Love Monday…maybe you like to visit my blog ^_^ for this.
    keep rocking on, I always enjoy your posts!

  2. Stunning, as usual, even in Polaroid :) thank you for sharing! Now you have them digitized!

  3. i love polaroids and i definitely wanna have this sort of camera but i don’t wanna spend that much money on their films, they aren’t cheap :( x


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