16th, December, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling…

Monsoon weather has officially hit Christchurch! Well, not exactly – but it is incredibly rainy here! This morning, we heard that one of the main rivers was drastically rising, so naturally, we decided to go for a visit. We were treated to only seeing one other person during our trek – I love the quietness that emerges because of the rain! The water was the highest I’ve ever seen, but we only marveled for a short while – we were soaked!

I wore a dress that was sent to me by Gypsy Warrior. I think it was a combination of the nude colour, the tassels, and lurking behind trees; but I was feeling more ‘Pocahontas’ than ‘fashion blog’ – not that it’s a bad thing! My always wonderful bowler hat protected my hair from the drizzle, and I wore my boater shoes to avoid any major slipping. To stay warm, I wore my burnt orange coat, but it eventually got so wet that I had to take it off!

42 Comments on “The Pocahontas Effect”

  1. that dress is amazing. your photos look so pretty all the time, wished I looked that good all the time too! xx

  2. That’s a great dress. Instead of being like Pocahontas though, I feel like it’s kind of country western? Like you could put on some cowgirl boots and perform at the Grand Ole Opry and I wouldn’t think anything of it. NZ looks gorgeous in the rain!

  3. Your photos are absolutely wonderful! And I love this dress. Pocahontas is one of my favorite things in the whole world =]
    So glad I found your blog.

  4. The outfit looks really great on you! I love how you paired the dress with the bowler hat.
    You probably hear this all the time, but you have great hair too! (A little envious of your waves!)
    And I love the photos of the trees too, what a stunning place you live in!

  5. Other than your lovely self the rain really made your pictures outstanding today! I love that you called it the Pocahontas dress! That is the perfect name for it!

  6. You are beautiful and have such beautiful photographs! Hello from a fellow Christchurch blogger, I’m Christie, one half of the Velvettes and I LOVE your blog!


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