30th, January, 2013

There is one thing that every single lady deserves in her wardrobe, can you guess? Lipstick? Err, yes.. A pair of Jackie O style oversized sunglasses? Okay, that too.. Well, maybe there are three things that every single lady deserves in her wardrobe..! The third (and most important!) being a classic LBD, of course. Perhaps I’m feeling particularly influenced by our latest blogger interview, but I am slowly beginning to harness the power of the LBD. Every single woman deserves to feel good about themselves  and a little black dress is the perfect tool. You can wear it for formal events, or even just for dancing around the house! As for me, I took my LBD (c/o Doubledutch Boutique) for a visit to the riverside. The main purpose of my visit was actually to feed the ducks – but there weren’t any to be found! Unfortunately, I had been feeling super prepared for the day, and had stuffed my bag with several bread slices (for the ducks, not me!) I felt more than a little silly when I ended up having to walk around with them in my bag for a big bunch of the day. Thankfully there wasn’t even a glimmer of crust during this set of photos! Oh well, at least I have no problem in accepting that I am a complete and utter oddball!

22 Comments on “The LBD”

  1. Ah, I love an LBD. I think I take after my mother in that respect- she has sooo many of them! I love the sheer panel between the collar and the black- I initially thought it was a strapless dress paired with a collar (there’s a combination I’m going to be trying out asap).

    Also: where is that handbag from???!

    • Thank you so much! It does look a bit like a floaty collar doesn’t it? (Kind of makes me love it more really..!) And the bag is from Golden Ponies : ) x

  2. Amazing dress and I love the bag- I’ve done that before, went to feed the sucks and their gone. But u ended up nibbling on the bread in my bag abd feeding it to birds


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