1st, September, 2016


I first heard of the Chertsey Book Barn around six or so weeks ago. I was promised books stacked as high as the ceiling so you literally have to weave between them, like a labyrinth – and the tales turned out to be pretty darn accurate! The whole thought of the book barn has been has been stuck in my mind ever since.. Finally, when we were on a weekend drive – to collect car parts (of all things!) the ol’ CBB and I met face to face. And it was certainly worth the wait!

Myself and Barnaby pulled up in front of the enormous barn which genuinely is in the absolute middle of nowhere. After wandering in, we didn’t emerge for around an hour or so. And some of us (hint: me!) even went in for a second look! You’d probably assume I’d be carrying armfuls of books, but actually my only purchase was a book that I admittedly bought just for the cover. Turns out it was a religious text of sorts (d’oh!) so I doubt I’ll be reading it any time soon.

The outfit I wore was fairly simple – including an anchor print dress you would definitely have seen on the blog before! The wellingtons are recent wardrobe additions (from Butterfly Twists) and I can’t get over just how comfortable they are! Plus, they looked super cute paired with my Kate Spade eyes umbrella!

Umbrella – Kate Spade / Rain bootsButterfly Twists / Dress – Unique Vintage



6 Comments on “The Chertsey Book Barn”

  1. There is a big shed like this selling books just around the corner from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, I love to visit and spend time uncovering lost gems. I imagine this is just like that! I can not walk away empty handed!

    xx Jenelle

  2. I’ve being here a few times. Its certainly a treasure trove of books. I spoke to the owner of the barn who had brought a deceased friends remaining book stock from his once busy ‘Sydenham book exchange’ in ChCh which had closed prior to the quakes. There are 20 foot containers inside the building that are still full & waiting to be sorted and displayed. A lot of work for one guy and a few volunteers…nice photos by the way :-)

    • I will definitely be heading back, eh! Especially since the only book I bought turned to be such a dud (minus the cover!) I remember the Sydenham Book Exchange well – and had no idea about the crates! Man oh man, how neat would it be to get access?!

  3. I really like the Umbrella with the eye’s picture, It looks really cool how you matched it up with you’re own eyes.. really great picture…


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