29th, March, 2014


Everyone has their basics. Sure, you might be a dedicated jeans gal, or maybe you like dressing all in black. Each to their own, right? That’s what I LOVE about clothing. You wear what you want, you feel good – it’s easy. My basics usually involve something a little silly, bold prints, and outfits that hopefully have an animal featured somewhere. So this sums it all up, really! A denim daisy pinafore (♥♥♥), my favourite Pepa Loves piece ever; this cat t-shirt, and these amazing Marilyn Monroe inspired flats by Loly in the Sky. I topped it all off with a boater hat I bought in the ASOS sale. I haven’t worn one for ages, since Wellington is so windy; but I had immense luck today – it didn’t fall off my head. Not even once!

We snapped these photos on our way to the oceanside to see if we could sneak a glance at the enormous boat, ‘A’ that anchored in the Wellington Harbour for a couple of days. It’s over a metre bigger that any boat in New Zealand. Okay, so my dorky side is really showing now – I get so excited by things like this!

Denim PinaforeChicwish / Cat T-shirt – Pepa Loves /

Ballet FlatsLoly in the Sky / Boater HatASOS


10 Comments on “The Basics”

  1. You are just gorgeous, lady. :) I love those adorable little sleeves on your tee and am always happy to come across fellow animal clothing enthusiasts. xoxo

  2. That pinafore is so gorgeous! I’m actually super tempted to try and get one for myself or at least something like it, I wonder if I could pull it off as well as you! I also adore those shoes, they’re so simple but lovely at the same time :)

  3. Aw this whole outfit is adorable. So many cute, unique touches on otherwise simple pieces. I love the panda sleeves on your top and the print on your pinafore is very 90s and adorable!


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