24th, March, 2012

Cinderella in Autumn..

I picked up this blue number last year in a costume shop sale. I occasionally buy stand out pieces; just because they are so quirky that I can’t bare to leave them behind! Obviously, this is completely what happened with this dress – whoops! The shade of blue, combined with the lace-up detail reminded me of  Zooey Deschanel. It seemed almost like one of her unconventional (but wonderful!) dresses; with exception of the dark hair and fringe to match! Now, you know that I’ve taken my inspiration from cartoons before; well with the vibrant colour, today I was feeling especially Cinderella-esque. It only seemed right that we were alongside the museum, an exceptionally grand English style stone building. We wandered through the parks, doing my favourite Autumn hobby; finding extra crunchy leaves to jump on. It’s the greatest when you find one that’s super juicy!

31 Comments on “That Fairytale Feeling”

  1. Your photographs are so beautiful! This dress is gorgeous too, I ADORE the colour. You remind me of Alice in Wonderland :) looking lovely!

  2. Lovely photos gorgeous gal! What a perfect color of blue :)

    Also, what kind of product or technique do you use to get your hair like that? I love how it is so unfussy and wavy.


  3. Oh wow! Beautiful photos.
    I love your blue dress.
    I follow you with bloglovin.


  4. Hi! I’ve found your blog by Chictopia and I like your outfits! What do you think about following each other by GFC and bloglovin?:) Please let me know on my blog:)

  5. oh wow! you’ve got a really really good photographer! love the quality of the pictures; they’re gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful dress, looks so romantic and summery! Loved your glitter shoes tutorial btw, deffinately trying it out myself! x

  7. I just found your blog through the ASOS fashion finder–and I friended you there! I love your blog, it’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to read more.

    That blue dress suits you very well. (Also, I’m jealous of your hair!)

  8. I’m picking up Alice In Wonderland vibes for sure! Maybe it’s the clogs, reminding me of her mary janes!

  9. Looking really pretty, your dress is one beautiful piece!!
    Thank u for your comment on my blog, I hope I’ll see u soon again…

  10. You look gorgeous as always, Jo! Cinderella-with-a-bit-of-Zooey-Deschanel definitely comes to mind for me too. And your red lipstick tops off the outfit beautifully. Love the lace-up detail!

    ~ Catherine
    see creatures

  11. You def remind me of cinderella here, mostly bcuz of the color & Your beautiful hair, but don’t look costumey at all, just super cute.


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