1st, May, 2016


At the very start of the week (Tuesday, to be precise) my boyfriend, Barnaby and I purchased a tent, shoved it in the back of our car and headed to the picturesque Totaranui (more on this beautiful place in my next post!) in search of good weather. And the verdict? Crazy amounts of sun – not to mention the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my entire life! ♥

We spent five days camping next to the beach, in an enormous lot with natives trees growing alongside us. I’ve never ‘done’ a proper camping trip before – or not that I can remember at least, so everything was truly novelty and so much fun! We had native New Zealand birds join us at every meal (I swear they could hear the rustle of a biscuit packet from a mile away!) and spent our days lounging  by said beach and trekking into the forests.

Everything was so quiet too. It’s actually Autumn, although you wouldn’t think it, with the warm weather – and I genuinely think there were only 20 campers all up, when we were told that you can sometimes expect up to 400! It was honestly the most magical trip, and completely inspired my outfit, as I’m sure you can tell!

Can’t wait to show you the golden beach next!

Dress – Sourpuss Clothing / HatGlassons / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens




25th, April, 2016


Look at my feet – go on, I dare you! Perhaps it’s a little bit of an unusual request, but after years, and I mean YEARS, I am the proud owner of Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. And boy, oh boy, am I mighty proud of it!

This was actually their first outing.. I fell in love as soon as they arrived – but when it came to actually pulling the stickers off the sole – cementing yourself  as the official owner, I suppose – well, that takes a whole different type of courage! It was almost a relief feeling the leaves crunch underneath my footsteps.

Now, back to the cape! Somehow, somehow this Jarlo London piece from a few years back has survived purge after purge in my closet. I think the thought of Autumn, and seeing the tartan pattern paired against a backdrop of decaying leaves, is what saved it. I’m mighty glad about it too – I hope to be wearing it all through the colder seasons. And it certainly kept me warm during this brisk afternoon walking through the gardens.

Kitty flatsCharlotte Olympia / Cape – Jarlo London/ Hat – Catarzi via ASOS



20th, April, 2016


Every single year I forget just how much I love Autumn.. until it comes back around, that is! Spending the past three years living in Wellington, I didn’t get to experience much of Autumn. The central city is based alongside a bay, meaning that most of the foliage you see on a daily basis is designed to grow in the rough conditions that usually come with the seafront; so seasons were somewhat inexistent for me the last few years. Moving back to Christchurch (I’ve moved to Christchurch, by the way!) – also known as ‘The Garden City’ means that I am experiencing fully-fledged seasons again. And my goodness, I couldn’t have picked a better time of the year to arrive!

Fall is well underway here; and I am quickly remembering all of the things I love so much about this time of year. Going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves, throwing helicopters in the air and watching them tumble down, and of course the insane colour scheme, which I genuinely wish could last all year round. I can’t lie; I’ve been excited about Autumn for months now, and have not-so-slowly been curating my clothing into an array of mustards, oranges, and other earthy tones which represent the changing leaves around us.

For my first (of many, I hope!) Autumn outfits, I couldn’t wait to bring out this mustard coloured skirt, complete with flamingo print – my favourite. As anyone who has seen my left arm will know, I’m quite the fan of flamingos, and I love it that Chicwish was able to work them into this skirt print, creating a completely different look from the classically colourful creatures we are so used to seeing. I paired this statement skirt with a turtleneck woollen top I borrowed from my mother-in-law, making what I hope is somewhat of an ode to the 1960s. Well, at least that’s what I was going for anyway!

Flamingo Skirt – Chicwish / Top – Borrowed / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens


3rd, April, 2016


Ugh, I am actually obsessed with this dress. There is something about being dressed like a vintage picnic rug that makes a gal feel like a 50s dream – which is always gonna be fun, let’s be honest!

I’ve been trying to make the most of the last few days in my fair wee city of Wellington – so that means regular hikes to the top of the hills – just to soak up those breath-taking views, ya know. One of my favourite things about living here is that you never have to go far to get a glimpse of that classic New Zealand scenery – and perhaps it’s because I didn’t grow up here, but it truly makes my heart leap every time I get a particularly good view. Luckily some of our best friends live up a hill with one of the best outlooks of Wellington. I’m always excited to go up anyway – but with backdrops like this it’s truly hard to resist!

Dress – Dolly and Dotty / Shoes – Mel by Melissa / NecklaceUncommon Goods /

Bag – House of Holland (similar here)



26th, March, 2016


Truth be told, I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing for around a month or so about whether or not to post these photos. We stumbled across this cute location while out looking for burgers (story of my life, seriously). My outfit was cute, and the backdrop was a neat find. But somehow, I didn’t quite get the look I was after – and I only noticed when I got home how much my beehive had dropped on one side, wahh! I’ve decided, why not share this post – after all, it can’t hurt to show the side of the blog where things don’t necessarily work exactly how I’d like them to! Oh well, at least I felt cute! This flamingo print pussybow blouse has my heart ♥

Flamingo Blouse – Chicwish / Shorts – ASOS / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm/ Bag – Kate Spade



18th, March, 2016


Life recently has been, err, a little mental to say the least! Between packing up my house (we are getting set to move cities) and finishing up at my job, I’ve been a bit of a terrible blogger! I’m trying to soak up as much of Wellington as possible, so when we’ve finished bubble wrapping our possessions for the day, we’ve taken to going out for a wander – usually in search of food, naturally.

In moments of stress (because let’s be honest – moving is super stressful! >_<) it’s nice to know that I can pop on a cute dress – in this case, flamingo print, to return to a bit of normality! After all, normal for me is either running after tiny children (I’m a preschool teacher during the day!) or wearing cute clothes and walk, walk, walking. I always feel SO much better after walking off my worries, but right now I just wish all of this packing and moving was done, so I could spend more time exploring and photographing cute streets, wah! Wish me luck, friends!

Flamingo DressChicwish / Bag – Kate Spade / Shoes – Mel by Melissa




26th, February, 2016


You didn’t know I was into the 1960s?! Right, we can’t be friends. ; ) Just kidding (obviously!) – well about the friends anyhow, I am basically obsessed with anything 60s style. Naturally, that’s why I fell in love with this playsuit! Between the flared sleeves (ohmigosh, you can bet that there were many Meatloaf impressions going on!), floral print, and miniature hemlines, I felt like I had walked straight out of 1960s London. I wanted to channel how I felt in these photos, so we shot at a recently renovated intercity apartment, which was formerly a shoe factory! The big windows, fresh flowers, and beautiful brickwork definitely got the vibe across, and the bright pink concrete only made me feel even more at home. ♥

Playsuit – Boohoo / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens / Orange Clutch – ASOS



22nd, February, 2016


One of the best things about Wellington is that you really don’t have to go far at all to get an outstanding view (actually, I’m pretty sure that most of New Zealand is like that!) I am absolutely itching to travel at the moment but my next trip isn’t for a good few months. It’s times like this I pack a little sandwich picnic (thanks, cat bag!) and plod right on up to the top of one of the many hills surrounding the city. You really don’t have to go far at all for a sense of wanderlust, and I assure you it makes one big ol’ difference when you’re feeling cooped up.

DressSourpuss Clothing / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens / Cat Bag – Pepa Loves / Necklace – A Christmas present from Barnaby



2nd, February, 2016


I’m never exactly sure what is going to spur on my outfit choice of the day (really though, is anyone?) This time around though, my sartorial choices all stemmed from a tiny detail – the original Roller necklace by Pip Jolley. It’s largely due to the bright powder orange; a colour I don’t wear often – or own terribly much of (aside from the obvious orange bag and this dress I’m fairly sure that’s it) – but after getting inspired from Pip’s own outfits on Instagram, I ordered this ’19 SEVENTY’ tee from Glassons immediately.

This colourful backdrop is part of an initiative from the city council to drive more traffic to certain parts of town. The whole area is unmissable thanks to it’s bold colour (trust me, you’ll see it again soon!) and super close to my house too. Oh, and it houses one of the best pizza shops in Wellington. Bright colours and pizza. What’s not to like? Duh, nothing.

NecklacePip Jolley / T-Shirt – Glassons / Skirt – Thrifted / Bag – ASOS (old) / Shoes – Lotta from Stockholm



29th, January, 2016


“You just can’t beat Wellington on a good day.”

This short n’ simple sentence basically sums up Wellington in entirety. Sure, 90% of the time you’re close to blowing over from one of the city’s famous gusts (super deserving of it’s windiest city in the world title) but when the sun is out, oh boy, is it out.

Last year I felt like I barely got to experience Summer – and this time I was determined not to miss out. Summer in Wellington is beautiful, though very short lived, and last year I only made it to the beach one. So naturally, the second the sun was out, my banana-clad buns came out. The swimsuit and radio were cute wee Christmas presents from my boyfriend, Barnaby (he knows me so well). The Sunnylife radio plays music off your iPhone too, so we spent the afternoon on the beach eating fruit and jamming away to our favourite kind of music – a massive treat indeed!

Now I really need to get planning for our next beach visit. Where did I put the sunblock again..?!

Banana SwimsuitBlackmilk / Radio (similar here) – Sunnylife