2nd, February, 2016


I’m never exactly sure what is going to spur on my outfit choice of the day (really though, is anyone?) This time around though, my sartorial choices all stemmed from a tiny detail – the original Roller necklace by Pip Jolley. It’s largely due to the bright powder orange; a colour I don’t wear often – or own terribly much of (aside from the obvious orange bag and this dress I’m fairly sure that’s it) – but after getting inspired from Pip’s own outfits on Instagram, I ordered this ’19 SEVENTY’ tee from Glassons immediately.

This colourful backdrop is part of an initiative from the city council to drive more traffic to certain parts of town. The whole area is unmissable thanks to it’s bold colour (trust me, you’ll see it again soon!) and super close to my house too. Oh, and it houses one of the best pizza shops in Wellington. Bright colours and pizza. What’s not to like? Duh, nothing.

NecklacePip Jolley / T-Shirt – Glassons / Skirt – Thrifted / Bag – ASOS (old) / Shoes – Lotta from Stockholm



29th, January, 2016


“You just can’t beat Wellington on a good day.”

This short n’ simple sentence basically sums up Wellington in entirety. Sure, 90% of the time you’re close to blowing over from one of the city’s famous gusts (super deserving of it’s windiest city in the world title) but when the sun is out, oh boy, is it out.

Last year I felt like I barely got to experience Summer – and this time I was determined not to miss out. Summer in Wellington is beautiful, though very short lived, and last year I only made it to the beach one. So naturally, the second the sun was out, my banana-clad buns came out. The swimsuit and radio were cute wee Christmas presents from my boyfriend, Barnaby (he knows me so well). The Sunnylife radio plays music off your iPhone too, so we spent the afternoon on the beach eating fruit and jamming away to our favourite kind of music – a massive treat indeed!

Now I really need to get planning for our next beach visit. Where did I put the sunblock again..?!

Banana SwimsuitBlackmilk / Radio (similar here) – Sunnylife



23rd, January, 2016


There’s no better way to start the year than tree-ting yourself to a pun or two (or three, four, five, anyone?) But seriously though, puns aside (if it’s even possible) – my goal – or resolution, I suppose, is to start branching out more. There are so many skills I want to learn, and some I even semi-know, but it often seems so super tricky to get over the obstacles – mental or physical – and achieve what I really want to be able to achieve.

For me, it all leads back to drawing. I never really share any of my work on here, let alone talk about it, but I’m bloody passionate about drawing. And I’m totally gonna toot my own horn here – but I’m actually pretty good at it too. After rejection from art school (a story for another day) I stopped drawing for years, and only now the passion is coming back. I have a Wacom slowly gaining dust in the corner, so my goal this year is to practice, practice, practice, until I’ve successfully mastered a new skill.

The great thing about ‘branching out’ as my goal is that it covers so much ground. Rather than the usual “get in shape” and “eat healthy” goals (which I totally want to do too, by the way!) I feel like this goal is way more broad. I’ve already branched out into new recipes this year – constructing my very own date, cumin cauliflower, feta and quinoa salad – so I’m reasonably happy with how it’s all going so far – now to just tackle this exercise business!

This goal works it’s way into my wardrobe too. Sure, a playsuit and a bow are pretty commonplace for a gal like me, but did you take a look at the necklace? My sweet, sweet boyfriend, Barney often offers to help me when I’m buying clothes online, but being the control freak I am (when clothes are involved) he sadly faces rejection a wee bit too often (sorry Barn!) This time though, he helped me pick out this adorable log shaped customised silver necklace complete with our engraved intitals (BC + JF). It’s pretty bloomin’ cute and I wear it constantly; having him close to my heart and all that. It’s the best anniversary gift ever, so you better believe that he’s going to be involved with selecting my next online haul!

NecklaceUncommon Goods / PlaysuitGlassons / Bag & Bow – ASOS / Shoes – Chicwish



20th, January, 2016


Happy 2016!

Phew, I hadn’t really expected to take a whopping month or so off blogging, but it turned out to be the best decision ever! Working 9-5 (or till 5:30, in my case) can be pretty bloomin’ exhausting, and getting to spend free time being, well, free, I suppose, was a relief to say the least. My boyfriend, Barnaby and I freelanced for years – and the one thing I really struggle with is not being together 24/7.

..Moving swiftly on though – hello! How was your Christmas and New Years? Gosh mine were good. And life is still EXCELLENT. I am feeling the summer vibes through and through (sorry Northern Hemisphere!) and have been filling my weekends with beach frolics, gelato, and endless walks. Discovering new things about your city is the best feeling and there have been so many recently it’s almost too much to handle.

This Wildfox dress (my first ever piece from them) has been gettin’ me through the summer so far. New Zealand heat is really weird. It never gets that warm but thanks to our lousy ozone layer you burn in a matter of minutes. Especially if your name is Jo Fletcher. Which mine totally is. >_< Anyway though, I am EXCITED to be experiencing summer after one long winter and can’t wait to share some of my warm-weathered adventures with you!

DressWildfox / Hat – Thrifted / Sandals – Chicwish



21st, December, 2015


It really, really doesn’t take much encouragement for me to expose my inner nerd – especially when it comes to Lord of the Rings. Gosh I love Lord of the Rings (way to live up to the New Zealand stereotype, Jo!) So you wouldn’t believe how excited I was to go to the Roxy – an art deco style cinema which has been lovingly fixed up over the last few years by Sir Peter Jackson himself. And if that’s not enough, there is a giant statue of Gandalf lurking right outside – *squee!*

I was pretty busy the entire day – totally taking advantage of the cheap Christmas bus fares and zipping from one side of town to the other. By the time we decided on a place for dinner (a super cute fish, chip & burger shop next to the ocean) the sun was beginning to set. I wore my DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses and had nothing but a positive experience. My eyes felt good; I wasn’t blinking too much, and my vision didn’t fog up – even though it was a particularly long day (am I the only one who can’r sleep this time of year? Christmas is just way, way too exciting).

DressUnique Vintage / Leather Jacket – Muubaa / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens / Bag – Pepa Loves


This post was in collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1, but (of course!) all opinions were my own. If you want to purchase the contact lenses head into your nearest optometrist for a fitting. Or alternatively you can find out more information at www.morecontacttime.com


19th, December, 2015


Wherever you are, I hope you’re having the best Christmas. Most of my family live overseas, meaning that when we do Christmas we tend to celebrate a week or so in advance. Which is exactly what we did last night. Between the David Bowie-topped Christmas tree to the sparkling new Tardis in the backyard (um, did I mention that my Aunt is probably the coolest person in the entire world), it was a goodie.

Now, I’ve been a solid vegetarian for fifteen years (over half my life, yo) but I can certainly appreciate when a meaty dish looks good. Roast chicken, paella topped with octopus and salmon topped the table, although I was more than satisfied with my chickpea and almond salad paired alongside oven roasted onions and vine tomatoes. What can I say; when my family decide to do Christmas, we go all out.

It seemed like a great opportunity to really put my DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses to work – after all, a late night was inevitable and I had gotten up quite early. These babies kept my eyes feeling really, really good, with no excessive blinking and not even the faintest trace of dry eyes. When I got home, I simply washed my hands before quickly removing my lenses and dumping them directly in my closest rubbish bin. Nice and easy for the gal on the go (the gal who had downed several glasses of champagne, might I add!)

DressUnique Vintage / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens


This post was in collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1, but (of course!) all opinions were my own. If you want to purchase the contact lenses head into your nearest optometrist for a fitting. Or alternatively you can find out more information at www.morecontacttime.com


9th, December, 2015


For our latest date night we went on a trip to the movies (and let’s be honest – it doesn’t get much better than that!) My quirky city is home to a whole bunch of independent cinemas, and you know what? I’ve never been to any of them! …really not the best effort for living in Wellington for almost 3 years -_-)

I wish I could say that I’ve finally remedied this, but sadly no. We showed up to this beautiful cinema (the Light House, if you’re wondering), took some snaps, before heading inside to watch Spectre… And then we found out that it started half an hour ago! Never one to be deterred, we popped to the supermarket to grab some popcorn then ventured home to rewatch Pacific Rim – my all time favourite movie!

Despite our semi-unsuccessful cinema trip this was the perfect time to put my DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses to the test. I was staring at the screen for a whopping two hours – in between handfuls of popcorn, obviously, and i found that the contacts worked brilliantly! No dry eyes, no excessive blinking, which means my eyes were happy. And let’s be honest, happy eyes equals a happy, happy Jo.

Skirt – Chicwish / Bag – Pepaloves / Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens





This post was in collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1, but (of course!) all opinions were my own. If you want to purchase the contact lenses head into your nearest optometrist for a fitting. Or alternatively you can find out more information atwww.morecontacttime.com


1st, December, 2015


As the second part of my DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lens challenge I decided to head out for a trip to the night market. Between the various chilli spices in the air and gettin’ sleepy (I’m a complete Nana when it comes to bedtimes) my eyes always get foggy when I’m at markets. And I really, really like markets. So it’s a tough one.

We headed out while the sun was setting and sat down to listen to the local buskers playing a tune or two. Although I spent most of my time eyeing up the deep fried ice cream (ohmigod!) we ended up going to McDonalds for some fries instead (story of my life). Every day is Fry-day in my world.

The wind was actually behaving itself (quite the feat for the windiest city in the world) so for once my hat stayed on my head! Take that, wind. Jo: 1, wind: 0. The rest of my outfit was fairly simple; a shirt dress buttoned all the way up, paired with a duster in my favourite hue.

You’ll be happy to know that my contacts lived up! The same as last time; no extra blinking – thanks to that water gradient, and comfort the whole night through. Once again I just whipped them off into the rubbish bin when I got home that night. The perfect solution for this Nana who can’t ever wait to get into bed.

Dress  – Jeans West / Hat – Vintage / Pink Duster – Boohoo / Shoes – Chicwish / Cat Bag – Pepa Loves


This post was in collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1, but (of course!) all opinions were my own. If you want to purchase the contact lenses head into your nearest optometrist for a fitting. Or alternatively you can find out more information at www.morecontacttime.com


29th, November, 2015


As you may already know (thanks, previous post!) I have had a slightly unbelievable last few days – as I was recently flown over to Sydney, along with four other bloggers, thanks to DAILIES TOTAL1.

I’ve never been further than Sydney airport, so genuinely had no idea what to expect of the city. Everything seemed to come together right at the last minute, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high so didn’t really do any research, other than finding out that there is a zoo right on the harbour (which I totally went to, by the way).

Of course the one thing I knew I had to do was visit the Sydney Opera House. The very kind Ashleigh and Janelle, two of the other bloggers joining me on the trip, took some photos for me as we gazed at the building. In proper blogger form, we had our phones, DSLR cameras and Instax cameras at the ready, and I am so, so pleased with how they came out. I eventually ventured over to the Opera House by myself and snapped away – until I got pooed on by a seagull -_- They say it brings good luck – which I totally now believe as I had the best afternoon with Annika (aka The Pineneedle Collective). What can I say; Sydney, you were so go to me!

DressThe Whitepepper / ShoesGlassons / Bag – Pepa Loves


Now I have to take just a quick (promise!) moment to talk about my dress! Just look at that collar! I’ve been coveting The Whitepepper for years now, and to finally have a piece of my own – and such a quirky one at that, makes me happier than anything. It’s a brilliant conversation starter too – you wouldn’t believe how many ‘Scranton Strangler’ references I heard (and nothing, absolutely nothing beats an Office reference!)


17th, November, 2015


Summer is almost here – I can feel it! It’s not often you can get away with a dress like this warmth-wise (although apparently not wind-wise! My hat blew clean off my head and a sweet gal picked it up for me. Thanks very much, kind lady!)

This street has been painted in an #ABMlovesmurals worthy fashion over the last couple of weeks and it genuinely makes me so, so, so excited! It’s pretty darn obvious that I adore the colour yellow – but even better is that it was a move by the City Council to bring more foot traffic to the area. Future plans include a built-in bubble machine (bubbles everywhere – yay!), giant lightbulbs, and a chevron painted road. What can I say; Eva Street, I am really looking forward to seeing your transformation (and no doubt will be sharing pictures here along the way!)

It seemed like this criss cross back dress from New Zealand clothing staple, Glassons simply had to be shot here. Yellow on yellow – seriously, best combo ever. The gladiator sandals – also from Glassons – are something I’m really excited about too. I’ve been semi searching for a pair over the last few years but always felt that they didn’t quite ‘fit’ my usual style, so could never commit.. I’m feeling proud – and really thrilled with the results and overall really happy that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. Gladiators are so neat – and comfy too!

DressGlassons / ShoesGlassons / Hat – Vintage / Watermelon ClutchPepa Loves / ‘J’ RingOnecklace