25th, September, 2016


In a bid to see more of our beautiful country (love ya, NZ) most weekends we have been taking a drive of some description into the country. There really is no time like the present – especially as it’s finally spring and there are adorable baby animals at every twist and turn. And since I don’t have any pets (sympathy time, please) I really do appreciate getting to gaze at, and occasionally touch lambs, calves and piglets. Oh boy, are they cute!

To make things even greater, THINGS ARE WARMING UP HERE TOO. (I’m mighty excited about it – if you can’t tell!) In winter I pretty much forget I have tattoos, and I love finally being able to peel back my layers – in this case to wear a wonderfully quirky Chicwish dress – and say a big Ol’ hello to my sailor ladies and flamingo again. Oh hey, guys!

DressChicwish / BootsGlassons / Hat – ASOS



17th, September, 2016


Spring has well and truly sprung in my fair wee city – and it seems like blossoms are everywhere you look! …or at least, they were – until the enormous hailstorm we had a few days ago sent them jumping from their tree perches. Thanks for that, Spring! Luckily there are still plenty more bursting out – and daffodils too – which is especially lucky, as they so perfectly compliments my beautiful new pieces I picked up from Glassons.

Between the pale peachy tones, the delicate double strap, and generally floaty nature of this dress, I truly think this could be my new Spring/Summer go-to. Walking amongst the daffodils and blossom trees, I genuinely feel as though I’m part of a perfume advert – and I am totally cool with that!

DressGlassons / ShoesGlassons



1st, September, 2016


I first heard of the Chertsey Book Barn around six or so weeks ago. I was promised books stacked as high as the ceiling so you literally have to weave between them, like a labyrinth – and the tales turned out to be pretty darn accurate! The whole thought of the book barn has been has been stuck in my mind ever since.. Finally, when we were on a weekend drive – to collect car parts (of all things!) the ol’ CBB and I met face to face. And it was certainly worth the wait!

Myself and Barnaby pulled up in front of the enormous barn which genuinely is in the absolute middle of nowhere. After wandering in, we didn’t emerge for around an hour or so. And some of us (hint: me!) even went in for a second look! You’d probably assume I’d be carrying armfuls of books, but actually my only purchase was a book that I admittedly bought just for the cover. Turns out it was a religious text of sorts (d’oh!) so I doubt I’ll be reading it any time soon.

The outfit I wore was fairly simple – including an anchor print dress you would definitely have seen on the blog before! The wellingtons are recent wardrobe additions (from Butterfly Twists) and I can’t get over just how comfortable they are! Plus, they looked super cute paired with my Kate Spade eyes umbrella!

Umbrella – Kate Spade / Rain bootsButterfly Twists / Dress – Unique Vintage



22nd, August, 2016


After the mouth-watering visit to Springfield’s giant donut, our next stop was the beautiful (almost beyond belief) Lake Pearson. Surrounded by winding trees that gently dip their limbs into the water, Pearson truly is a treat for the eyes. I couldn’t resist climbing up into the branches with my trusty Instax Mini Selfie in hand, but hopped down quick-smart after a whopping big breeze almost decided to do it for me!

If you can remember way back to January, one of my goals was to branch out and travel more. I grew up in South-East Asia and despite being a New Zealander, haven’t seen too much of my birth country. Not-so-slowly and certainly surely I am ticking more and more places off my list – and I am ridiculously happy about it! My wonderful boyfriend, Barnaby has seen most of New Zealand, so I’m eagerly awaiting the day I can surprise him with somewhere new. Perhaps that should be my next goal?

Until then, I’ll just be lounging in front of the most beautiful lake ever; complete with it’s very own snow-covered mountainous surroundings.

Gingham Co-ordChicwish / Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens / Hair ties – Mane Message

Lake-Pearson-New-Zealand-8 copy


17th, August, 2016


Welcome to the town of Springfield (yes, really!) where the giant donut statue is hugely appropriate and widely appreciated! I have wanted to visit this spot for years – and seeing as how it’s not even an hours drive from Christchurch, we decided to pay a visit! It really was a fleeting trip – and we only managed these three photos (I can see other bloggers shaking their heads at me right now!) Wait till you see the next spot on our trip, though. Seriously, it will take your breath away!

What can I say? I guess donut dreams really do come true.. ♥

Cat Dress (on sale!) – Pepa Loves / Cat flatsCharlotte Olympia



8th, August, 2016


Living in New Zealand can be pretty surreal sometimes. If you’re ever lacking in inspiration – or feeling ‘meh’ for any reason in particular, it only takes a short drive (or bus ride, if you time it right) to see some truly overwhelming sights. And believe me, there is an awful lot to see.

We drove for just over an hour to the beautiful (beyond belief!) town of Akaroa (more on that later!) and our first move was to go on a three hour – yes, three – uphill walk! Talk about intense. But seeing those views made it all worth it. I walked a lot of the track backwards so I could admire it as I went – not to mention that it was easier on the calf muscles!

It was a great chance to try out my latest gym set; a Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga polkadot crop top & bright pink tights that I bought from Shopbop. These tights were so warm it was brilliant! Especially when we got to the peak and almost blew over from the wild winds. Seriously, this was the most incredible trip ever – I am ridiculously excited to tell you all about it!

Kate Spade crop – Shopbop / Kate Spade tights – Shopbop / Shoes – Nike



4th, August, 2016


We spent the past weekend away in the most beautiful little New Zealand town known as Akaroa. It’s a favourite getaway spot for locals – and I’m quite the fan too – although it’s been years since my last visit. One of the things I love most is the beautiful lighthouse. It sits on the edge of the bay so it can be seen by almost everywhere on the waterfront.

It only seemed right to get dolled up in one of my finest nautical numbers; in this case an appropriately coloured fit-&-flare from Chicwish. The hat is one I picked up in the ASOS sales not too long ago – and one that always seemed to finish off an outfit just right!

I am genuinely so looking forward to sharing more of Akaroa with you. You won’t believe just how beautiful it is!

DressChicwish / Coat – Borrowed / Boots – Glassons / Hat – ASOS



27th, July, 2016


There is a whole lot to fall in love with about New Zealand – and one defining feature that I adore is our astounding collection of hills! It might be a bit weird to idolise them so much, but really.. just look! The photos speak for themselves, don’t you reckon?

We snapped these photos after embarking on a spur-of-the-moment road trip – where we genuinely had no idea where we would end up! We drove our enormous 7 seater mini van (yes, really!) around the local bays until we found a gorgeous little place called Purau. I couldn’t resist hopping out and getting some snaps of the boat collection – it was all so picturesque!

This all falls so in line with my 2016 goal of wanting to see my own country more. So far it’s working pretty darn well, and I’ve visited many (upon many!) pleases I’ve never seen before, but have heard a lot about. Stay tuned, there are some wonderfully scenic posts to come! Oh New Zealand, how I love thee!

Dress – Glassons / Hat – ASOS


17th, July, 2016


Berry red is a colour I massively gravitate towards during the winter months. It’s kind of reassuring having that bright burst of colour against the usually stark background – although we managed to find a particularly green spot for these photos! I really love how red looks against snow – although I wouldn’t trade these sunny days and warmish temperatures for anything even that remotely cold. Warm winters are awesome. I mean, bare legs in mid-Winter? I really can’t complain.

These shoes were a real treat to style up – as Chucks are something I haven’t worn for years – although as a teenager they were pretty much all I wore (didn’t everyone?) These were the first time I wore them out (I didn’t want them to be dirty for the photos!) but they have since become my almost-daily shoe. This particular pair is part of a Nike collaboration for the creative on the go, meaning they are super springy and comfortable. They look like classic chucks, but have heaps of foot support. Brilliant!

Chuck Taylors – Converse / Skirt – Muubaa / Jacket – Borrowed / Strawberry BagPepa Loves



10th, July, 2016


I’ve started exercising again after a stupidly (stupidly!) long break. Ugh, and it always makes it so much harder to get back into after you stop for a while >_<

Because I was lacking in motivation, I picked up a couple of pieces from the adorable mini collection by my favourite designer Charlotte Olympia x Bodyism. It just kind of seemed like it was meant to be – after all, the activewear collection first appeared online the same week I joined the gym! I snapped up the matching I am Kissable set – and next on my list is the cute cute cute I am Purrfect sweatshirt!

These were just some snaps we took on my iPhone, but I ended up really liking them! Plus, it was literally right in the middle of a workout (hence the *ahem* crafty no-makeup face-covering shots ; ) ) I am seriously so in love with this cute mini collaboration. I can’t wait to add to it!

Bodyism X Charlotte Olympia I am Kissable Sports Bra & Pants – Shopbop