17th, November, 2015


Summer is almost here – I can feel it! It’s not often you can get away with a dress like this warmth-wise (although apparently not wind-wise! My hat blew clean off my head and a sweet gal picked it up for me. Thanks very much, kind lady!)

This street has been painted in an #ABMlovesmurals worthy fashion over the last couple of weeks and it genuinely makes me so, so, so excited! It’s pretty darn obvious that I adore the colour yellow – but even better is that it was a move by the City Council to bring more foot traffic to the area. Future plans include a built-in bubble machine (bubbles everywhere – yay!), giant lightbulbs, and a chevron painted road. What can I say; Eva Street, I am really looking forward to seeing your transformation (and no doubt will be sharing pictures here along the way!)

It seemed like this criss cross back dress from New Zealand clothing staple, Glassons simply had to be shot here. Yellow on yellow – seriously, best combo ever. The gladiator sandals – also from Glassons – are something I’m really excited about too. I’ve been semi searching for a pair over the last few years but always felt that they didn’t quite ‘fit’ my usual style, so could never commit.. I’m feeling proud – and really thrilled with the results and overall really happy that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. Gladiators are so neat – and comfy too!

DressGlassons / ShoesGlassons / Hat – Vintage / Watermelon ClutchPepa Loves / ‘J’ RingOnecklace




13th, November, 2015


I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to video games – and gaming arcades for that matter. The older I get the more they seem to fade away – though apparently not in Vegas? I made sure to pack away my ‘Admit one’ dress – an old, old purchase from the forever coveted Modcloth – along with a plastic bag filled-to-the-brim with quarters (no joke!) ..then we found out the place didn’t take quarters anymore! -_-

Not to worry, a couple of transactions later and we back on top. I don’t mean to brag (just kidding, I totally do) but I won two jackpots and ended up walking away with a t-shirt with a rollercoaster on it. Sure, I know I’ll probably never wear it, but it was my biggest win during the entire Las Vegas trip, so it’s definitely something to be proud of.

Dress – Modcloth (old) / Silver Sandals – Chicwish (old – similar here)



26th, October, 2015


After running (or should I say puffing? Yes, yes I definitely should) past this patch of flowers after work several times a week, I knew it was the spot to shoot this beautiful backless dress by Zoe Vine. I’m no botanical expert (even remotely) but you simply can’t go wrong with flowers – especially when they compliment the dress print so beautifully..

Well, it turns out you can go wrong with flowers. I didn’t realise at first – but when I was standing amongst them there was no mistaking that these were onion flowers! While I can put up with an oniony smell for ten minutes while taking photos, I definitely don’t recommend face planting on the slippery surfaces – as you will reek of onions for an entire day. A nice wee contrast to possibly the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn in my entire life, eh?

While I didn’t end up snapping any photos on this beautiful Kodak camera I did enjoy peeking through the viewfinder, as well as the overall aesthetic it brought to the photos. I inherited this camera several months ago via my Nana (it used to belong to my Granddad, who I never met) and it gave me absolute chills to be holding something my Grandfather used to cart around with him fifty years ago. (I may have even gotten a tear in my eye when I saw his name inscribed in pencil on the inside of the camera bag). My ultimate dream for summer is to get this camera up and running – and no doubt there will be a tear or two shed when I develop my first roll of film.

Hummingbird DressZoe Vine / Shoes – Chicwish / Camera – Vintage



19th, October, 2015


Prepare to feast your eyes on THE GREATEST PARK BENCH EVER SEEN! (Or, the best I’ve seen, anyhow!) Get a load of those crochet monster feet! My heart weeps ♥ Nestled between a wool shop and a doctor’s studio, it’s the pop of colour that brightens up an otherwise rather ordinary street. I’m not sure who the talented individual was that constructed such a colourful crochet, but I take my figurative hat off to you.

I wore a 60’s inspired dress by Boohoo, which was giving me all sorts of Barbarella vibes. I paired it with my peachy coloured specs, which I think matched the bench rather nicely, don’t you think? My last form of matchiness was of course my flamingo tattoo. I don’t think I’ve posted a decent photo of it yet, so here you go! Ain’t she a beauty! I’ll be dedicating a post to her in the near future, with all kinds of photos from it freshly applied all through the healing process. Get ready for some peely tattoo photos, mmm!

Dress – Boohoo / GlassesPolette / Lips Bag – Henry Holland x Debenhams /

Ring – And Mary / ABC Flats – Charlotte Olympia



16th, October, 2015


Roll up, roll up!

Being an enormous ‘Fear and Loathing’ fan, you can bet that Circus Circus was high up on my must-see list. We had rewatched F&L a week or so before take off, and it was crazy seeing just how similar Circus Circus was to it’s counterpart, Bazooko’s Circus.

Fun fact: did you know that Circus Circus wouldn’t let Fear and Loathing film at their location? And fair enough too; Hunter S. Thomson’s description didn’t exactly put it in a positive light, eh?

We found out pretty early on from talking to locals that Circus Circus is thought of as a run down, kind of trashy establishment – but because it is basically the polar opposite to anything even remotely close in New Zealand, we fell in love. And we fell hard. The iconic clown sign (terrifying, yet so good) was one of my favourites during our entire trip, not to mention the incredible lit up signage out the front of the building.

I couldn’t help but snap some photos directly outside, as cars and RVs pulled in to experience the magic.. and luckily we got some photos inside too – well, in-between all of the gaming, of course!

DressLindy Bop / Silver flats (old, similar here) – Chicwish


And of course, we popped inside too! It was seriously one of the BEST things I did on our entire Las Vegas trip. I’m ridiculously obsessive about games. When Barnaby and I first started dating we would constantly head to Time Zone to play video games. This was a complete step up as it was really, really easy to win prizes! I ended up walking out with three toy lobsters (pictured below!), a teddy bear, and one extremely phallic looking cactus. And there’s basically no way of topping that!

…Unless of course, I mention the revolving carousel restaurant and free circus displays! Oh man, I loved Circus Circus. Definitely pop in for a visit if you’re nearby – and remember to bring lots of quarters!


12th, October, 2015


I’d like to state this, straight up: I’m in NO way melancholy – it’s just damn near impossible to resist a pun. And such a good one at that!

Having said that, the struggle to wake up on Monday mornings is very much real. Whether or not there’s a watermelon bag (or dress for that matter!) involved, nothing compares to the good ol’ freelancing days of waking up whenever you please, then working from bed in your uniform – oh, I mean pyjamas. Those sure were the days!

It’s no secret that fruit is a wardrobe staple for me. My collection has grown and grown to now include this watermelon bag and dress, an orange bag, a cherry dress, an apple dress, and my most recent addition – a watermelon bumbag (just the thing – I’m headed to a big music festival next year!) I don’t know about where you live, but in New Zealand they are always promoting the whole ‘5 fruit + veggies a day’ thing. Between my clothing and accessories I’m definitely on track – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Watermelon Clutch & Dress (Old, similar here) – Pepa Loves / Clogs – Lotta from Stockholm / Glasses – Ray Ban



9th, October, 2015


With my pastel fascination bordering on an obsession (spring will do that to a gal!) you can bet that I was mighty excited about the arrival of this fitted mint coloured dress from Unique Vintage. I sported it with my trustworthy leather jacket – which I whipped off during these photos (during most photos, really) – and even still was asked by three different people if I was headed to prom. Um, first of all, dressing up for no reason is really fun, secondly; prom? At 9:30am? Yeah, how about no.

It got me thinking all about the Unique Vintage message – #Iamunique. I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good and what makes you feel confident – because really, that’s all that counts, right? I’ve never been one to take other people (or myself!) that seriously, and it’s pretty obvious through some of the weirder outfits I’ve worn over the years.

I may have just been going on a hot chocolate date (and a really, really tasty one too!) but there is nothing quite like getting dolled up for no reason whatsoever – whether it’s a date with your sweetie, or a trip to the supermarket. What can I say; I just really, really like clothes – and even more so when there’s mint involved!

DressUnique Vintage / Lips Purse – House of Holland x Debenhams /

Bow – With Lavendar and Lace / Shoes – Chicwish



5th, October, 2015


I don’t know about you, but I’m totally one of those people who gets into their pyjamas the second they get home from work. I’d even go so far as to say I think about being in my pyjamas by about lunch time – and by the end of the day I’m genuinely excited about putting them on.

Turns out I found the answer to all of my problems. May I introduce, ladies and gents (well, maybe just the ladies): the jumpsuit.

After hunting for months upon months, the floral jumpsuit of my dreams – and a spring staple through and through – appeared in the ‘new’ section of Boohoo. For $40 I couldn’t possibly say no, and it might just have been my best decision yet. After all, there really is something to be said for feeling like you’re wearing pyjamas all day.

JumpsuitBoohoo / Glasses – Polette / BootsSwedish Hasbeens



2nd, October, 2015


…is a rose!

So honestly, what do you think of this door? In my opinion, it’s a bit of a babe. As for my boyfriend, he just doesn’t get it! When I asked if we could shoot beside “that little church near the supermarket.. you know, the one with the green door?” I was met with looks of.. well, confusion, I suppose! And you know he got a confused look in response. This door is bloomin’ fantastic!

As a central city dweller I’m constantly on the lookout for brightly coloured doors – and believe me, they are far and few! A rose most definitely is a rose is a rose is a rose, and it’s fairly obvious that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yada, yada, but what’s not to love – seriously! I think this is one of those ‘agree to disagree’ moments. Or in our case, a “when in Rome” moment. We are big Anchorman fans in this household, after all ; )

It’s been a long, long while since I last wore a dress as pretty as this.. While quirky prints and sailor clothing will always be tied for first place in my heart (love you, you guys), there’s no doubt about it that dresses with delicate embroidery snatch a clear second place. And I just love how it looks alongside my little flamingo friend (hi Pinky!) peeking out to say hello.

Dress (on sale) – Chicwish / CoatJeanswest / Flats – Mel by Melissa



29th, September, 2015


If you’re from Wellington – or have even visited for that matter, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve bumped into this group of houses which I affectionately call the Seven Sisters of Wellington. Much like their famous counterparts in San Francisco, these seven sweet abodes are lined up in a cute little row, and all painted within a particular colour scheme – a definite nod to the infamous Painted Ladies.

While they proved awfully (x10000!) difficult to photograph, I’d like to think that we managed to capture an essence of what makes these houses just so darn sweet. As always, while we were there we spent the entire time talking about which one we’d like to live in (the purple one with the round window, thanks!) – although the million dollar plus price tag might make the dream just a leetle hard to reach anytime soon.. Any excuse to keep ‘investing’ in those Lotto tickets though, eh!

I wore my latest Pepa Loves purchase – this dress which features some misshapen leopards – which of course only adds to their charm, of course! I wore my Swedish Hasbeen zip boots (these babies have seriously gotten me through the colder months) paired with one of my favourite vintage hats. With the sea views on one side and the Painted Ladies on the other, my mind was definitely drifting towards San Francisco thoughts.. which I suppose is the perfect time to tell you I’m off to America again next year! Not SF at this point – but you never knoooow!

Dress and Cat Bag – Pepa Loves / Hat – Vintage / Glasses – Polette / Socks – Tabbisocks / Clog BootsSwedish Hasbeens