10th, July, 2014


So here’s a little thing about me: I am obsessed with flowers. My week (or weekend, at least!) revolves around the Sunday market – and the fresh blooms that will be on offer. The obsession has gotten so intense that I usually have trouble sleeping on a Saturday, as I’m so eager to be one of the early market goers – and snag the best flowers too, of course! The market is a massive part of my life – I’ve literally been there every Sunday for the past six months! I didn’t want to keep it a secret from you, as it genuinely makes me so happy. So here you go: a little glimpse into where I buy my flowers! I usually post several (hundred) pictures of market flowers on my Instagram, so definitely have a look if fresh blooms are your thing!

I dressed in a daisy print dress – which seems highly appropriate when buying fresh flowers, don’t you think? My grey coat, which is slowly but surely becoming a Winter staple, is by Sheinside, and my red ballet flats are by Coco Rose London. …And my flowers are by the lovely lady (and her cute pup!) that are wonderfully charming no matter what the Sunday weather is like. Thanks, you two!

Wellington Market

Corner of Cable St & Barnett St (beside Te Papa) 

7:30 – 2pm



6th, July, 2014

Okay – so here’s something new for me: wearing purple! I genuinely don’t think I’ve owned anything purple since way back in 2012, when I had this violet coloured vintage dress. In all honesty, I simply just don’t like purple very much. Or, I didn’t, at least, until quite recently. It all started with Nicole by OPI – they sent me a few polishes to style, one of which, was purple – a shade that I actually kind of liked! I painted it onto my nails and matched it to a rabbit print playsuit by Ark. And just like that, I’m cool with purple.

It’s also very in line with my latest mission: to wear more colour this winter! I’ve fallen into the dreaded trap of wearing black, black, black, and I’m over it. So yeah, colour sounds good! Hello purple, hello yellow, how are you guys doing? Good? Me too!

PlaysuitArk (on sale!) / Shoes (similar here) – Mel by Melissa / Belt – Yumi /

Bag – Jump From Paper (similar here) / Nail polish – Nicole by OPI

26th, June, 2014

Ariana Grande Problem Outfit

I really, really like the song ‘Problem’. And with that confession, I’m hoping that I’m not the only 25 year old who feels this way. Right guys? (Back me up… please!) This passion for teeny-bopper tunes has crept it’s way into my wardrobe in the form of this black and white coat, which I generally refer to as my ‘Ariana jacket’. It’s a little over the top, but I’m rather smitten. Plus, every time I put it on, my sweet sweet boyfriend gets to hear a round of “head in the clouds, got no weight on my shouldeeerrrrss” – cracking multiple highs along the way of course! Hey Barnaby, just wait until you see the referee style high-waist striped bikini I bought for our holiday next month. There are bound to be countless Robin Thicke impressions, I’m sure (“hey girl, you know you’re looking so damn fine!“)

I had my eye on this street as soon as the coat landed on my doorstep. Just look at all that black and white! If you look extra closely – or not, because I’ll tell you about it anyway – the doorstep I’m beside belongs to a beautiful handmade candle shop. I try and walk past as often as I can in the early morning, as the scents that waft out are incredible! Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, you name it! It all smells so good – I literally do a double take when I walk past, but you know me – I’m a bit of a foodie! ; )

CoatSheInside / Dress (sold out, similar here) – Modcloth / Shoes – Seychelles /

Bag – Mimco

Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit


7th, June, 2014

A Beehive in Blustery Weather

If you know me, then you also know that I can’t resist a good ol’  beehive – no matter how windy the weather. And yes, I do live in the windiest city in the world! Crazy stuff! It was a particularly gloomy day, complete with massive gales, so we ducked behind this beautiful brick building to hide from the wind. Note: it didn’t work at all – if you can’t tell from the massive flyaways!

I wore a pretty little skirt/dress (I’m not quite sure what to call it!) which I have long admired on Kailey, so I was ridiculously excited to join the club and style it too! I paired it with a simple camping motif top by Madewell. I love it how you can see the binoculars peeking through the straps – I feel like I’m all set for an adventure!

SkirtChoies / T-shirt – Madewell / Shoes – Cocorose London /

BraceletPunky Pins / Bag – Mimco

A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather


22nd, May, 2014

Unicorn Bag

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn.

You guys, I have a unicorn bag!! Okay, you probably know I have a thing for kooky bags (does this or this jog your memory?) Seriously though – a unicorn?! It’s like nothing else matters anymore. When I was a kid, I had a bag that was shaped like a shoe. I thought my shoe bag was the best thing in the entire world, and it’s probably where my weirdo bag collection started. I was never much of a Barbie kid growing up, but I did love my pinks, and anything animal-related. Well, I like to think that I stayed true to my childhood self with this bag. What can I say? Some things never change!

BagChicwish / PlaysuitMissguided / CoatSheinside / ShoesChicwish /


Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag

4th, May, 2014


Visiting the local market has slowly but surely become part of my Sunday routine. I leave the house with my headphones in tow, blasting out my favourite tunes (usually something of the rap variety!) as I head off to pick up some fruit n’ veg. The last few weeks I’ve been eyeing up a flower bouquet for myself – but have always bailed due to low funds or lack of arm space to carry it home. I was slightly late for the market this time, so all that was left was this tiny little bunch. It only cost $2 though – so I’m definitely not complaining!

Really though, who else gets excited about buying flowers? As they slowly begin to wilt, I can think of nothing better by the end of the week! Talk about suspense! Clearly blooms were on the brain, as I matched my dress to my purchase. If you’ve been reading Lost in the Haze for a while now, you might remember that I used to wear white tights often (aka. every single post!) and it’s safe to say the obsession has started again, though I’m in need of another pair as I spilt hot chocolate on my foot shortly after we took these photos. The perils of wearing white, eh!

DressArk / Tights – ASOS / Silver brogues – Le Bunny Bleu / Hat – ASOS (similar here)


27th, April, 2014

Big City Cat

Cats on clothes are so great. Something about those lil’ furry faces on fabric just feels so darn right. I stumbled upon this gold vintage cat bracelet again over the weekend. It was tucked inside a satchel pocket along with a vintage saucer and a charm bracelet from when I was little. I’m forever putting things in silly places. Storing photos in DVD cases? Yep. Contact lens cases in the fridge? Shamefully, yes. Anyway, it makes for lots of little surprises as you rediscover the downright strange places you’ve put things when you’ve been distracted.

But anyway; cats! I’ve been wearing this dress by Pepa Loves non-stop recently. The weather has been surprisingly warm, and though I may start my journey outside with a coat (this one by Sheinside, specifically!), I have to take it off almost immediately after ten minutes. The cut out back of the dress feels like a little blessing in disguise. And it’s cat print. Cat print, cat print, cat print. That’s basically all you need to know!

Oh, also, I turned 25 on Thursday. Isn’t that weird?! I hope I never-ever start thinking/feeling like I’m too old for silly outfits. Animals on clothing just work way too well for me to start giving ‘em up!

CoatSheInside / DressPepa Loves / Shoes – Seychelles / Bracelet – Vintage /

Tote Bag – A gift

Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat

7th, April, 2014


Whenever I wear something yellow – or close to it at least (hellooo tan coloured bow-tie dress!) – the first place I want to photograph it is at this wall. It’s getting a little ridiculous, and my boyfriend, Barnaby, always makes sure to let me know. “Jo, are you sure you don’t want to go down to the waterfront to shoot this outfit?” “No, the wall is fine.” “But.. you must be getting bored of it by now?” “Uhh, it’s YELLOW!” This morning, I got up quick-smart, scooped my hair into a faux bob, painted my nails in the brightest honey shade I own, before walking down to ol’ yeller. Gosh, the amount I talk about ‘the wall’ you’d expect that I was living in Game of Thrones or something.. Well, Winter is coming, after all!

I was actually pretty dang chuffed that I got to style this bumblebee ring for one of my favourite luxury jewellery companies; Stephen Einhorn. I love how the yellow wire details on the wall resemble honeycomb – it seemed like a perfectly appropriate setting for this cute little ring I love so dearly. Incidentally, Stephen Einhorn recently released their first-ever video showing how they design, and make their own jewellery. The video shows a ring being set with stones, right after it is put in hot flames and melted down (cue more GOT references, though luckily we avoid the silver crown fiasco this time!) 

DressChicwish / Bumblebee RingStephen Einhorn / Bowler Hat – ASOS /

Brogues – Le Bunny Bleu / Tote Bag – Modcloth


29th, March, 2014


Everyone has their basics. Sure, you might be a dedicated jeans gal, or maybe you like dressing all in black. Each to their own, right? That’s what I LOVE about clothing. You wear what you want, you feel good – it’s easy. My basics usually involve something a little silly, bold prints, and outfits that hopefully have an animal featured somewhere. So this sums it all up, really! A denim daisy pinafore (♥♥♥), my favourite Pepa Loves piece ever; this cat t-shirt, and these amazing Marilyn Monroe inspired flats by Loly in the Sky. I topped it all off with a boater hat I bought in the ASOS sale. I haven’t worn one for ages, since Wellington is so windy; but I had immense luck today – it didn’t fall off my head. Not even once!

We snapped these photos on our way to the oceanside to see if we could sneak a glance at the enormous boat, ‘A’ that anchored in the Wellington Harbour for a couple of days. It’s over a metre bigger that any boat in New Zealand. Okay, so my dorky side is really showing now – I get so excited by things like this!

Denim PinaforeChicwish / Cat T-shirt – Pepa Loves /

Ballet FlatsLoly in the Sky / Boater HatASOS


23rd, March, 2014


I’m a sucker for any kind of animal print. No really, my collection just keeps on growing. My clothing rack is brimming over with cats, seagulls, dogs – and now I have fish to add to the list! And it is so so SO good! This dress from Pepa Loves is one of my new favourites. Pointy collars are, well, the BEST, and the shape leaves plenty of room for all of the good stuff: ie. pizza, pasta, burgers, cronuts.. yep, the REALLY good stuff.

We took these photos down by the Wellington boat sheds – a little area I’m just slightly obsessed with. Wouldn’t it be incredible to knock down the walls inside and live in them like one big house? ..Err, can you tell I’ve been watching my fair share of ‘Grand Designs’ lately? Actually I love these buildings quite so much, I think I could squish myself into just one. If I had enough room for a bed, my pretty dresses, and wifi, I could make do – after all, those are the blogger essentials!

Fish DressPepa Loves / Shoes – Seychelles / Ring – Doubledutch Boutique