22nd, May, 2015


I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet, they sent me a…

One of my very favourite places to visit is the zoo. Wellington zoo is particularly special – as when Barnaby and I first started dating it was one of the places we would visit as often as possible (I guess this is what happens when you live in the CBD and aren’t allowed pets!)

We visited the zoo a fair while ago now, I had just completely forgotten about the photos! I got made up in one of my very favourites tops – this cat sleeved little number from Pepa Loves which got plenty of young children pointing and exclaiming. We are pretty freakin’ obsessed with meerkats in our household, so it was an especially mesmerising moment when they came right up to the glass and looked right at us. Oh, and when a woman asked me if they were possums, my answer was “they’re like Timon in the Lion King!” & I thought that was pretty neat. The very best bit, though, was when one of the meerkats starting planking – just take a look at the last photo!

Wellington Zoo / 200 Daniel Street, Newtown, Wellington


19th, May, 2015


Oh my gosh, guys! I’m wearing something tight.. and in public too! This is a seriously big moment for me (one that is much appreciated by my other half) and seriously got me thinking the question; body-con or body-conscious?

I’ve never been one to be self-conscious about my weight – even when I weighed around 14kg more than I do presently (what can  say, the student diet didn’t work for me!) Even though I don’t get too hung up on looks, I do find it really hard to get into tight clothes and go about my daily life… It. Just. Feels. Like. Everyone. Is. Looking.

Usually, wearing tight clothing really gets to me.. And fair enough, I might add! I don’t know whether it’s getting older, or what, but I’ve decided I’ll give anything a go; whether it’s something that would usually fit the bill, or the complete opposite (in this case, the latter). The best thing about this experience was that I felt like a total bombshell! I decided to ignore everyone around me, and completely dress for myself. And I loved it. And I’ll totally do it again. And it was awesome. Plus, I can see that my time at the gym lately is really paying off. And that makes me feel really good.

DressBoohoo / Unicorn BagChicwish / Heart RingMichael Hill / ShoesCocoRose London



13th, May, 2015


Oh my gosh, you guys! I had the best weekend! After waking up feeling restless (and with a strong craving for hot chips) me and my guy, Barnaby went on a spontaneous date and embarked on a 45 minute bus ride down to the seaside suburb of Seatoun.

With my (obsessive) love of all things sailory, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear my anchor print dress by Larmoni, in my favourite colour, naturally. It was one of those meant-to-be moments when I stumbled upon my matching anchor bow-tie by Ladybird Likes. It was all topped off by these minty green eco sandals by Alohas.

Now let me just say, the long journey was well worth it. We indulged in a scoop of good ol’ hot chips alongside haloumi and hash brown burgers – there’s not much better!

Cat Bag – Pepa Loves/ Anchor DressLarmoni / Miu Miu Glasses – Pretavoir / Bow Tie – Ladybird Likes / ShoesAlohas 




7th, May, 2015


Over the weekend I paid a much (much much) needed visit to Christchurch; a city that may sound familiar if you’re a long time reader (I lived there before relocating to Wellington). I had massive aspirations – filming a video, writing a Christchurch city guide, but instead opted for some old fashion quality time with close friends and family.

The one time I did manage to whip out my camera (besides when I ate the best fresh fruit froyo of my entire life) was when we visited the botanical gardens. At dusk. Talk about ideal blogger conditions, eh!

One of the highlights of my trip (besides seeing my wonderful Nana and my boyfriend’s dogs ♥ ) was getting to experience Autumn; a season that is fairly non-existent when you live in the CBD. I couldn’t get enough of the acorns, leaves underfoot, and of course the beautiful shades of orange and yellow that were absolutely everywhere. There is nothing quite so satisfying as the crunch from a perfect Autumn leaf – and you know I deliberately changed my path to step on them!

Dress – Ark Clothing / Bag – A gift / Star Hair clips Mane Message / Shoes – CocoRose London



1st, May, 2015


Talk about dressing to match your surroundings! As soon as I laid eyes on this adorable cottage-shaped purse I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot it. The rest of the outfit sort of followed from there. It’s a little odd wearing mostly black and white – but a pop of lipstick always makes me feel like me 

Isn’t it a beautiful Tudor building? It reminds me of a miniature Liberty in London – where I would absolutely love to visit one day. Although rather grand, this Tudor sits in the middle of a busy intersections (err, hello traffic lights in the photos below!) I also noticed it’s actually a residence (totally thought it was a restaurant) when we saw the face watching us from one of the windows. Eep! Hello, strange person, you have a really cute house!

House WalletVendula London / TopChicwish / Skirt – Muubaa / Squirrel HairclipMane Message / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm



27th, April, 2015


Last week, on Friday I celebrated turning the big 2-6! Speaking of which, it’s WEIRD to get emails from your big brother teasing you about now being in your “late twenties”. Well, you’re in your early thirties, brother, so ha!

To celebrate we headed to my favourite breakfast joint in the entire world – Drexels. I consider it pretty expensive for breakfast, so we literally only go there twice a year – once for Barnaby’s birthday and once for mine. Um, so if you can’t tell from the photos, it was bloomin’ delicious! Melt-in-your-mouth waffles (crispy outside and soft inside, mm!) served with whipped butter.. I genuinely don’t think it could get any better than that.

I got dolled up all fancy-like, as I do every year – it just makes birthdays so much more fun, you know. This year I opted for a scalloped little number paired with a vintage leopard print jacket from Nikita & Vesper. I’ve shot at this beautiful old hotel recently, but I couldn’t help but be drawn in again – it is absolutely gorgeous. We only took a few photos though – as people sat down to eat their breakfast right at the window we were shooting beside. Hello, people!

Jacket – Nikita & Vesper / DressChicwish / Beret – Vintage / PurseAnd Mary / Clogs – Lotta from Stockholm




20th, April, 2015


I often wonder if bloggers are interrupted by residents as they stand on their doorsteps taking photos.. Luckily I managed to avoid it this time round – but I certainly had a giggle or two thinking about what would happen! This door is actually one I pass rather frequently during my walks to the supermarket. I never really give it a second look, but as I was strolling down, pineapple clutch in hand, I noticed how perfectly the mustard and red complimented each other.. and I was convinced!

It genuinely makes me a little sad that winter is well and truly on it’s way – especially as I’ve collected so much pineapple jewellery lately – the ultimate summer staple. To ease the pain, ever-so-slightly, we have booked tickets to Miami for the end of the year. I absolutely cannot wait, and it has definitely served as some motivation during gym visits. I know that these pineapples goodies will definitely be one of the first things in my hand luggage ; )

SkirtChicwish / Pineapple Clutch & NecklaceAnd Mary / ShoesCocoRose London / T-shirt – Forever 21 / Hair tie – Mane Message



13th, April, 2015


Oh pineapples, how I love you. Whether it’s on a plate or in print form, there’s no denying that you’re pretty darn wonderful. I may be a little late to the pineapple party, but hey, I’m participating to the fullest. Gotta love those ananas comosus, am I right?! Getting to style up this delicious pineapple clutch by Luna on the Moon was one of the best opportunities ever, and since it’s arrival it has cemented itself as one of my very favourite bags. It may also help that I have miniature pineapple earrings to wear with it (unusual for this lady as I barely ever wear earrings – ever!)

Wearing the best colour possible – bright yellow, in case you didn’t know (!) we headed down to one of my favourite places – the boat sheds. I had visions of amazing light, a wind-free day, you know the sort.. Apparently Wellington doesn’t know the sort – so we stuck it out, taking photos as long as we could for an especially windy day. Strangely enough these have turned out to be some of my favourite photos – ever! …Though really, it might just come down to the abundance of pineapples!

Pineapple BagLuna on the Moon / DressPepa Loves / Shoes – CocoRose London / EarringsAnd Mary / Bow – With Lavender and Lace



10th, April, 2015


Sometime recently, I’m not sure when exactly things happened.. I started developing strong feelings.. towards flamingoes!  I mean it too, I’ve fallen for those pink sweethearts in the biggest way possible. Slowly but surely, I’ve been building my collection of flamingo memorabilia; including an impressive amount of flamingo straws, inflatable flamingoes to carry my drinks in Las Vegas later this year, and I have a whole flock of the tiny flamingoes you can see in the very last picture.

No doubt, I’m sure you can see HOW EXCITED I was to add a couple of cute bits of flamingo jewellery to my ever-growing collection. I paired a Chicwish dress in the perfect hue, alongside this absolutely perfect (seriously!) flamingo necklace by And Mary, and earrings by Black Heart Creatives. FYI: I have six piercings in my ears, but I generally can’t stand the feeling of earrings – so am super fussy! These flamingo earrings passed the test though – I just couldn’t stop myself! I topped it all off with a vintage beret and a swipe of fuchsia lipstick – by Karen Murrell, just if you’d like to know. ; )

DressChicwish / Flamingo NecklaceAnd Mary / Lips Bag – H! by Henry Holland / Flamingo EarringsBlack Heart Creatives / Beret – Vintage / ShoesChicwish



6th, April, 2015


Hi, I’m Jo and I love bright colours and big hair.

It’s true; I am an absolute sucker for both. I genuinely spend my bus rides to work peeking out the window for any blog-worthy brightly coloured buildings. Not that this colourful wall quite fits the same category – rather than spotting it from the bus, I tend to see it when I’m visiting the outdoor food court it’s attached to. It has a built-in car park, so when we snapped these photos we had to keep dodging out of the way of cars that were driving in and out too quickly (cue lots of Wayne’s World references – “car!” “car!”)

Can we just take a second to talk about these glasses. (It seemed appropriate as I’ve had my fair share of emails referring to these frames lately). They were only $30 from Polette and are easily everything I’ve ever needed from my glasses, and more. I am planning to post about my glasses collection, so more about that in the near future. And as for my headband – it’s by the lovely Le Vero who are running a Kickstarter campaign,  which you should definitely take a look at!

Dress – Pop Boutique (via ASOS) / WatchTwistedTime / Bag – Mimco / TightsTrendyLegs / GlassesPolette / Headband – Le Vero / Shoes – Le Bunny Bleu