2nd, July, 2013


1. Wellington held a light festival during the week, which Barnaby and I were able to scurry off to after work. This one was my favourite. It’s even more impressive in video form – I promise!

2. Weekend coffee dates really are the best, don’t you think? (Though I’m a hot chocolate girl, forever and always!)

3. What I wore over the weekend. I seriously can’t get enough of this Madewell camping print t-shirt!

4. Mmm, can I eat burgers for dinner every night, please. I’m forever grateful that my guy is such a good cook!

5. Wellington’s quirky architecture gets me every time. These palm tree pillars surround the city library – with some even helping to support it a little!

11th, June, 2013


1. So so so in love with this jacket from Ark. If you’ve spotted me around Wellington, I’ve probably been wearing it!

2. I walk past these sculptures almost everyday when going to work with Barnaby. Aren’t they beautiful?

3. We spent every day of the weekend at the botanical gardens. The views from the cable car are absolutely spectacular.

4. When I took this photo of a lit-up tree, everyone around me started looking at it too. I love it that such a simple action made people notice the small beauty around them.

5. There was a dusting of snow on the mountains. It was so exciting (though I not-so-secretly wished it had come into the central city!)