14th, March, 2013

Would you be interested in taking a glimpse at one of my favourite cities in the world? Oh go on then! Seriously, I LOVE Wellington. You know how some places just ‘get you’? Well, this is my place. As soon as I step off the plane I feel as though I’m home. Cheesy? Yes. But hey, that’s fine, right! Plus, you know that it’s love when you have to wake up at 5am for a flight. Eek!

Now, we only had one day visiting Wellington this time. While Barnaby was tied up with prior engagements, I spent my morning walking the waterfront, exploring the enormous museum, and trying to spot as many Lord of the Rings related – well, anything really, that I possibly could. (Definitely take a peek at my Instagram if you’re a Hobbit/LotR buff too!) The weather was honestly fantastic – and I was dressed super appropriately in a grey Boohoo crop and my go-to yellow shorts (c/o Pepa Loves). We spent the rest of our day with my brother and his wife – searching for the nearest ice cream parlour. Have you ever seen a pig searching for truffles? It was a rather similar sight – which very luckily ended with the fresh berry flavoured gelato of my dreams. Yum!

31st, May, 2012

..And The Dress Of My Dreams! 

Now, I haven’t yet told you the sole purpose of our trip to Wellington. Several months ago, I contacted the beautiful and exceedingly talented Kelsey Genna. I’ve been a long-time admirer from afar, so was giddy with excitement when I saw a reply waiting in my inbox, signed by the lovely Kelsey Genna herself! I can get quite nervous about meeting new people, so arranging to meet with Kelsey over drinks seemed like the logical idea! I was soon at complete ease – how wonderful it is to meet someone so like-minded! Poor wee Barnaby is constantly having to listen to my fashion and blog ramblings, so it really was an incredible experience having someone actually interested!

The very best part of this meeting – Kelsey and I had planned a collaboration! I was so excited to team up on her latest project. The ever-enchanting Begonia dress is now available in custom  colours; what a treat! For me, Kelsey made the perfect petal dress in a rustic orange – the ultimate autumn piece! It was a dreamy experience, frolicking through the Wellington botanical gardens, feeling very much like one of the flowers myself! I was also lucky enough to wear a Venetian glass necklace, courtesy of Tiger Eye Beads. Even now I’m still in a complete daze that I have a Kelsey Genna dress of my very own! I have to keep peeking into my wardrobe, just to make sure it’s true!

28th, May, 2012

A Rainy Day in Welington! 

You may not know – but Wellington weather has a bit of a reputation. It is notorious for being very, very windy – I’ve even heard that some intersections have handles to stop you blowing over! Yesterday, the capital lived up to it’s ‘windy city’ namesake. The plan was originally to venture to the zoo with the ever-wonderful (and my latest girl crush!) Kelsey Genna. Due to my sleepy state, along with the gale-force winds, Barnaby and I instead headed to the waterfront to take bets on how big the waves were. I’d also been quite keen to test out a recent winter purchase; a transparent raincoat bought from eBay. I haven’t owned a raincoat since I was a child, so it was a surreal feeling to be completely soaked on the outside, but warm and toasty on the inside! I’m usually fairly impractical when it comes to clothing, and either freeze or sweat; depending on the outfit! I think I’m hooked on this whole ‘adapting to the surroundings’ notion, and actually dressing for different weather! I’m thinking this raincoat will be a go-to piece during winter; or at least I hope so – as I’m able to wear summery dresses underneath, and not even shiver! I spent the afternoon wearing a gingham ASOS dress, paired with black t-bar flats. Oh, and thought I should let you know – I warmed up afterwards with an incredibly warm hot chocolate; my favourite!

26th, May, 2012

All Dressed Up in Pastel Shades 

Wellington, it’s been far too long! There is nothing quite like falling in love with a city all over again. After a five o’clock wake up call yesterday morning (!!) we finally made it to the capital city. It’s been well over a year since our last visit, and I hadn’t realized how much I truly do miss it. My own wee city of Christchurch is significantly lacking in the building department, so I’ve spent most of this trip with my neck craned upwards – gazing at the old architecture.

For our waterfront adventures, I dressed fully in pastel shades. The dress I’m wearing is a scalloped piece that I hurriedly hemmed the day before our flight. I’m actually meant to list it in the shop next week, but I’m not sure whether I can part with it or not! The shoes are by bait footwear, and the pink tights were an eBay purchase.

7th, January, 2012


Take a Tour of Brunei!

I’ve had the hardest time keeping this a secret, so I am delighted to announce that Lost in the Haze has made the first-ever Modcloth Travel Bug video! I love showing off my pretty little home, and even more so through video! I wore a the beautiful For the Right Moment Dress (by 8000 nerves – my favourite!) with Silver and Brogue flats. Take a peek at the video to see some of my favourite places in Brunei; the Kampong Ayer water village next to the royal palace, visiting the incredible mosques, and of course – the jungle!

13th, November, 2011

Wearing my Favourite Brand, Of Course!

Sadly, we have left Brunei. I’m not the best at goodbyes, so sneaky Barnaby made sure that we made a detour to Kuala Lumpur to distract me! He has a real knack for finding amazing hotels that are as cheap as chips – and today we ended up staying directly opposite the famous Petronas Towers! (Most of my time has been spent gazing out the window; what a view!) I’ve been  to KL several times, so have marveled at the towers before, though never during the evening – what a sight!

I am usually a bit of a frumpy traveller; and will wear something plain, like shorts and a top, but for today’s three hour flight I decided to do it in style – by wearing Nadinoo of course! Next stop: New Zealand!

5th, November, 2011

Beside the Water Front…

Today has been wonderful. It has been a day of following lizards (a foot long – I swear!), pulling goofy faces in front of fountains, picking flowers, and of course; swimming. The only downside has been feeling super seasick! I truly didn’t know I could ever feel so ill. I’ve always suffered from carsickness; but seasickness takes it to a whole new level! It has definitely been worth it though! We spent the day travelling to Labuan, a tiny town in Malaysia. Labuan has always been a place to frequently visit; it has so much charm! It is full of lovely little shops, and is an excellent place to buy one of my favourite drinks; coconuts! Nom nom nom!

I wore a dress that was recently gifted to me by my wonderful mum. The front detailing reminds me oh-so much of my favourite of favourites; Nadinoo. I have been long-obsessed with Lula’s Untie Me Dress, and I now feel partially satisfied by having a tie-up dress of my very own!

31st, October, 2011

In Search of a Flower

Over the weekend, Mum arrived home from her jungle walk to share that she had found an incredible flower. As she was photographically unarmed, we decided to revisit the track with her (a camera in hand, of course!) It was a ten minute trek into the jungle, and it was truly worth it! The fuzzy flowers had sadly dropped from the plant, but remaining were the beautiful pink vines, and one last bud, which was yet to blossom. To keep with the floral theme, I wore a vintage bow blouse, with a poppy-esque print. I paired it with my favourite shorts; a camel pair with floral detail, found in the children’s section of a vintage store – always my favourite place to look!

28th, October, 2011

Temburong National Park

What an adventure of a day! We ventured deep into the Brunei jungle; to the national park, Temburong. To reach Temburong, you must travel by coffin boat. The name is certainly enough to make you wary, but it is actually due to the coffin-like shape of the boat (much to my relief!) On our journey we were lucky enough to see three crocodiles lounging on the bank (Barnaby’s first ever, in fact!) After the coffin boat, we transferred to a long boat; a classic Borneo design, but with an added motor! This was my absolute favorite part of the day! It was a forty-five minute journey, with jungle lining either side of the Brunei River. After a quick snack at the Eco village (fried banana; my favorite!) we headed to the famous canopy walk. The views were breathtaking, though it was a terrifying climb of 138 feet up an aluminium frame! Eek! We then ventured to a nearby waterfall, where if you stood still enough, tiny fish would nibble at your feet!

We boated back to the village for a lunch of rice, bamboo, and ferns (!!) I was feeling sleepy from the afternoon heat, so was able to take a quick nap on the riverside hammocks before heading back to main Brunei.

I haven’t visited Temburong since my school camp, eleven years ago, and it was truly wonderful to revisit. Since its likely to be my last trip to Brunei for a while, I’m trying to explore it more than ever before. Temburong was the perfect way to start; I have rekindled my love of the jungle!

24th, October, 2011

Sand, Sand, & Surf

Have you ever been to a beach on a Monday Morning? Today was my first time ever! We were slightly too tardy to see the sunrise, but nothing beat having the beach all to ourselves. It has always been one of my favourite Brunei beaches – though it has certainly been a long time since my last visit! The jungle grows alongside the road; and it reminds me oh-so much of Jurassic Park. I was half expecting a dinosaur to jump out at me – especially with all of the Terra Nova I’ve been watching lately!

I wore my ever-wonderful ASOS dotted playsuit, with a sailor themed cardigan. I finished the look with a pair of 90s woven sandals, and an airplane pin, which definitely adds to the holiday feeling!