9th, July, 2013


Err, did someone say dream collaboration? Though it’s a world away from the infamous oversized ice creams at Brighton beach shoot from last year, Mulberry and Tim walker have once again nailed it. Paired with model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, the semi-spooky vibe created from the Fall 2013 Mulberry campaign is everything it should be and more. Cara is even showing off the coveted Alexa bag, makin’ me want it even more! (Though not as much as I want a miniature forest growing in my house. What a beauty!)


(Images via Fashion Gone Rogue)

3rd, May, 2013


How gorgeous is this photo shoot of Tina Yi in the January 2013 issue of Vogue China! Can anyone point me in the general direction of a rainbow flower field, please?


Err, bicycle taxidermy. Need I say more?


Never before have I wanted a dress so badly in my life! Skeleton print and glow-in-the-dark? Yes yes yes! I am so sad that this has sold out. I will be anxiously refreshing the page until it’s back in stock! 


Barnaby thought these were a bit creepy – but I fell in love with each and every one of these painted buildings! (He’s probably just worried that I’d do it to our future house… which I totally would!) Which one is your favourite?


I swear it is impossible to feel glum when you’re wearing heart print! I wore this dress a couple of days ago when I was going to a big meeting. I was super nervous!


Not that it’ll happen anytime soon, but I am severely lusting over a classic quilted Chanel designer handbag – like this one from Cruise Fashion. I wish!


These Hello Sunshine flats are some of the sweetest shoes I’ve ever seen! Luckily, they just so happen to be on their way to my mailbox..! ; )


Carey Mulligan’s spread for Harper’s Bazaar is seriously gorgeous! I love Carey. She seems like such a sweet person!


A speaker picnic blanket sounds like the best thing in the world. Now, if only New Zealand wasn’t going into winter! Oh well, even more reason to be excited for  spring, I suppose!


9th, April, 2013

It’s no secret that I’m a girly girl. For me, nothing sounds better than dressing up on cotton candy colours, having big hair, and pulling silly faces. Okay, well a lot of things do sound better – but this does still seem pretty tempting, right?!

In this beautiful editorial by Saskia Wilson for Fashion Gone Rogue it’s all about the pink. Daisy accents finish the looks perfectly – especially the dreamy Marc Jacobs-esque collar detail. 1960s inspired beehives are adorned with feminine clips,  and pulled back into messy ponytails. I’m quite certain that this is how I want to dress all week long. Though if I had to choose one colour to wear, I’d have to go with my ever-favourite – yellow. How about you – what colour would you choose?

5th, April, 2013

Now I’ve shown you what I was watching, it seemed only right to show you what I was wearing too! My lovely, kind, and patient boyfriend, Barnaby (!) was extra lovely, kind, and patient and offered to take a few snaps after the show. These actually turned out to be some of my favourite ever Lost in the Haze photos, so thank you thank you, Barnaby!

For my outfit, I wore a red dress covered in bows by Pepa Loves. My beloved red clogs are by Lotta From Stockholm. I finished the look by adding liquid eyeliner, red lippy, and bundling my hair into Heidi braids. It’s a good thing I love ’em so much, as it’s the only way to cope against the famous Wellington winds!

17th, March, 2013

It’s near impossible to not know the Wizard of Oz story. Hey, I know the plot and I haven’t ever seen the film – so it can be done! With the release of the new ‘Oz’ film, I was suddenly reminded of the 2005 Keira Knightley editorial for Vogue, aka. one of my favourite photo shoots of all time. Now, I know that some of you will be moaning and groaning about Keira – but there is no denying it – this shoot is perfection! (P.s. I’m not afraid to admit my shameless love for Miss Knightley! Come on; Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, and even Bend it like Beckham were amazing!)

Honestly though, how perfectly does this shoot tell the story? Everytime I look at this editorial (which is more often that you’d think – really!) I fall more and more in love with it. Whether it’s the styling, setting, or snuffly little Toto, this shoot is it for me. I love the red shoes especially – and how perfectly would they match one of the red bow bags by Nica? Even though I’m quite terrible at going to the movies (I love a cosy night in with popcorn, a blanket, and of course – my guy!) I’m definitely feeling tempted by the Oz movie. Have any of you seen it yet? And of course, how was it?!

10th, March, 2013

Ready for some Springtime inspiration? “Err, surely you must be in Autumn, right?” I can already hear you ask. Well, New Zealand may already officially be in Fall mode, but you can never have too much pink ‘n pastel, don’t you think? Plus, in defence to myself – this Winter I’m hoping to channel a certain Miss Flashes of Style. Flower crowns in the middle of snowy weather? Yep, that Bonnie is one smart lady!

One thing I sadly know isn’t going to happen anytime soon (sob!) is the arrival of the cherry blossoms. Forever my favourite part of Spring, I simply love it when the blossoms coat the area surrounding them – much like in these photographs of Nastya Kusakina taken by Jens Ingvarsson. Spending a day lounging on a bed of blossoms, with braids in my hair and the prettiest outfits I can imagine, sounds like utter perfection to me. Though at this time of the year, I’d likely be tucked up in a pile of leaves, wearing something equally pretty (err, let’s say, well anything by Barbour, really!) hoping to stay warm. Can I live vicariously through all of you Northern Hemisphere dwellers? Oh, go on..!

6th, March, 2013

There’s no denying it – Orla Kiely gets it right every time. Are patterns your preference? Or is mustard your must-have? Do you crush on clothing critters? Right, there’s definitely something for you then! This is merely a selection (!) from her breathtaking Fall 2013 collection – and some of my favourites too. Honestly, looking through this collection had me gasping. Each time I scrolled down the page, I would fall more and more in love. So much so, that I couldn’t even decide on one favourite! (And trust me – I always choose favourites!) All I know is that once again, Autumn is going to be ALL about the beehive. There’s nothing like brightening up dreary weather with extra big hair, don’t you think!

3rd, March, 2013

How incredible is this shoot?! I mean, seriously, wow. I accidentally stumbled upon it as I was looking for Autumn outfit inspiration. Well, let’s just say I found it! The long trousers, matching two-piece suits, and 1960s style dresses have me swooning. Paired with coloured tights too? Uhh, yes. Just to make it the slightest bit more awe-inspiring – just look at the colour!

Entitled ‘The Fun House’ – this shoot is one of my favourite discoveries ever. Taken for Tank Magazine, it features a certain Miss Codie Young, an Australian model with quite possibly the best hair I’ve ever seen! When I was in my early teens I was obsessed with having red hair and dyed it constantly. Nowadays I’ve gone the blonde route, as opposed to my natural brunette locks, sob, but I’m now once again longing for flame coloured hair. Okay, new plan. Hair dye, brightly coloured wardrobe (starting with one of these bags!), and rooms lined with AstroTurf carpets. Yep, it’s all achievable – right? Right?!

24th, February, 2013

Every now and then – yep, every so often – you might be lucky enough to discover an editorial that is just so you. You know the type – your aesthetic, your colours.. The kind of editorial where every single page leaves you with thoughts of “I need this outfit! Get into my wardrobe NOW!” Say hello to this pastel perfect shoot entitled ‘Ceci N’est Pas Une Photo’ – which translates into ‘This is not a photo’ (thanks again, high school French!) You might even recognise stylist Layla Sailor (!) from her work with Whitney Eve’s Fall 2012 ‘Bits and Bobs’ collection – not that I did, having never even seen an episode of the Hills, but hey!

The most captivating part of the shoot for me is the pastel ice cream colours. Especially when accompanied by matching pastel bowler hats and paper planes. What bliss! Now I’m somewhat wishing that New Zealand was going into Spring as opposed to Autumn. Maybe I could style the pale shades with something like a Barbour jacket? Hmm, we’ll see! Oh well, at least you Northern Hemisphere residents can enjoy this slice of inspiration!

19th, February, 2013

I’ll be straight up. I hate using the phrase ‘it girl’. Having said that – this girl is most definitely, well, ‘it’! Say hello to Miss Cara Delevingne. You can’t possibly have missed this talented model – she’s done everything from Burberry to Victoria’s Secret. If you think she looks extra familiar – it might be because she started off modelling for asos! (This is actually how I first noticed her. I was so excited when I first saw her in a magazine, there were plenty of cries of – “hey Barnaby, it’s the asos model!”)

Regardless of how you know her, Cara is the one to watch. Take a peek through this beautiful editorial from the February edition of Vogue China. The carefree styling paired with the endless gardens – yep, this is basically my idea of a perfect, well – everything, I suppose! Be prepared to be completely captivated, this is one stunning editorial!