2nd, February, 2016


I’m never exactly sure what is going to spur on my outfit choice of the day (really though, is anyone?) This time around though, my sartorial choices all stemmed from a tiny detail – the original Roller necklace by Pip Jolley. It’s largely due to the bright powder orange; a colour I don’t wear often – or own terribly much of (aside from the obvious orange bag and this dress I’m fairly sure that’s it) – but after getting inspired from Pip’s own outfits on Instagram, I ordered this ’19 SEVENTY’ tee from Glassons immediately.

This colourful backdrop is part of an initiative from the city council to drive more traffic to certain parts of town. The whole area is unmissable thanks to it’s bold colour (trust me, you’ll see it again soon!) and super close to my house too. Oh, and it houses one of the best pizza shops in Wellington. Bright colours and pizza. What’s not to like? Duh, nothing.

NecklacePip Jolley / T-Shirt – Glassons / Skirt – Thrifted / Bag – ASOS (old) / Shoes – Lotta from Stockholm



4th, May, 2014


Visiting the local market has slowly but surely become part of my Sunday routine. I leave the house with my headphones in tow, blasting out my favourite tunes (usually something of the rap variety!) as I head off to pick up some fruit n’ veg. The last few weeks I’ve been eyeing up a flower bouquet for myself – but have always bailed due to low funds or lack of arm space to carry it home. I was slightly late for the market this time, so all that was left was this tiny little bunch. It only cost $2 though – so I’m definitely not complaining!

Really though, who else gets excited about buying flowers? As they slowly begin to wilt, I can think of nothing better by the end of the week! Talk about suspense! Clearly blooms were on the brain, as I matched my dress to my purchase. If you’ve been reading Lost in the Haze for a while now, you might remember that I used to wear white tights often (aka. every single post!) and it’s safe to say the obsession has started again, though I’m in need of another pair as I spilt hot chocolate on my foot shortly after we took these photos. The perils of wearing white, eh!

DressArk / Tights – ASOS / Silver brogues – Le Bunny Bleu / Hat – ASOS (similar here)


10th, March, 2014

Jump From Paper

…Or more specifically, jump from PAPER!

I’ve been well and truly transported into cartoon-land with this amazing (x10000) bag by, you guessed it, Jump From Paper. I’d seen these bags everywhere on the internet, and I seriously just could not understand how they work. 2D but 3D?! Argh, too much for my poor wee head to handle! Thankfully now I actually own one, so I can hold it in my hands, flip it upside down, back-to-front, and look at it really closely – so I’m beginning to make sense of this whole flat-but-3D thing!

Now can I just take a moment to talk about something a little ridiculous. This is the first playsuit that I’ve worn in Wellington. The first. If you’ve been reading this blog a while you know that playsuits are my jam. I just love ’em. And can I just tell you something that makes it even more ridiculous? Wellington is the windiest city in the world. No joke, it really is! D’oh! I’m instantly regretting the last eleven months which have consisted of holding down my dress every single time I leave my house.

First I’ve learned to understand Jump From Paper bags, and now I’ve realised that rompers are a pretty darn good option in windy weather… What can I say, it’s been a revelation-filled week!

BagJump From Paper/ Playsuit – Boohoo / Shoes – Mel by Melissa

Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper

5th, March, 2014


I was recently asked to style a few pieces from the 2014 Spring collection by Pepa Loves. I can’t explain how very happy it makes me – if you’ve been reading the blog a while you’ll know that PL is one of my very favourite labels. Every garment has the cutest little detail – as I’m sure you will see in this post (dachshund print, anyone?!)

We took these photographs outside one of my favourite buildings in Wellington; the Old Bank Arcade. This building is both beautiful and has an incredible story. You can read all about it here – but long story short; in 1997 they discovered that there was an actual ship underneath the building! I’ll have to give you a tour sometime – the basement even has a glass floor.. But for now we chose the building because it reminded me of Madrid; the base of the one and only Pepa Loves shop. When I imagine Madrid I immediately visualize pale yellows and wonderful old buildings. This structure fits the bill quite nicely, I think! Still, I’d like to imagine that I really was in Madrid. Perhaps then I could even visit the Pepa Loves store. A gal can dream, eh!

Top & SkirtPepa Loves / Shoes – Seychelles / Satchel – Velorbis / Ring – Double Dutch Boutique


2nd, February, 2014


Oh sure, you might be getting slightly sick of those “this is what I got for Christmas” type ramblings, but I just can’t help it – I received so many amazing presents this year! I unknowingly fell in love with the UK brand Pop Boutique last year when I was asked to choose something to style by Modcloth. In typical Jo fashion, I opted for this sailor dress in navy blue, which I wore on the blog here. Fast forward to Christmas 2013! I’m unwrapping my presents.. when BAM! This amazing Slam Dunkin’sweater appears in front of me. I noticed immediately that it was Pop Boutique. And so the love affair began…

I’ve been wearing it pretty consistently since Christmas. Sure, it’s summer in New Zealand, but luckily (for me!) it has been freezing lately – making it the ultimate sweater weather (hooray!) I’ve been sticking to mostly red, white, and black shades while wearing this top, as I’m sure you can see here. It may look slightly Christmassy, but hey, Christmas is wonderful, so I have no problem with looking a little festive no matter the time of year!

Slam Dunkin’ Sweater – Pop Boutique / Jeans – Tripp NYC / Blouse – Yumi /

Ballet FlatsCocorose London


12th, January, 2014


…Because it is SO much fun to start the new year off with a bright burst of colour, here you go! Yellow is my favourite colour in the whole world (closely followed by pink!) and genuinely makes me really happy. You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when my parents presented me with this beautiful pastel yellow Instax Mini 8 for Christmas. I’ve been obsessed with Polaroid cameras for years, so am ecstatic to finally have one of my very own. Plus, I am impressed that I had enough willpower to resist choosing pink – I don’t think my guy, Barnaby would have been quite as happy to be carting around a pink camera.

In other news, I hope you all had a terrific new year celebration! Myself and Barnaby had all kinds of wild plans; we wanted to spend our day in the sun drinking cider, slowly getting more and more rosy-cheeked.. Well, that was the plan! Instead, we ended up cosying up at home with mango cider (gotta get that cider in there somewhere), celebrating the midnight countdown with a smooch in a stairwell, and finally, staying up until 3am watching The Office. If you ask me, it sounds like the perfect start to the new year.

Instax Mini 8 – A gift / DressPepa Loves / Shoes – Mimco



25th, November, 2013


I don’t know whether it’s the dark hair, smoky eye make-up, or the leather jacket, but I’m feeling a whooole lot more ‘Jo Jett’ (as opposed to regular ol’ Jo Fletcher!) today. We all know it’s the jacket, right? Much like one of my very favourite bloggers, Carrie, I used to be absolutely besotted with My Chemical Romance (and still am a bit, really!) You never quite know when your emo-esque side is going to make an appearance, and for me all it took was the tiniest bit of leather. Paired with a pinch of bright colour – you know.. let’s not get too emo here! – and the dreamiest gold flats by Seychelles, I’m pretty sure I’ve got this whole ‘rocker’ thing down pat. ; )

Leather JacketMuubaa / Lion Tiop & Seychelles FlatsPBJ Boutique / Shorts – Pepa Loves /

Bag – Mimco


2nd, November, 2013


We woke up early on Sunday morning (6:30am to be precise!) After a quick shower, followed by general mucking-about-and-getting-ready, myself and my boyfriend, Barnaby, felt like it could be the perfect time to snap some ocean-side shots. Naturally, I popped on a nautical themed seagull-print dress. I barely mention it here, but the ocean is my absolute favourite part of living in Wellington. It’s full of sculptures and amazing old cranes – like the one I’m standing next to. The view is amazing, even on gloomy days! It’s the kind of view that New Zealand is famous for, and I love it! I try to spend as much time as possible next to the ocean, I love it so much. It’s the best place to get a gellato too. In fact, I think I might need to nip down to the waterfront right now to get one..!

Dress & belt – Yumi / Shoes – Bait Footwear / Bracelet – Eclectic Eccentricity / Bag – Boohoo


26th, October, 2013


I am so so so excited to share these photos with you! A while ago now, I was contacted by Mimco to be a part of their Sisters Across the Sea campaign. They had selected a group of New Zealand bloggers (myself included!) and asked us to style some of their beautiful jewellery and accessories from the Alchemy Symposium collection. When I visited their local retailer here in Wellington I was honestly so nervous, you wouldn’t believe it. Before leaving the house I even asked my boyfriend, Barnaby if I was looking ‘bloggy’ enough! It turned out to be even more of a wonderful experience than I hoped. The Mimco ladies were so polite; kindly leading me to the shoe department to take a peek around (we would have definitely gotten lost without them!) Immediately, I fell in love with this circular bag. I decided to base the entire outfit around it, so paired it with an oversized polka dot crop and these sparkly earrings. I do hope you enjoy these photos! You can see the entire feature here.

P.s. I’ll be having an enormous (!!) Mimco giveaway very soon, stay tuned!

Jewellery, shoes & accessories – All from Mimco


12th, October, 2013


Is anyone else absolutely baffled that it’s October already?! I can barely believe it! Bring it on, I say. In New Zealand we are at the very beginning of spring. I’m particularly keen on all of the spring showers we’ve been experiencing lately – this year I am feeling extra prepared! It all started about a year ago when I bought this transparent raincoat. My attitude towards rain changed completely. You can style cute outfits even when the weather is rubbish, and people can still see them. Brilliant!

It’s something similar to the love affair I’m having with these cherry pink flats by Sun Jellies. They are the original French jelly mould, which means they were worn by fishermen in the 1940s. I know it sounds terribly sponsor-y, but I genuinely think this is super neat. I love knowing the back stories behind fashion (like for example: did you know that sneakers were first invented 1800?) Well, story or not (even though it’s a good one!) these jellies have been essentials during this rainy weather – they dry faster than you can even imagine. Hooray for embracing the 1990s – err… or the 1940s, I suppose!

Also – yellow is the best colour ever. It puts me in a good mood just looking at it!

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / FlatsSun Jellies / Raincoat – Oasap / Bag – A gift