28th, May, 2013


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26th, December, 2012

It’s almost 2012 – can you believe it! We are super excited for everything that will happen in the new year. There are so many exciting things to come, including more Lost in the Haze original clothing (!!), travel, yummy food, photography tips, video video video, and just our general beautiful adventures! If you would like even the tiniest amount of information on our advertising rates, please browse our advertising page. We host our advertising through Passionfruit Ads, so you can purchase a space directly from here. We offer our advertising for incredibly reasonable rates (of course! It’s only fair!) You also have the option of running a giveaway or sending an item to be styled or reviewed. Please do take a look if you would be interested in working with us in the new year.

30th, May, 2012

Shop, Blog, or Business?  

June is bound to be an exciting month! Here in New Zealand, we are going into the fully fledged winter months; meaning warm coats, coloured tights, and berets galore! It’s already snowed once in the north island, so hopefully the south island will follow soon. We have exciting travel plans lined up for this month – which I absolutely cannot wait to share with you! We also have many more upcoming DIY natural beauty  posts – with plenty of tips and tricks for perfect skin! If you’re keen to jump aboard sponsorship, please do email us for ad sizes and rates!

25th, April, 2012

Shop, Blog, or Business? 

It is May! I’m actually really excited about this month. It will be the first time ever (!) that I’m not a student. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead – and that includes both the blog and the vintage shop too! Many exciting things are to come; and I will be able to share more information in the coming month! This means it is the right time to sponsor the blog! Advertising can be the perfect exposure for your business, shop, or blog. We offer monthly rates for ads, and have sizes available on this page. For information on prices, please email us!

23rd, March, 2012

April – My Favourite!

Hooray, it’s April; one of the best months! I have so many exciting things lined up for April; my birthday, graduation, DIY galore, and lots of other secrets and surprises! It is also Autumn in New Zealand, which definitely makes for beautiful photographs! Now is the perfect time to get that extra bit of exposure through sponsoring Lost in the Haze. We offer monthly rates for our advertising; so be sure to email us for more details! We also have sizing information available over at the advertising page. Can’t wait to hear from you!

11th, March, 2012

I Hope You’re Feeling Lucky!

Now, I’m sure you remember my Emilie Thomas fox ring from a while back? It was sent to me via Boticca – and now they’re giving you the chance to win something for yourself! Boticca has such quirky and incredible jewellery – you can see some of my favourites above! Today, Boticca is giving away a $100 voucher through Lost in the Haze – I am so very excited to be a part of it!

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This giveaway is open internationally.

The giveaway is closed! Congratulations to Hannah!

20th, February, 2012

It’s That Time Again!

Isn’t it crazy how fast March has crept up! At Lost in the Haze, we are now looking for March sponsors! Sponsorship is the perfect exposure for your business, shop, or blog! If you think that our readers would love to see your work, please do send us an email! Sizing details are available over at our advertising page, and as for prices and inquiries; don’t hesitate to get in touch!

9th, February, 2012

Introducing The Ring of my Dreams!

I’m seeing red today – in a good way of course! Perhaps it’s the ever-looming St Valentines approaching, but I can’t seem to get enough of scarlet shades. This love isn’t just limited to clothing either, and has bubbled over into my jewellery selection too. The wonderful folks at Boticca recently sent me a fox ring – perfect for my new obsession! Though the ring isn’t strictly red, the breed of fox is; and that counts for something! Designer Emilie Thomas captured the whimsical expression so perfectly, and I feel complete happiness when I look at my hand and see my new foxy friend looking back at me! I am a huge fan of foxes; if you hadn’t noticed from the header (!) so I truly couldn’t ask for a prettier piece of jewelry!

We spent the day running errands and visiting pretty gardens. I’m delving back into the world of full-time employment next week, so am certainly making the most of my final days of freedom! I’m slightly fascinated by almost all forms of creepy crawlies, so Barnaby and I actually spent our afternoon taking photographs of bees! They were flying from flower to flower, and looking so intent on their duties; Barnaby captured it so perfectly. Meanwhile, I frolicked through the garden, wearing a vintage wine red dress and bowler, Foot Traffic tights, and of course; the beautiful Boticca ring!

4th, February, 2012

Feeling like an Audrey Grace Girl!

I have been a long-term fan of Wayward Daughter – both of Cait’s blog, and her gorgeous creations too. So when I was contacted by the ever-wonderful Jaclyn of Audrey Grace Boutique to see if I’d like to wear any of her incredible garments – I knew exactly what to pick! Along with the marvellous collared Edith dress, Jaclyn also sent along the Audrey Grace lookbook; what a treat! I’ve spent countless summer hours gazing at the beautiful illustrations, and literally wishing I could own every single piece! I especially adore all of the pieces custom-made for Jaclyn’s boutique; what beauties!

When the dress arrived on my doorstep, Barnaby and I knew exactly where we wanted to photograph it! We wandered into a cluster of overgrown grass, alongside one of the curviest points of the river. While snapping away, I was continuously humming ‘Magdalena’ by Brandon Flowers. It is one of my favourite songs ever, and even a quick glance at Edith’s tag had the line ‘prodigal sons and wayward daughters‘ on repeat in my head! I also brought along our vintage Halina, which I typically refer to as the ‘look down’ camera – if you can’t tell, Barney is the camera pro – I’m not so much! Here’s hoping for a successful round of film photographs – perhaps now I’ll finally learn to wind properly!

23rd, January, 2012

The Perfect Exposure..

Lost in the Haze is now accepting sponsors for the month of February! Sponsorship is the ideal exposure for your small business, shop, or blog! If you have a little slice of the internet that you think Lost in the Haze readers should know about – please contact us! Sizing details are over at the advertising page, and for prices or general queries; please get in touch!