21st, September, 2016


It’s never been much of a secret that I am BONKERS for anything even remotely nautical! I fell in love with the Helm necklace by New Zealand based jewellery designer Black Matter (hooray for locally made!) I still can’t get over the intricate detail, not to mention just how well made it is in general – the weight alone is something to be impressed by!

We simply had to shoot these photos on my favourite duvet cover – which seems awfully appropriate, don’t you think? I got dolled up in an oldie but a goodie; this anchor print little number by Unique Vintage. Everything just went so well together – largely due to the fact that almost everything I own is sailor-like in some way. Either way, I am over the moon with this necklace. It’s gonna be hangin’ around for years to come, I just know it!

Ps. If you’re a sailor gal like me and looking to see more of the collection (just kidding, I know you totally are!) I’ve included some of my favourite pieces at the bottom of this post! ..and surprise, surprise, they’re all from the nautical collection. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming!)


13th, May, 2015


Oh my gosh, you guys! I had the best weekend! After waking up feeling restless (and with a strong craving for hot chips) me and my guy, Barnaby went on a spontaneous date and embarked on a 45 minute bus ride down to the seaside suburb of Seatoun.

With my (obsessive) love of all things sailory, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear my anchor print dress by Larmoni, in my favourite colour, naturally. It was one of those meant-to-be moments when I stumbled upon my matching anchor bow-tie by Ladybird Likes. It was all topped off by these minty green eco sandals by Alohas.

Now let me just say, the long journey was well worth it. We indulged in a scoop of good ol’ hot chips alongside haloumi and hash brown burgers – there’s not much better!

Cat Bag – Pepa Loves/ Anchor DressLarmoni / Miu Miu Glasses – Pretavoir / Bow Tie – Ladybird Likes / ShoesAlohas 




13th, January, 2015


First off: I am SO sorry for getting the car wash (“oh oh, yeah yeah”) song in your head. If it’s any condolences, it’s in mine too. Though I may or may not be secretly enjoying it… Enough of that though! I couldn’t help but stop at this ol’ wash n’ wax  – especially as the oversized bubbled perfectly complimented my whale print dress.

Whale. Print. You heard me! I think this dress is everything I’ve ever needed and more. One of my very favourite things is looking down and seeing cute critters on my clothing – and sea creatures only make it better (I am a total sailor gal at heart!) So if there’s one thing you can take away from this post, it’s that whales are cool. Because, whales.

Ps. In exciting news: I’ve completed my first goal and booked an overseas holiday! See you in a few months, Americuhh! I am beyond excited – and if I even remotely begin to think about it at night-time, I can’t sleep! 

DressLarmoni / Shoes – Mel by Melissa (similar here) / Orange BagASOS


28th, October, 2014


A while ago now, I decided that I wanted something really big for my 25th birthday – that something being my thigh tattoo. You wouldn’t believe how many questions I’m asked about my tattoo. From “can I touch it?” (yes, really!) to  the design process, and of course the one I hear most of all (even from strangers!) “are you going to colour it?” I thought I’d share a bit about why I chose this for my tattoo, and how I got it from an idea in my head to a decoration on my body.


The idea:

For as long as I’ve known, I have been sailor obsessed. I own an insane amount of sailor themed clothing – I just love it! I always knew that I wanted my first ‘big’ tattoo to have a sailor theme too.

My boyfriend, Barnaby and I sat down and talked about sailors. We made a massive list of everything even remotely sailory; rope, anchors, ships, treasure, tattoos.. you name it – we had it! Eventually, after a couple of ciders and a whole lot of Googling, we started talking about sailor tales. I love the story of mermaids luring sailors in with their voices, so decided to base it off that. So basically, my design just plain comes down to the fact that I really like sailors!


The design process:

I sketched out so many ideas. I was looking on Pinterest constantly, both for tattoos and poses, to brainstorm exactly what I wanted. When I had decided that I wanted a sailor and a mermaid, that’s when things started to come together. I sketched up a draft of how I roughly wanted it to look, and as you can see that it’s very close to the final design.


Finding the artist:

This was the bit I found really hard! Finding the person to bring it all to life is really tricky, man. I Googled like mad and couldn’t find anything.. I went on Pinterest, but nope, nothing.. Eventually I started looking through hashtags on Instagram. I found a tattoo artist from London, James Moule, and I loved the way he drew faces. We messaged, worked things out, and after a bit of backwards and forwards correspondence – I had my design. He even posted the original paper design over for me – how neat is that!

Next we had to find the tattoo artist to do the actual tattooing. I went to four different parlours before I found the one I was happy with. My requirements were making sure the artist’s line work looked clean (as I wasn’t getting it coloured) the shop was clean, and the price wasn’t too insane. I ended up going with the very talented Joe Chin from Ninjaflower. Call me a nerd, but it was pretty neat being a Jo getting tattooed by a Joe!

Update: I’ve had a few questions regarding whether what I did was normal for a tattoo process. Here’s your answer: nope! Usually you bring your idea to the tattoo artist and they take you through the entire process of designing as well as tattooing. I completely respect this and WISH I had as much talent to do the same – you guys are amazing! The thing is though, I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it to look, and couldn’t find any local artists to create that vision. So you definitely can go straight to the artist, in fact it’s 99% more normal than how I did it. Hopefully that clears things up a bit more!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Did it hurt?

Yes, it really, really did! This was the most painful by far out of my three tattoos, especially the closer to the inner thigh. The picture on the left was (obviously!) during the tattoo process. On the right was a few hours after it was all finished – isn’t it swollen!

Are you going to colour it?

At this point, no. I was never sure whether I wanted colour or not, but now I love the simple outlined look.

How long did the tattooing process take, and how long did it take to heal?

My tattoo took about three hours, from start to finish. It took about three weeks to heal completely. After a couple of days it scabbed (sorry if you’re eating!) then slowly started to flake away, leaving the finished picture behind.


13th, October, 2014


It only takes a quick glance at my Instagram feed to see that I’m pretty freakin’ obsessed with flowers. Sure, I might not know terribly much about them, but I can certainly appreciate a pretty thing or two (or in this case, thousand or two!) Every year the Wellington Botanic gardens puts on a spring Tulip festival. I drive (aka. bus) past every day on my way to work, so have been keeping a close eye on their blooming schedule to make sure I visited at the peak time…

What I didn’t think about was that everyone in Wellington would be doing the same thing!

Something they don’t tell you about being a blogger is that you’ve got to be brave around other people! I twirled around and sat beside the tulips, ducking the crowds the best I could. The funniest point was when I bumped into a little boy from my work (I’m an early childhood teacher, by the way!) and he got so shy he wouldn’t even talk to me! Though I’m sure I’m a bit more intimidating with my thigh tattoo on display and giant hair, especially if you’re only two years old! Eep! I wore my favourite piece of clothing, this pink (!!) sailor romper by ASOS. It’s massively on sale at the moment, and was far too hard for me to resist – you know I love my sailor clothing!

Pink Sailor RomperASOS / Star BagChicwish / Sunglasses – Vintage / ShoesChicwish


25th, February, 2013

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and just have a little bit of breathing room. I think it’s a genuine necessity to have a special place to relax and drift away. You know; just allowing your thoughts to blissfully float away and do whatever they please. The really tricky part is being able to capture the really good ones…

Welcome to my favourite spot – the ‘secret park’ as I lovingly call it. This is where I go to relax, be calm, and most importantly – let my thoughts wander. Luckily, this time I was perfectly prepared to harness my thoughts by bringing along a collection of anchors – via my outfit… It may have also helped that I brought along a notebook! The dress (c/o Pepa Loves) is one that I am still obsessing over, weeks after it’s arrival. Sailor style is my favourite ever, and I was so in love with the anchor print that I ordered a pair of trousers in the same fabric. My outfit still didn’t feel like it had quite enough anchors so I paired it with the tote bag that you can learn to make here. Goodness, I’m surprised I wasn’t anchored down too, carrying all that lot around!

21st, January, 2013

Oh summer days! You are really winning me over at the moment. As much as I love snow, and I am honestly feeling terribly envious all of you in the Northern hemisphere (!) I am a sunshine girl through and through! Even when it was absolutely roasting, and we had an hour long walk ahead of us (the downside to having a grumpy car..!) I lathered myself in sunblock and headed out the door, a smile on my face. Heidi braids have honestly been my saviour this summer. Yep, a nice cold ice-cream and my hair in Heidi braids. That’s my recipe for a good summer.

I headed out in this sweet little outfit. You must know by now that I love sailor style! I wear it whenever I can. Trust me, when I’m out thrifting and spot a sailor collar in amongst the clothing racks, I know it’s going to be a good day. On my collar I wore a gold Variety Club brooch that I thought was quite sweet. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, eh! The shorts were a wonderful treat sent by the super cute label, Pepa Loves. That bow! That hemline! Ahh, bliss. I topped it all off with a pair of gold Ray Ban Sunglasses courtesy of SunglassesShop.

Now, confession time! I might sound all calm and composed, but really the heat did get to me. Halfway through our walk, I  suddenly plonked myself down on the sidewalk for a bit of rest. I love the heat, but sometimes it’s a little hot to handle! Phew!

8th, October, 2012

Under the Sea! 

I adore sailor clothing. It’s something I’ve always loved, and over the years I’ve managed to build up quite a collection. During winter I usually put my sailor dresses aside in favour warmer layers, but when spring rolls around they’re back to being wardrobe staples. A couple of weekends ago I bought a beautiful vintage sailor collar dress, and it’s rekindled my love for sure! I’ve been feeling nautical all week long, and have been wearing plenty of stripes and navy blue; the absolute essentials! For this must-have Monday, I couldn’t help but choose some of my favourite online sailor finds. Perhaps it’s just due to being from New Zealand, and wanting to support other kiwis – but I adore the Karen Walker octopus tshirt! How cute is that little face?! I simply couldn’t resist drawing a few other sea creatures to keep it company!

1. Cute Clipper Dress

2. Karen Walker Sailor Stripe Octopus Tee

3. Run the Showboat Dress

4. Cast A-line Dress

5. Sail into Splendor Top

6. Coach Tour Dress in Azure

6th, September, 2012

Sailing Paper Ships in the River! 

Today felt extra special. It’s quite standard practice for me to dress like a sailor (I just love it so much!) but today felt different – I just knew it in my bones! As soon as I slipped into my sailor dress and illustrated tights (both courtesy of Modcloth), the idea suddenly struck! A newspaper boat! It was one of my favourite hobbies when I was little. We had several storm drains where I grew up, and myself and friends would love to create vessels from magazines, paper, anything we could, just to make them to race! Nothing has changed at all – today we had the best time taking our paper ship for ride in the river. I’m not sure the duck was as impressed (though it was rather curious!) but luckily we did retrieve our boat afterwards. It was probably the best way to spend a morning – all my childhood memories and feelings came flooding back – it was wonderful. You should definitely try it when you have free time (and newspaper!) – plus, it doubles as a hat – though preferably before it’s river jaunt!

15th, January, 2012

Hello, Summer!

I’d like to introduce you to my new favourite top! I thrifted this nautical wonder on my most recent vintage spree. I am a sucker for most collars; with sailor being my absolute favourite! It’s extra cheesy too – and has ‘waterfront’ written across both arms. I’m wondering whether it’s actually a pool employee top, but either way I’m not bothered! For today’s jaunt, I paired it with red lipstick, my signature bowler hat, tassel loafers, and a vintage button-down skirt. We ventured across a narrow bridge and onto the park, as it felt time for another film photography adventure! I spent most of my time looking through the Holga (I don’t even take the lens cap off mostly – I just loving seeing how things look through it!)

The weather in Christchurch city has recently become incredible! I’m sure you know by now that I am completely useless with the cold, and resort to wearing tights in most weather – but not anymore! The sun has come out, and I’m excited. I’m looking forward to more outdoor adventures, and making the most of the summertime flowers. Bliss!