26th, February, 2013


Meet Kaylah. This vibrant-haired Ohio native is the talented lady behind one of my favourite blogs, The Dainty Squid. Whether you’re a cat lady, mushroom obsessive, or a sucker for all things colourful – this is the blog you need to visit! Kaylah is the most impressive collector (of anything!) that I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s her beach glass, vintage clothing, or even her prize collection – the teeth! – everything is immaculately presented, just for us to peek at. And if that’s not enough to fall in love with – how about Kaylah’s four kitty cats; Squid, Professor Stingray, Doctor Octopus, and Leafy Sea Dragon. Not to mention that she’s proven her feline dedication by tattooing ‘cat lady’ across her knuckles. Um, coolest girl ever? Yep, I think so too! So what’s not to adore? Read on to learn even more about the always wonderful Kaylah!

Let’s start by talking about your infamous tooth collection! Where did your love for all things denture related begin?

I’ve always thought teeth were neat, because I mean c’mon, the whole human body is amazing. But I started my collection sometime around April of 2011. It was my first estate sale, a few blocks away from my house. I finished shopping in the house and checked out. Afterwards I went out into the garage and found them – a pair of dentures. The “these are awesome” factor overruled my “wow, that’s gross” reaction and I had to have them. 50 cents later they were mine and my obsession only grew from there.

You have a seriously impressive collection of.. err, well, actually you have SO many impressive collections that I don’t quite know where to start! As a dedicated collector, can yuo give us an insight into any brilliant display or storage tips?

Oh goodness, my ability to display and store things neatly and in an attractive manner is something I don’t even know how to explain. It just happens. It’s a magic ability I’m super stoked to have but really have no idea where it came from.

You’re very open about how you can quite literally become terrified over leaving the house. Are there any specific techniques or coping mechanisms that help to get you through those difficult days?

I’ve just recently realized that pushing myself on those days is really the best thing for me. Days I’m feeling really shy or anxious about going outside I force myself to  take a quick bike ride around the block. It’s difficult at first but the way I feel afterwards is so worth it. I’ve come to a point where I’m tired or wasting my life worrying about really silly things.

I love blogger friendships – and you are Elycia have one of the best of all! How did the two of you meeting and become friends?

Elycia and I met through our blogs. We both were just commenting on each other’s blog and eventually started emailing each other. One day she was like “Hey, I only live like three and a half hours away, wanna hang out?” and the rest is history. We really hit it off our first time hanging out (we went to an indoor water park, it was great!) and each time we’ve gotten together since we’ve grown closer and closer. I’m so very thankful to have found her, it was definitely one of the best things to come from my blog.

You have some of the most amazing hair I’ve seen (and you always do too!) As a self-confessed shy person, is it ever difficult to deal with the level of attention that it brings?

Thank you! I absolutely have a hard time dealing with the attention my hair brings. I’ve often said “I wish my hair was only blue to me and everyone else saw it as brown!” It can be really embarrassing when you’re just minding your own business shopping and someone across the store yells something about your hair. I guess it doesn’t bother me too much though. I’ve been dying my hair fun colors for five years straight now and I don’t think I’ll be heading back to any “normal” colors soon!

It’s no secret that you love cats – even using your spare time to look after a bunch of stray feline visitors that frequent your back yard. Do you have any favourites that you get especially excited about seeing?

I maybe feel a little guilty admitting favorites, even when it comes to the strays but there is one that I just love to pieces. Lloyd, he’s a black and white cat who has been coming around for a little over a year. He’s literally the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. He loves to be pet and when it’s sunny out he’ll often spend the whole day napping on my back deck. I love that kitty.

6th, February, 2013

Meet Ashley of Fancy Fine! Ashley is one over-the-top, loud, eccentric character – and one of my favourite ever bloggers! Seriously, this lady couldn’t possibly be more charming. Oh, and did I mention successful too? Ashley has recently made a massive move – shifting her entire life from San Francisco all the way to Philadelphia, after scoring a job at the highly-enviable fashion giant Anthropologie. If that’s not enough to make you read about this truly wonderful lady, how about the fact that she has probably the most AMAZING collection of vintage you’ve ever seen. Yes, seriously. To find out more about Ashley, just keep on a-readin’…!

Let’s start with your larger-than-life personality! Between your on-the-spot dancing and face-pulling, you are clearly not afraid to be yourself (which is the best!) Have you always been so kooky, or has it happened more as you’ve gotten older?  

Oh, I’ve always been a kook! It used to be the reason I was teased on the playground, but fortunately I never let go of it because in many ways it has shaped my world. I think growing older means growing more comfortable with myself at every stage, embracing all the silly bits. I’ve never been on to take myself to seriously, what’s the fun in that?

You’ve gone from a vintage seller on Etsy, to now working for the ever-incredible Anthropologie. What are some of the biggest changes in your life, and how are you dealing with the big adventure?

Moving across the country all by myself, to a city I’d never visited before, was an adventurous thing to do. I was given the opportunity to work for a dream brand, Anthropologie, and there was no choice but to pack up all my dresses and start a new chapter. It was heartbreaking to leave Northern California behind, especially my family and friends. But I came to Philadelphia for an excellent reason and I’ve made so many lovely new friends and discovered some incredible places I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I’m still adjusting to being in a corporate world with 9 to 5 hours, but it helps that I’m surrounded by creative, inspiring folks who also love fashion.

You have an uncanny knack for thrift some seriously incredible vintage pieces! Do you have any tips you would consider essentials for vintage-hunting?

Why thank you! I think my favorite ‘tip’ is to buy whatever you fall in love with, regardless of whether or not you have someplace special to wear it or think you can pull it off. I think once you become comfortable dressing to make only yourself happy then you’ve got something. Also, making time to do some serious scavenging is how you find the treasures. Go to flea markets, thrift stores, antique malls, estate sales, everywhere. And buy a whole lot of Woolite to soak everything in, you will break your dry cleaner’s heart but save yourself a few doll hairs!

Recently you made the big move from San Francisco to Philadelphia. What have been some of your favourite parts about a big ol’ city swap?

My favorite part is having an entirely new city to explore! I had never visited Philadelphia before moving my life out here (aside from a 48 hour jaunt that was filled with interviews) so I was eager to find the best spots. I’ve definitely eaten my way through a good portion of Philly at this point, and my verdict is that the food here is delicious, especially the burgers. I also love being an East Coast Girl now because I’m closer to all my lady loves in New York!

..And of course, moving cities also means moving into a sweet new abode! Are you enjoying your new place, and how do you go about making it feel more ‘you’?

I really lucked out with my apartment, it’s in a really old building and has all the charming elements I’m drawn to: super high ceilings, built-in bookshelves, hardwood floors. I have filled it up, of course, with my crazy vintage collection, and I’ve acquired quite a bit of new furniture now that my space has doubled. I approach decorating the same way I approach dressing, which means I have fun with both and try to keep things silly and light but also romantic and personal. Oh, and there’s a giant framed photograph of Gene Wilder involved.

I love seeing glimpses of your cheeky little kitty cat, Donut. Is she every bit as mischievous as she looks?

She is as cheeky as they come! She is currently curled up next to me sleeping and making tiny snoring noises. She has her mischievous moments but she is actually a really cool cat. She wears that perpetually sassy look on her face but she’s just a cuddly sweetheart that follows me around like a lap dog. She even waits for me at door when I get home from work because she can hear me clomping up the stairs.

I always think of you as ‘the pro’ when it comes to layers of lace. Could you share some of your biggest tips for layering up with textures and floaty fabrics?

Well, that’s quite a compliment! I think Layers of Lace should be the title of my memoir, eh? I usually throw together my layering in a haphazardly intuitive way, leaving myself only a few minutes to get dressed before dashing out the door. Maybe this forces me to be creative and not so painfully particular. Usually I’m mindful of proportions when the fabrics are floaty and layers are involved, sticking with shorter shapes for balance. And when mixing laces together I love when they are different types and colors, for instance a pale mauve pencil skirt in a more structured lace paired with a soft ruffled white lace blouse. Just try everything and see what sticks!

Lastly – what’s next for Fancy Fine?

Fancy Fine will be around for a long time, I hope! Things have been a bit slower on the blogging front these days due to my newly packed schedule, but I’m hoping to change that soon and devote more time on the weekends to keeping things updated. I’m feeling constantly inspired by my new surroundings and I want to share all of it with my readers, especially all the amazing bits and pieces I have found during my vintage hunts. So stick around, there are lovely things planned!

29th, January, 2013

Say a great big hello to Jazmine Rocks (yes, that is her real name – how amazing is that?!) of the simply brilliant London-based blog, Jazzabelle’s Diary. Jazz is one talented lady, who splits her time between blogging, styling, and being an ambassador for the world-famous Victoria and Albert Museum. Oh, and did I mention the odd modelling stint too? Well, let’s be honest, with pins like that there is no way that Jazz couldn’t be modelling! Besides starring in a campaign for top UK shop, Miss Selfridge, Jazmine can also be seen in the pages of magazines such as Company, ASOS, and Bertie Shoes. Not bad for a girl who is only 20-years-old, eh! Read on to learn more about this talented fashion blogger, including more about her signature style, and must-visit places in London!

One of the most striking aspects of Jazzabelle’s Diary (besides your lovely self, of course) is your ability to wear all-black outfits, which make your silhouette look seriously amazing! You’ve said yourself that Audrey Hepburn is one of your fashion icons, but who else influences your unique style?

Thank-you! I do really adore wearing all black outfits, there’s just something so simple and classic about them. It’s always so lovely to mix different fabrics and textures when wearing all black, though over the last few months I have started to introduce a few more colours and patterns into my wardrobe. Audrey is such a big style icon of mine, I just adore how she dressed to suit her slim figure with simple outfits, skirts nipped in at the waist and of course her little black dresses! The model Freja Beha is another inspiration of mine. Her style is so effortless and androgynous, but it has a slight feminine touch too. People occasionally say to me that I remind them of Audrey and look slightly like Freja, which are two of the best compliments I could possibly receive!

You’ve always been very upfront about being bullied in the past and how this has affected your confidence. Has blogging helped you to break out of your shell and prove that your bullies were just that – bullies! 

Yes, blogging has definitely helped me to gain a little more much needed confidence. Thanks to the wonderful comments and emails I receive from readers, I have started to feel more confident in myself, knowing that others like me just for who I am. I experienced an awful lot of bullying (mainly to do with my looks and weight) from the age of ten until nineteen, and because of that I do now lack an awful lot of self esteem and suffer with body image issues. I’ve always been determined to achieve something in my life to prove those bullies wrong, and I’m so proud of how far I have come. I’ve been featured in numerous magazines and websites over the years, have even done a spot of modelling and have made the most wonderful friends since I started Jazzabelle’s Diary. I’d just love to see what the people who bullied me are doing with their lives now, and I hope one day they see me and regret every word they said. But at the end of the day, the past has made me who I am today, so I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Being very close with my own family, I simply love how involved your mum, Barrina, is with Jazzabelle’s Diary. What is the best thing about working together, and do you ever help with her blog too? 

The best thing about working with my mum is that it means I get to spend even more time with her! We have such a close relationship with each other, we are more like sisters or friends than mother and daughter, so it’s always lovely to be in her company. I can be rather fussy with the style of my outfit photographs as I always have a specific idea in my head, along with the fact that I’m very critical with how I look in pictures, so I honestly can’t thank her enough for spending so much time on taking my blog photographs. My mum has a little craft and lifestyle blog, so I sometimes help her with ideas for posts and tips on photography, but she has her own ideas and style, so I don’t get too involved with it unless she needs my help.

I love reading all about your adventures at the world-famous Victoria and Albert museum. What has been your absolute favourite part (so far!) about being an official ambassador? 

My favourite thing about being part of the young people’s collective at the V&A is just being able to work so closely with museum professionals and to actually have a say with what happens within the museum. I’ve also met some lovely, creative people since I joined and it’s always so fun to spend time together at the meetings and events we organize. Last year we curated a Fashion Festival which was such a success and at the moment we are planning another few events for the year ahead. A stand out moment of mine was attending a youth conference in India as an ambassador for London and the V&A, as it was such an amazing experience! I honestly can’t express what a beautiful place the Victoria and Albert Museum is, I definitely recommend visiting if you haven’t already.

You visit so many beautiful spots in London – Battersea park for squirrel-feeding sessions, London bridge for the most breathtaking views of the Thames.. Do you have any other special places that you’d consider sightseeing essentials for anyone visiting? 

Thank-you! I have to say that I tend to stick to visiting the same places in London, so my sightseeing recommendations are quite limited! I’m a little biased as I live in Battersea, but the park is ever so beautiful and there are some amazing charity shops and local cafes, so I would definitely recommend a trip to that part of town. Kensington and Knightsbridge are two of my other favourite places, as the Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrods are located there, plus Southbank is a pretty place to walk along the Thames.

Gosh, you have had a bunch of seriously exciting opportunities from your blog! Are there any that stand out in particular for you? 

Oh, I have had so many stand out opportunities that I don’t think I can pinpoint one or two! First of all I’m so thankful for all of the amazing blogger friends I’ve made – it’s definitely the best thing to have come from starting my blog. Last year I modelled for Miss Selfridge’s Project #3 collection which was an amazing experience as it was one of the best shoots I’ve ever had – I’ve never felt so pretty. I’ve also been featured in a quite a few magazines over the last year, with one of my favourites being a photo shoot I had with my beautiful mum and grandma for Company Magazine, showcasing how different generations style up the same item of clothing. It’s not an opportunity, but just receiving so many lovely comments and being told that with my honesty and style I have inspired others means ever so much to me. Sometimes I just can’t believe how my life has changed since I decided to write my first post all the way back in March 2010. I know I’m rambling a little here, but I don’t even want to think what my life would have been like if I didn’t start my little blog!

And of course – what’s next for Jazzabelle’s Diary in 2013? 

I’m not completely sure what’s next for me and Jazzabelle’s Diary this year, but I promise there will be plenty more outfits, some pretty locations (hopefully some a little further afield than London!), and just more details about my daily life. I hope everyone will continue to read!

22nd, January, 2013

If you’re a bit obsessive when it comes to reading blogs (go on – I am, I’ll admit it!) then of course you know the following blogger..! Allow me to introduce you to a lovely lady who, well, really needs no introduction! Say a big ol’ hello to Tieka of Selective Potential. Tieka is one inspiring woman – an explorer, graphic designer, and expert blogger. She even finds time to squeeze in the odd fashion campaign (hellooo, Forever 21 digital billboard in Time Square). She really is a time manager extraordinaire – and oh-so sweet and charming while doing so. Tieka resides in her beautiful state of Michigan with her partner, Eric, and their sweet pooch, Winny. Read on to find out more about what makes Miss Tieka tick! 

Tieka, you are one talented multi-tasker! You’re a graphic designer by day, blogger by night. Do you have any tips on time management for those of us that aren’t quite so gifted?

First, thank you! Working full-time and blogging (almost full-time!) can be really stressful sometimes. But honestly, I love what I do too much at both to give up either of them. I’m at my job 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. So that leaves blogging time for week-nights and weekends. A big help to me is planning my content schedule ahead of time. Whenever I have time to think up new ideas, or research areas to visit, I put it down in my content schedule. Like for example, right now, I have posts planned all the way through the middle of March! It saves time when trying to come up with new ideas, and then I can spend my weekends knocking out photo shoots and spend my week-nights editing photos, writing and queueing up posts! OF course, I want to have a social life too… so I try to commit times. I try to avoid my blog on the weekends, unless I’m taking photos. Sunday nights seem to be my prime time for editing photos. And then usually from 10-11pm on week-nights, I’m writing and publishing my posts! Even with working full-time and blogging, I somehow manage to have friends, spend an hour at the gym 4x a week, cook dinners, take Winny for walks, keep a clean house and get cuddle time with Eric before bed! I’m definitely not perfect, but planning ahead is honestly my biggest lifesaver. 

You’ve attended so many incredible blogger events – and even spoken at some of them too! Do you ever get nervous – and how do you deal with it?

I’ve been so lucky and fortunate to attend some amazing events as a blogger. I absolutely get nervous. I get nervous to attend events, let alone speak at them! When I was giving a panel discussion at last spring’s TxSC, I had to constantly remind myself that they asked you. I had to tell myself that I do have knowledge about the topic I’m speaking about, they are trusting me to talk, so just be myself. Honestly, I talk myself through a lotof things. It really helps. Haha! I’m the crazy blogger walking around outside talking to herself. No, but really. Planning ahead also helps with nervousness. I made notes of what to talk about, practised at home, talked to fellow bloggers to hear what they might be interested in, that sort of thing. Being prepared is your best weapon against nervousness.

It’s always wonderful to be able to work alongside your partner, and Eric is clearly a massive part of Selective Potential! What is the best bit about getting to work with your favourite guy? 

Aww, I’m such a lucky gal to have Eric in my life. Obviously Selective Potential is a huge reflection of my life, not just my personal style. So it’s only natural that my readers see him popping up here and there. Honestly, he’s a huge help with blog. He takes all of my photos and has a HUGE opinion, which I don’t always agree with, but always appreciate. He loves fashion and style as much (if not more!) than I do, so it’s awesome to have him give advice on what he thinks looks good. He’s an amazing photographer, willing to travel anywhere with me and is constantly reading and proofreading my posts (even when I don’t ask him to!). I think it’s so cute when I find him in bed, on the iPad, reading my blog. He’s an amazing guy who really cares about my passion.

The two of you have also just moved into a sweet new abode! What has been your absolute favourite part about the decorating process?

My favorite part, in Eric’s words, are, “We are making it our own.” It’s what I love most about decorating! Of course it can be expensive, and time-consuming, and nothing is ever as perfect as what you see on Pinterest, but it’s ours. And that’s what makes it truly special. We’ve worked on it together, both put our style and opinions into it, so it’s not mine, it’s not his, it’s ours. It’s our shared space to spend together constantly, and I love that.

Your massive weight loss (over 30 pounds!) is such an inspirational story. What were some of the biggest challenges in your journey, and how were you able to keep moving forward?

Losing an incredible amount of weight like that is so hard. I can’t even really describe it. It takes a serious change of heart, and a huge lifestyle change. My biggest challenge with losing weight is the amount of patience it requires. I’m a very impatient person, and when losing weight, you just have to force yourself to be. You have to stick it out until you accomplish your goal. And trust me, that can take months… or years! It’s a dedication you have to instil in yourself, and remember that by losing 1-2 pounds a week, you’re doing amazing. It’s hard though. I am constantly thinking to myself… I want to be my goal weight now and I’m so unhappy that I’m not there yet. But it’s a process. And once you do get to your goal, you are so proud of yourself for sticking with it. It’s a feeling I cannot explain, but it’s just pure happiness. I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin everyday, and proud of myself for knowing I’m eating healthier and exercising more. Every day counts is my huge motto. I remind myself that every day counts, every day. Because it truly does!

Blogging can bring some incredible experiences – and you’ve had a whole bunch! What are some that you would consider completely mind-blowingly amazing?

I’ve had so many opportunities that I honestly tear up at how blessed I’ve been. I’m seriously a small-town gal from Michigan, that’s all! But my favourite experiences so far have been a paid-trip to fashion week and a complete outfit and styling session with Juicy Couture. I remember standing in front of their full-length mirrors thinking “I’m living in a movie right now!” Travelling to San Francisco to work with Adobe was insane, I remember jumping up and down on the bed in my hotel room, looking out at the bay, screaming! Last October, I had the opportunity to fly to Houston to collaborate with Francesca’s Collections on a photo shoot, which was so much fun. Seeing my face on their homepage was so surreal. I also loved travelling to Texas last spring to speak, thanks to Modcloth. And the relationships and friends blogging has brought me have been so amazing. I never take any of this for granted. Ever!

You go on so many sightseeing adventures around your home state, Michigan. I particularly loved your lighthouse series (♥) – are there any others that stand out in particular for you?

Lighthouses are, by far, my favorite thing to explore in Micigan. Michigan is just an amazing state altogether. Honestly, when I was in high school, I thought I hated it here and couldn’t wait to get out. But by exploring and going on adventures, I’ve fallen head over heels in love and can’t ever imagine leaving. This state just suits me and my personality so perfectly. Lighthouses, the Great Lakes, the beaches, caves, waterfalls, corny tourist spots, camping, the most beautiful seasons (our autumns?! ah, the best!). This state is big enough to continue exploring my entire life and I still wont see it all, yet small enough for every part of the state to feel like home.

And finally – what’s next for Selective Potential in 2013?

I’m hoping to just keep on keeping on! My goal this year is to get back to my “roots”. I have several fun day and weekend-trips planned that will provide some really fun blog posts! (Yes, I’ve already pretty much planned July’s posts, eep!) but most of my favorite opportunities from Selective Potential have been a surprise… so I’m just going to stay open minded and hope for the best! Who doesn’t love a good surprise? ; )

15th, January, 2013

I am so delighted to introduce the lovely Olivia Purvis of the ever-wonderful blog, What Olivia Did. Liv is a fashion-focused blogger with a love for yummy food, good tunes, and always looking effortlessly stylish. She is a familiar blogger face in her current home of London – having starred in a campaign for fashion store Mod Dolly, and nabbing not one – but two Cosmopolitan awards. The thing that always strikes me about Olivia (besides her witty writing and general all-round loveliness) is how incredible her hair is – seriously, just look at those waves! Another reason for me to adore Liv? We’ve even styled the same dress! If you fancy learning more about this charming and talented lady – then read ahead. (You might even discover some of her trusty hairdo secrets. Reason enough, eh!)

Firstly, let’s talk about your gorgeous mane! Does is take any special tricks to get hair as wavy and effortless as yours?

Oh you! Not particularly, my hair is naturally very thin (you’d be surprised) so it’s mainly just curled with some cheap but fail-safe straighteners, back brushed a little and lathered in hairspray – eek!

You seem to cover absolutely everything on your blog – whether it’s food, fashion, or just all-round fun! What are some of your biggest tips for finding inspiration?

Probably just get out there and see the world! It’s amazing what a visit to town, or picking up your favourite magazine can do. I also like to read other blogs for inspiration, or spend a little time (hours) on Pinterest.

Being a blogger, you must spent a whole lot of time browsing the internet. Do you have any particular favourite blogs or websites at the moment?

Oh goodness, a little too much time! I don’t think I could possibly single out any favourite blogs – as I have so many, all of who are so varied. I love spending time on Pinterest however, and love the Lula Scrapbook. My reading list (although a little out of date can be found here.

It must have been such an exciting moment when you won the Cosmopolitan ‘Best New Blog’ award in 2011. What other exciting opportunities has blogging brought for you? 

Oh goodness yes! I still can’t quite believe it, but it’s amazing, and so flattering to know people read my little blog. It’s brought so many – I’ve been so lucky. From meeting people who I can call some of my close friends, going to the theatre, to several music festivals (and Wales!) and coming in Highly Commended for Social Savvy blog at this years Cosmo awards too! I’ve also managed to appear in Company and Lionheart magazine, and work with a few of my favourite brands – so surreal!

It’s no secret that you love music. Can you share some of your favourite musicians that we should we listening out for?

Oh don’t get me started! After fashion (or maybe on par) is music, and I’m constantly on the lookout for amazing new music. At the moment I’m loving Haim (SO MUCH), Temples (ones to watch), Peace, Palma Violets, Alt-J, Frank Ocean, Solange and Tame Impala.

Brr, it’s winter over in the UK! What is your go-to outfit for staying warm and looking chic?

I don’t know if I’ve quite mastered the warm AND chic look (hey, I try) but I currently love bundling up in an oversized boyfriend coat, chunky knit scarf, bobble hat (or furry Cossack hat), distressed jeans and biker boots – all with a slick of lipstick  of course!

And finally – what’s next for What Olivia Did in 2013? 

Hopefully just trying to keep writing a blog that I love, and have people enjoy it too – anything else is a bonus!

9th, June, 2011

Question and Answer…

Trixie Delicious is one very talented lady. She decorates porcelain with her witty words and charming drawings. I actually own several pieces by Trixie. And I gifted some of her ‘poison teacups’ to my mother-in-law for her birthday. Trixie is another New Zealander, which is why I was so excited to interview her! Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop to take a look at some of her beautiful pieces!

To begin with, tell us about yourself and what you do!

I trained as an artist in the late 80s and have a BFA in sculpture from Elam School of Fine Arts Auckland University. I exhibited for years then moved into visual design and multimedia for a while. I have a family – my son is 20 my daughter 16. Trixie Delicious is a full time job now after 5 years or so.

When did you begin your porcelain decorating empire and what was it that inspired you?

I’m not sure it’s an Empire but I have had a lot of great press over the last few years which has elevated my profile online. I first developed the porcelain painting on vintage china about 5 years ago but as a sculptor in my early days I had dabbled in various ceramic applications. I’ve always been into recycling with my early work and like to use a mix of materials.

Do you work alone or have a team helping you?

I work alone but hubby does most of the china buying at auctions as it is the most time consuming aspect. I wait patiently to see what comes in every week.

How do you go about decorating your porcelain?

I can’t give too many of my design secrets away but essentially I hand paint the text and drawings on – they bond for more than 12 hours and then they are baked in a moderate oven. Often the china suggests the word or image I use.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made?

I have had many favourites. My Seven Deadly Sins sets are a totally original and unique idea so I would go with them.

You have such beautiful font types for your dishes, do you design them yourself?

They are traditional fonts really as that is what suits the china so I haven’t really branched out into creating my own fonts as yet. Not enough hours in the day….

How does it feel knowing that you have celebrity fans, such as Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera?

Gaga was given a teacup of mine so I don’t know that she is a fan but Christina bought a couple of my erotic plates in Los Angeles so I guess she likes them!

I’ve noticed that you’ve branched out to do more pieces focusing on the human form rather than just text. What inspired you to do this?

I actually started with hairdo and skull drawings back in 2007 and would like to do more but the word items have stolen the show as they are more provocative.