1st, June, 2014

Katerina Plotnikova

These hauntingly beautiful images by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova are everything. I’m not usually one for posting non-original content, but when I discovered these photographs, I knew they had to be shared. Seeing the relationships between the animals and models, and the resulting images, made my jaw drop wide open. These are incredible. And what I love most of all – is that they are real-life animals, instead of taxidermy animals; which quite frankly, give me the creeps. A quick peek at this behind-the-scenes shot from Katerina’s Facebook page shows the bear and the model – and the best incentive ever; food. Yes, beautiful bear, I think you and I would get along just fine.

Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova

13th, February, 2013

A big big big big happy Valentines day to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful day, whether it’s with your loved one, loved pet, or just your general lovely self (it really doesn’t matter!) When I was in high school, my Mum would send me a rose every Valentines day – a perk of having a parent teach at the same school! It always made me feel extra special. Plus, it was always anonymous – so I could tell my friends that a boy sent it to me (thanks mum!) Today, a real life boy has been looking after me extra well – in the form of my lovely lovely lovely boyfriend, Barnaby. For us, today is all about long pointless walks together, cuddling up in front of an episode of the IT Crowd (our favourite!) and hopefully a good ol’ nacho dinner. So essentially, my perfect day! I hope your day is equally as delightful! Remember how fantastic you really are, and to just feel the loooove..! P.s. How fun is this Valentines photo shoot? The last photo is extra silly – just how I like it!

6th, February, 2013

Who else loves Disney?! Oh gosh, I adooore it! I’ll admit, my favourites are 101 Dalmatians and the Lion King, but I can’t help but love the girly princess movies too. Back in November last year, iconic luxury London department store, Harrods, did a beautiful display based around the Disney princesses. The really exciting thing was who else jumped aboard too! Designers (including Valentino and Versace!) each designed a dress for a different princess. Just take a look at the beautiful photographs below! Which one is your favourite? I am obsessed with the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ one. Just imagine having a bed completely covered in roses.. Bliss! I’d also be quite partial to relaxing in a castle in a fancy frock, much like Miss Cinderella. How about you?


10th, May, 2012

My New Favourite Hobby!

I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer – and now Instagram is my most favourite thing ever! I love being able to take photographs wherever I go, all without lugging around an enormous camera! It is such a great way to connect with all of you too; I am completely hooked on looking through everyone’s photos. What fun! I would love it if you could follow me on Instagram – and be sure to leave your username too! I can never resist a sneaky peek!

26th, April, 2012

A Week in Outfits!

We were cleaning out some old drawers during the weekend when we discovered a little box full of these Polaroid shots. They were taken a couple of years ago for a project that Barnaby was doing for his course. Finding old film shots – let alone Polaroids (!) is pretty much the greatest thing ever! I think it may be slightly addictive – and I will quite possibly be snooping through more boxes this weekend!

1st, February, 2012

Hanging Swings, & Mystery Houses..

Here are several squinty-eyed photographs fresh from my Holga! Apparently, I still haven’t learnt my lesson on winding film, and they are still rather wonky! The last photograph is my absolute favourite! It is my favourite ever house in Christchurch, but sadly about to be pulled down. I crept onto the property and snapped away with my camera, so I won’t forget what it looks like! I have a long-running joke with Barnaby that if I won the lottery I would buy it – now I suppose I’ll have to rebuild instead!

1st, January, 2012

My First Film!

I am so excited to show off the first film from my Holga! They were taken throughout the last few weeks, and include several wonderful adventures, including visiting the new central city for the first time! Unfortunately, I knocked the back off my camera twice, and I lost several photographs. I definitely need to keep practicing the way I wind on the film! It’s all learning, and I am super excited for my second roll. My favourite shot was taken on a nearby island – before my infamous fall! It was taken standing on a rock, perched over beached shipwrecks – yes, really! I wore my Augustina dress (which you can also win in the Snoozer Loser giveaway!) I am so looking forward to taking the Holga on future escapades, and seeing what we can capture!

11th, December, 2011

Click Click Snap!

I’m officially a lomography fan! I won my wonderful Holga 120N months ago, and until today it has sat on my bookshelf – so it could be regularly admired of course! Today I finally decided to use it. We walked to the closest river to take some photographs. I wore a completely vintage outfit, right down to the shoes! Though my film will probably consist mostly of duck and flower photographs, I am incredibly eager to see the results! I’m taking it slowly though, and I even have half a roll left – talk about willpower!