27th, November, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about wearing your collar, you need to watch our latest video. Collars are something I simply love! They are so much fun to play around with. Especially when you’re someone silly like me who loves novelty brooches and quirky necklaces. In this video I share five different ways that you can wear your collar, and hopefully you find a bit of inspiration! I shared some of my favourite collared dresses including my Nadinoo sailor dress, 8000 Nerves, and a few vintage pretties. I’m having so much fun making videos, remember that you can subscribe now to my Youtube channel.

5th, November, 2011

Beside the Water Front…

Today has been wonderful. It has been a day of following lizards (a foot long – I swear!), pulling goofy faces in front of fountains, picking flowers, and of course; swimming. The only downside has been feeling super seasick! I truly didn’t know I could ever feel so ill. I’ve always suffered from carsickness; but seasickness takes it to a whole new level! It has definitely been worth it though! We spent the day travelling to Labuan, a tiny town in Malaysia. Labuan has always been a place to frequently visit; it has so much charm! It is full of lovely little shops, and is an excellent place to buy one of my favourite drinks; coconuts! Nom nom nom!

I wore a dress that was recently gifted to me by my wonderful mum. The front detailing reminds me oh-so much of my favourite of favourites; Nadinoo. I have been long-obsessed with Lula’s Untie Me Dress, and I now feel partially satisfied by having a tie-up dress of my very own!

19th, September, 2011

Pixie Goes Sailing

I could scarcely believe my luck the other week when Nadia of Nadinoo emailed to tell me I’d won the Pixie Goes Sailing dress. Nadinoo has been a long-time favourite brand of mine, and the dress I won was actually my favourite piece! I’ve been wearing the dress virtually non-stop since it’s arrival, and I knew it was perfect for a visit to see the newly blossomed trees at the park! I am still amazed at the quality of the dress; Nadinoo really do have the softest fabrics! I truly can’t wait for the AW11 collection, Nadinoo never disapoints!