30th, August, 2014


Have you ever seen trees this colour before? I certainly hadn’t! Every day on my way to work, I would pass this tree as I rode the bus. It’s a weird feeling; looking at something so many times, but never actually standing right in front of it. After weeks and weeks of watching this tree bloom and slowly begin to decay, I couldn’t take it anymore. Arming myself with my trusty Nikon camera and “a ticket for two please” I was soon on my way to sharing this special place with my love. And it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Slap bang in the middle of winter, the skies decided to treat us to… warm weather! You wouldn’t believe the wonders it did for our moods! Keeping with my ‘fruit fashion’ obsession I dressed in this pin-up inspired cherry print dress by Chicwish. I kept accessories to a minimum; instead choosing to focus on wearing bright red lipstick - my favourite! Now, as I bus past this tree, I smile to myself. It makes me think of an afternoon spent with my guy, laughing and pulling silly faces for the camera. 

Cherry dressChicwish / Silver flatsChicwish / Bag – Choies


11th, August, 2014


Well, it wouldn’t be a proper trip to Las Vegas without a trip to the infamous Caesars Palace! Guys, I can’t believe just how big this place is. And the amount of people referencing The Hangover (myself included!) was insane – “did Caesar live here?” I really wanted to show off a different side to Caesars. I mean, we all know that it has massive white buildings; Roman style, but did you know about the fountains and curated gardens? I sure didn’t!

We snapped these photos right before watching the one of the best shows I saw in Las Vegas; ‘Absinthe’. I wish my guy, Barnaby was a bit less blog shy, as he looked so fancy in a navy blue suit – quite the feat in 45 degree weather, let me tell you! I opted for a Missguided co-ord – my go-to for any event even remotely formal.

Co-ordMissguided / Shoes – Seychelles


27th, April, 2014

Big City Cat

Cats on clothes are so great. Something about those lil’ furry faces on fabric just feels so darn right. I stumbled upon this gold vintage cat bracelet again over the weekend. It was tucked inside a satchel pocket along with a vintage saucer and a charm bracelet from when I was little. I’m forever putting things in silly places. Storing photos in DVD cases? Yep. Contact lens cases in the fridge? Shamefully, yes. Anyway, it makes for lots of little surprises as you rediscover the downright strange places you’ve put things when you’ve been distracted.

But anyway; cats! I’ve been wearing this dress by Pepa Loves non-stop recently. The weather has been surprisingly warm, and though I may start my journey outside with a coat (this one by Sheinside, specifically!), I have to take it off almost immediately after ten minutes. The cut out back of the dress feels like a little blessing in disguise. And it’s cat print. Cat print, cat print, cat print. That’s basically all you need to know!

Oh, also, I turned 25 on Thursday. Isn’t that weird?! I hope I never-ever start thinking/feeling like I’m too old for silly outfits. Animals on clothing just work way too well for me to start giving ‘em up!

CoatSheInside / DressPepa Loves / Shoes – Seychelles / Bracelet – Vintage /

Tote Bag – A gift

Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat
Big City Cat

17th, February, 2014


Well, after this post, I’d be hardly surprised if I never got invited to a tea party again..! I bought a set of these teacups for my mother-in-law last year for her birthday. The set included a variety of poisons, such as cyanide, hemlock, and a bunch of other deadly concoctions that I can’t quite remember. The essential for a tea party full of guests you don’t like, don’t you think? For this little frolic in the morning light of the garden, I opted for a slightly less toxic mix – namely, elderflower cordial and lemonade. The pink and gold detail on the teacup was just the thing to match this pretty butterfly sleeve dress I thrifted in Christchurch over the weekend, but enough about that.

Can we talk about the hair? The hair, the hair… I have been trying to do this style for AGES. A braid which goes the entire way around my head, and best of all – keeps my fringe out of my eyes. I can just never seem to get past the part where the hair goes around the back and you have to kind of ‘flip’ your hands around. So, anyway, I darted off for a ‘quick’ visit to the room next door to get my jewellery – poor Barnaby must have thought I’d vanished – as I ended up being a whopping twenty minutes! Well worth it though, don’t you think? And if not, watch what you say – or I might have to serve you something from one of these deadly teacups.. Aha!

Dress – Thrifted / Fox ringBoticca / Love Ring – Stephen Einhorn /

Necklace – Onecklace / Teacup – Trixie Delicious


2nd, February, 2014


Oh sure, you might be getting slightly sick of those “this is what I got for Christmas” type ramblings, but I just can’t help it – I received so many amazing presents this year! I unknowingly fell in love with the UK brand Pop Boutique last year when I was asked to choose something to style by Modcloth. In typical Jo fashion, I opted for this sailor dress in navy blue, which I wore on the blog here. Fast forward to Christmas 2013! I’m unwrapping my presents.. when BAM! This amazing Slam Dunkin’sweater appears in front of me. I noticed immediately that it was Pop Boutique. And so the love affair began…

I’ve been wearing it pretty consistently since Christmas. Sure, it’s summer in New Zealand, but luckily (for me!) it has been freezing lately – making it the ultimate sweater weather (hooray!) I’ve been sticking to mostly red, white, and black shades while wearing this top, as I’m sure you can see here. It may look slightly Christmassy, but hey, Christmas is wonderful, so I have no problem with looking a little festive no matter the time of year!

Slam Dunkin’ Sweater – Pop Boutique / Jeans – Tripp NYC / Blouse – Yumi /

Ballet FlatsCocorose London


2nd, December, 2013


If you’ve been reading this blog since the very beginning, you might remember this ‘Braid for Each Day‘ post. I dreamt up seven different hair styles based around one theme, so you could wear them every single day of the week. Even now, two years later, it is still one of my most popular posts – so why not continue something that is so fun to dream up and that you clearly love too!

Not too long ago, I had a massive (seriously!) browse through the ASOS sale section. It was here that I discovered the bow of my dreams. When it’s not attached to my head, this bow has been hanging on my lounge wall – it is just so pretty that I want to see it every single day! What can I say – velvet and gold tick all of my boxes.

Bow – ASOS







8th, August, 2013


Wearing this beautiful strawberry print dress by designer Lucy Hope, I couldn’t help but get the words to ‘strawberry fields forever’ stuck in my my head. Coupled with the fact that’s one of my very favourite Beatle songs, the sun was shining so brightly you’d hardly believe it’s winter. It’s quite honestly got me wondering if it really is still winter here. No really, I am so bad at remembering when seasons start and finish, you have no idea! Whatever it is, I’ll take it. Mmm, sun! Oh, and I wore a customized ‘Jo’ necklace. I could never find my name printed on anything when I was a kid. So I’m making up for it now and have been wearing it almost every day!

Lucy Hope Strawberry Dress – Unicorns in Love / Hello Sunshine FlatsLoly in the Sky /

Custom Name Necklace – Onecklace / Cat Bag – Birthday present


13th, May, 2013


Not gonna lie – I’m pretty darn excited about sharing this outfit post! A couple of months ago now, I was contacted by one of my favourite shoe brands in the world; Swedish Hasbeens, asking if I’d like to style a pair from their latest collection. Err, yes please In fact, I think I was barely even able to wait a full five minutes before I emailed my response. And so here we are..! I chose the beautiful zip-up Emy boots and have been wearing them virtually non-stop. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited for cooler weather! I styled them with a backless blouse, a pinafore, and my favourite hairdo; Heidi braids!

SunglassesChicwish / PinaforeBoohoo / Pan collar blouseRoom31 / Dog bagPepa Loves / Clog bootsSwedish Hasbeens


12th, March, 2013

I love that initial sprinkle of Autumn. You know, when a whole bunch of leaves suddenly turn orangey red, while the last of the summer flowers remain. It’s like some kind of eerie crossover. Oh, and I just love it! To blend in with what’s left, I wore the prettiest flower print dress by illustrator goddess Caitlin Shearer. We had an unexpected gust of warm air, so I wrapped my hair up into a good ol’ pair of Heidi braids. Oh, and I polished the look of with an adorable miniature china teacup bracelet by Megan Jane Jewellery.

P.s. While you’re reading this, I’ll be jet-setting off to the capital city, Wellington. It’s just a day trip, mind you – but I am so so so excited! What I’m not quite so thrilled about is the 5am start to the day tomorrow (eek!) Terribly worth it though, for a day in my favourite city. See you soon, Wellington!

21st, January, 2013

Oh summer days! You are really winning me over at the moment. As much as I love snow, and I am honestly feeling terribly envious all of you in the Northern hemisphere (!) I am a sunshine girl through and through! Even when it was absolutely roasting, and we had an hour long walk ahead of us (the downside to having a grumpy car..!) I lathered myself in sunblock and headed out the door, a smile on my face. Heidi braids have honestly been my saviour this summer. Yep, a nice cold ice-cream and my hair in Heidi braids. That’s my recipe for a good summer.

I headed out in this sweet little outfit. You must know by now that I love sailor style! I wear it whenever I can. Trust me, when I’m out thrifting and spot a sailor collar in amongst the clothing racks, I know it’s going to be a good day. On my collar I wore a gold Variety Club brooch that I thought was quite sweet. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, eh! The shorts were a wonderful treat sent by the super cute label, Pepa Loves. That bow! That hemline! Ahh, bliss. I topped it all off with a pair of gold Ray Ban Sunglasses courtesy of SunglassesShop.

Now, confession time! I might sound all calm and composed, but really the heat did get to me. Halfway through our walk, I  suddenly plonked myself down on the sidewalk for a bit of rest. I love the heat, but sometimes it’s a little hot to handle! Phew!