13th, June, 2016


A fair few weeks ago now, one of my favourite hair product companies emailed me asking if I wanted to get my hair done courtesy of them. Umm, I suppose now is the time to confess I have literally had two haircuts in the last 4 years. I don’t even have an excuse or anything! Shame! Anyway, I sent back a big old YES (in full capitals, obviously) and finally, yesterday headed into The Mint Hair Company to join the ombre club.

It went off to a great start when I was offered two miniature cookies (um, yes please!) and I truly haven’t had such a good blonde colour done in years (most likely to do with Joico‘s LumiShine technology). It was a fantastic experience and I am seriously stoked with the colour!

I couldn’t resist going with ombre – and when it comes to the allure of being able to pass off my lazy regrowth as trendy – why should I?! Though I am slooowly coming around to the idea of becoming a fill blonde. Maybe during my next salon trip, perhaps..


As usual, all opinions were my own, but the salon trio was courtesy of Joico. Thanks!

23rd, October, 2015


With summer right around the corner (in the southern hemisphere at least) I knew it was definitely time to branch out in terms of ponytails. After all, the same old basic pony can get, well, pretty darn basic very, very quickly. So I decided to recreate this cute 60s inspired pony, which basically consists of about four very, very simple steps (so there really are no excuses!) Luckily I had my trusty ghd on hand, which made it all the easier – as it’s slightly unrealistic expecting a sleek ponytail when you’ve got a mane like mine!

For this tutorial you will need: a set of ghd hair straighteners, a teasing comb, a hair tie (preferably close to your hair colour) and one or two bobby pins.


Step one. Duh, straighten your hair! I haven’t used a ghd since I was about sixteen (when I would borrow it off my boarding school roommate) and couldn’t believe how effective it was. In the photo above it’s pretty obvious which side I’ve tackled and which I haven’t ; )


Step two. Separate a large section of hair on the crown of your head before going to town teasing it with your comb. The longer you spend on this part the better. This is where you’re going to get all of your volume from!


Step three. Pull your hair back into a low pony and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure you leave out a small section of hair underneath your ponytail as you will need it in the next step. Run your comb over your hair several times to ensure it’s looking really sleek. If your bouffant is dropping at all just use your comb to readjusted it by loosening the hair as it goes into the hair tie.


Step four. The final step! So you remember the section of hair from the last step? Split it in half and start wrapping each side around your ponytail. Use your bobby pins to secure it into place. Tip: insert the bobby pins underneath the ponytail; that way they can’t be seen from the outside.

And that’s it! I hope you have fun trying out your very own 1960s inspired ponytail! Thank you again ghd!



14th, February, 2014

Hair Styles for growing out a fringe

The ‘Bettie Page’ 

Has anyone ever told you just how frustrating it is to have to grow out a fringe? Sure, I’ve done it many times before, but all I ever remember is “yay, fringe” or “yay, no fringe!” Somehow I had just plum forgotten about that annoying inbetween-y length when you’re forever brushing your hair out of your eyes. So if you hadn’t worked it out yet, I’m growin’ mine out. And I’m frustrated. Like 90% of the internet, when I feel frustrated I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. And I got it. And I made a board dedicated to it – as well as other beautiful hair. May I present my findings; these are three of my favourite hair styles for growing out a fringe!

Hair styles for growing out a fringe

The “Flower Child” 


The ’60s Mod’ 

13th, December, 2013


Have you ever wanted to learn how to style a hair bow. It is ridiculously easy, I promise. And such a fun change from a ponytail, don’t you think? I’ve had a little bit of an obsession with hair bows since Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ days (which feels like quite a long time ago now!) Finally I’ve learnt the tricks and have figured out how to do them myself. There is no going back now! ; ) 

P.s. Yes, you might have seen that I posted this a couple of months ago over on Here Comes the Sun. Sadly, HCTS has stopped blogging for the meantime (we miss you Amanda!) so I figured I’d share it over here too. Enjoy! xo


1. Begin by brushing all of the tangles from your hair, and tying it up into a ponytail on the very centre of your head.


2. Use your hair tie to to put your hair into a loose ponytail style bun. You’ll be left with a large amount of hair sticking out the front, which is fine. This will be the centre piece of your hair bow : )


3. Divide the bun area into two, trying to make them as even as possible. When they’re the size you’re after, use a bobby pin to secure them to the top of your head.


4. Finish the look by wrapping the loose hair over the middle of the bow. Tuck it into the elastic band as much as you can, and fix any messy bits with a good ol’ bobby pin.


And there you have it! As easy as pie, don’t you think? My hair is relatively good at keeping it’s shape, but don’t hesitate to add a little hair spray if you need it. Oh.. and of course – good luck! xo

2nd, December, 2013


If you’ve been reading this blog since the very beginning, you might remember this ‘Braid for Each Day‘ post. I dreamt up seven different hair styles based around one theme, so you could wear them every single day of the week. Even now, two years later, it is still one of my most popular posts – so why not continue something that is so fun to dream up and that you clearly love too!

Not too long ago, I had a massive (seriously!) browse through the ASOS sale section. It was here that I discovered the bow of my dreams. When it’s not attached to my head, this bow has been hanging on my lounge wall – it is just so pretty that I want to see it every single day! What can I say – velvet and gold tick all of my boxes.

Bow – ASOS







9th, October, 2013


Today I decided to style three different looks. Can you spot the similarities? All feature a collar, a different coloured lipstick, and the most noticeable of all – glasses!

After battling a bit of an eye infection I’ve been ordered to wear glasses only for the next two weeks. Are there any other contact lens wearers out there? It is a weird, weird transition to wearing glasses when you generally wear contacts all of the time. I was feeling a bit doom-and-gloom over having to wear glasses.. so I decided to style a few outfits to get myself inspired! Here are three looks I’ve dreamed up; all of them featuring coloured lips, collars, and no contacts at all!


Outfit One: Wednesday Addams

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Lipstick – Mac Lady bug / Pinafore – Boohoo / Blouse – Yumi /

Collar clips – Chicwish


Outfit Two: Bunny Girl

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Lipstick – Karen Murrell in Carnation Mist / Blouse – Ark Clothing /

Sweater – Krisp Clothing


Outfit Three: Hands up!

 Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Lipstick – Maybelline New York / DressPepa Loves

8th, August, 2013


Wearing this beautiful strawberry print dress by designer Lucy Hope, I couldn’t help but get the words to ‘strawberry fields forever’ stuck in my my head. Coupled with the fact that’s one of my very favourite Beatle songs, the sun was shining so brightly you’d hardly believe it’s winter. It’s quite honestly got me wondering if it really is still winter here. No really, I am so bad at remembering when seasons start and finish, you have no idea! Whatever it is, I’ll take it. Mmm, sun! Oh, and I wore a customized ‘Jo’ necklace. I could never find my name printed on anything when I was a kid. So I’m making up for it now and have been wearing it almost every day!

Lucy Hope Strawberry Dress – Unicorns in Love / Hello Sunshine FlatsLoly in the Sky /

Custom Name Necklace – Onecklace / Cat Bag – Birthday present


4th, August, 2013


Oh hi! Instead of sinking into deep despair, as usually happens when my regrowth reaches the dreaded one inch mark, last week I decided it was time for a bit of a look update. After sporting blonde locks for well over two years, I’m now a brunette! My hair feels so much healthier and looks so darn shiny. I still don’t recognise myself in mirrors straight away, and I slightly feel as though I’m wearing a wig, but you know what… I love it! It’s so much fun getting to look like Veronica over Betty for a change..!

T-shirt – Ark ClothingVarsity JacketArk ClothingPuffin Print Skirt – Vintage Style Me


30th, April, 2013

Meow! Oh hi. Ready to meet my new favourite thing? My sweet guy, Barnaby, kindly gifted me this cat bag for my 24th birthday last week. (Clearly my 24 years have meant I’ve matured a bunch… or not!) Seriously though, I love this bag. I’ll be honest – I knew exactly what he had gotten me for my birthday, and have been waiting ever-so impatiently for the big day to roll around. To make things even harder, he stored it so obviously in his wardrobe – making the temptation even more difficult..! I can rest easy now though – it’s mine, all mine!

We took the bag out for a spin, and I was delighted with how many young children pointed and gazed at it longingly. (Good taste, kids!) I paired it with a oxblood coloured pinafore and spotted top – both by Ark Clothing. The flower crown is one of my most recent craft endeavours. I’ve constructed oodles of flower crowns in the past (like these ones, or even this flower crown) but this is my favourite by far. Somethin’ about wearing flowers on your head seems to brighten any day, don’t you think?

Cat bag – birthday gift / Flower crown – handmade by me / PinaforeArk / Dotted t-shirtArk / Spotted TightsTightsPlease / Flats – Bait Footwear

11th, April, 2013

Not too long ago, an incredibly exciting email appeared in my inbox. It was an invitation to have my hair ‘illuminated’ with the wonderful product I’m sure you’ve heard of; Wella Illumina. Never one to turn down a hair appointment – I quickly replied ‘yes’ (yes yes yes!!) – and impatiently waited for the date to roll around. Oh gosh, was it ever worth it. Stepping into the beautiful Buoy salon, I was completely gobsmacked. No amount of Google imaging could ever prepare me for how spectacular the building was. It is easily the nicest salon I’ve ever seen – let alone been in. Windows are everywhere, letting in incredible amounts of light. And looking through the glass ceiling, as I dozed off during a head massage, I could spot the very top of the neighbouring church.

Feeling terribly shy and nervous, I asked the lovely master colourist, Melissa, if I could have ‘quite a similar blonde, so my regrowth doesn’t come through too badly‘. I was kindly talked through the amazing differences of Wella Illumina – the main being the hair shiny-ness it offers due to it’s reflective base. What lady can resist that, eh?! And buoy (pun!) were they right. My hair has never looked so shiny. And I’ve never felt more pretty! To top off this wonderful session, I was treated to the blow wave of my choice. I mumbled something about the 1960s and liking volume, which blow-wave-extroidinaire, David, brilliantly transformed into what you see below (and above) with only a round brush and hairdryer. Note to self: I need to learn to do this! As if it was meant to be, I ended up taking my hair out for spin, when my guy, Barnaby treated the two of us to a glass or two of bubbly. New hair and champagne? Now this is something I could get used to..!