11th, July, 2013


You can never have too many cute shoes, right?!


Nothing beats a novelty print, particularly when it’s as pretty as this hot air balloon dress by Nishe!


This pug mug is one of the cutest things I’ve seen! It even makes me tempted to reach for a sip of coffee..! P.s. this is a big deal for me!


This photograph by Matthew Wittman is in a word: breathtaking.


I’ve been on the lookout for a new duvet cover and this map print set seems to tick all of the boxes. Just imagine the beautiful dreams you’d have sleeping in this!


These erasers (known as rubber barbers) are such a good idea! Every time you erase something, it changes their hairdo a little bit. Genius.


Teddy bear underwear? Yes please!


A wanderlust journal sounds like such a beautiful idea. It definitely makes me want to travel more!


This otherwise simple light fixture can be used to grow plants!

13th, June, 2013


I didn’t think it was possible – but these pastel coloured photographs by Cachemire & Soie make me want to visit San Francisco even more!


Hey sailor! This top by Wildfox is everything I look for in a T-shirt.


Mmm, this marbled cheesecake recipe has my mouth watering. And I don’t even like cake!


You can never have enough Arrested Development, right? I love the episodes where George Bluth senior is in prison. So funny!


These baby blankets are absolutely adorable. I wish they made them in adult sizes!


This editorial for Marie Claire China captures the perfect tea party vibe.


I know not everyone is keen on spiders (I honestly don’t mind them at all!) but there’s no denying that The Spider Garden looks like a pretty neat place to visit.


These house sculptures by Frank Halmans are so pretty. The rest of his work is wonderful too, you really should take a look!


I’m a sucker for novelty pencils. This one makes me want to visit the opera – oh, and take notes of course!

6th, June, 2013


I’m not silly – I can admit that my chest is way too ample for this Lazy Oaf bustier. Doesn’t stop me lovin’ it though..!


This skirt combines two of my favourite things: polka dots and yellow. Yippee!


In Ukraine there is the most incredible overgrown tunnel which you can train through. I can barely believe this exists. It is beyond beautiful. P.s. Lovers are meant to make a wish when going through. How magical!


The perfect way to deal with leaky pipes, don’t you think?


Just keep swimming!


Cute notebooks win me over every time. One featuring a kitty cat face? Yes please!


Oh my gosh, these crochet animals are so teeny tiny! I’m impressed!


I’m getting ready to decorate out not-so-new-now apartment. First stop: this fire escape wall shelf. Love!


I really love this photo! P.s. Did anyone else recognise Analeigh from America’s Next Top Model? She was my favourite!

30th, May, 2013


Has anyone else been watching Arrested Development season 4? I’ve completely finished it after a marathon couple of days – and am craving more! This Tobias print will have to do, eh!


These embroidered notebooks are such a cute idea! A definite way to make organisation a whole lot more fun.


I keep falling more and more in love with Madewell. I ordered this camping motif tee a couple of days ago – and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!


One of my favourite things in the entire world is bizarre animal friendships. How adorable are Bonedigger the lion and Milo the dachshund?! There is even an adorable little video if you’d like to see more!


This photo shoot for Elle Poland was shot at Brighton beach. They honestly have me swooning!


It’s all about the detail, honey! The black bee dress by Coco Fennell is super cute, don’t you think?


A fox lampshade sounds like one of the best things ever! Oh, and did I mention you even get to make it yourself..!


Okay, it’s official – I’ve found my favourite Kickstarter project so far! Using the Impossible Instant Lab to print analogue photos from your iPhone sounds amazing! Sign me up!


Animal bags win me over every single time. This corgi bag is no exception!

23rd, May, 2013

Friday-Favourites-3-7 Friday-Favourites-3-8

These food sculptures by Brock Davis are seriously incredible!


Some genius has combined two of my favourite things: cats and sushi, to create… cats on sushi! No, seriously, how cute is this!


Gatsby fever is everywhere! Sadly, in New Zealand we have to wait until mid-June for it to be released. Sob! It doesn’t stop me falling in love with this Great Gatsby tote bag though!


This book teaches you how to make dessert – fine art style! Want!


A ferret yawning is quite probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day! Just look at that lil’ whiskery face.. Aw!


I really love this simple floral wallet by 10 Deep! Aint it pretty?


The Wisteria Tunnel at Kawaachi Fuji Gardens truly looks like the most beautiful place on earth, don’t you think?


This jacket by Modcloth has the best detail. Let’s be honest – it’s purr-fect!

16th, May, 2013


I’ve loved Anna J‘s art for years – ever since she kindly did a sketch of a fox for me (thanks Anna!) The one above is one of my favourites of her artworks; isn’t it adorable?! She’s a talented lady from New Zealand, and is hugely passionate about animals, and is even a foster parent for greyhounds. Seriously, she’s the best!


This dark knight bookshelf is one of the coolest things I’ve seen… ever! It’s sadly been sold out for quite some time, but a girl can dream, eh?


A blogger I have long admired; Ale, has released her first ever clothing collection – Rosaspina Vintage Handmade. As beautiful as the clothing pieces are, I also adore the story behind the collection. Ale designed the clothing, her mother sewed them, and the fabric is from the 1950s and 1960s and was generously donated by Ale’s grandmother. It’s such an incredible labour of love, and the results truly couldn’t be more beautiful!


These macaron boxes are adorable, no? I definitely need to get a-hold of a couple of them, just to keep my jewellery collection in check!


These photographs of Iris Egbers for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong are beautiful! My want/need to visit the Eiffel tower in person has just amplified by a million percent..!


Architect Moon Hoon designs the most incredible buildings. Ever. The Panorama House (my favourite!) has an actual slide in the library. Yep. I think all my childhood fantasies have come true at once. P.s. You can see more photos of the house over here!


I injured my foot a few weeks ago, so have been wearing sneakers fairly often. I’d love any single one of these colourful pairs by Vans. Or just all of them? A rainbow shoe closet would be rather fun, don’t you think?


Sticking googly eyes on things is fun! This is our breakfast table that I snapped on my Instagram earlier in the week.


This bicycle print top by Modcloth has me swooning! I’m hoping for a warm weekend so I can cycle around the ocean front with my guy – and if I owned this top it would be even more fun. ♥