14th, February, 2014

Hair Styles for growing out a fringe

The ‘Bettie Page’ 

Has anyone ever told you just how frustrating it is to have to grow out a fringe? Sure, I’ve done it many times before, but all I ever remember is “yay, fringe” or “yay, no fringe!” Somehow I had just plum forgotten about that annoying inbetween-y length when you’re forever brushing your hair out of your eyes. So if you hadn’t worked it out yet, I’m growin’ mine out. And I’m frustrated. Like 90% of the internet, when I feel frustrated I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. And I got it. And I made a board dedicated to it – as well as other beautiful hair. May I present my findings; these are three of my favourite hair styles for growing out a fringe!

Hair styles for growing out a fringe

The “Flower Child” 


The ’60s Mod’ 

5th, June, 2013


Playing opposite seasons is rather fun isn’t it? Well, despite wearing an incredibly summery outfit, with an Autumn-y backdrop, it is actually winter here in New Zealand. Quite luckily the sun decided to say hello, which seems awfully appropriate due to the big ol’ “hello sunshine” written across the tips of my flats. No, seriously, these shoes are the best ever. If you haven’t yet been introduced to Loly in the Sky, I highly recommend you browse their footwear! Oh, and I can personally vouch for the fact that they have excellent grip when climbing over mossy tree trunks..!

We took a strictly uphill walk (standard Wellington procedure) to what has quickly become one of my favourite places in the entire world. I’ve been saying to Barnaby since we moved up here two months ago how we haven’t experienced Autumn at all. It’s slightly annoying as I really do love it, and it only comes once a year. It was a little stroke of luck to discover the prettiest pathway completely decked out in yellow leaves, despite it being winter. We were followed by a cheeky blackbird that would boune very close to us and then quickly fly away. If you know me, you’ll know I am obsessed with any animal interactions, especially the cheeky kind, (with the exception of crocodiles!) so it really was quite a perfect day. And sunny weather too? Yes please!

DressLovestruck Clothing / Flower crown – handmade / Hello Sunshine flatsLoly in the Sky


30th, April, 2013

Meow! Oh hi. Ready to meet my new favourite thing? My sweet guy, Barnaby, kindly gifted me this cat bag for my 24th birthday last week. (Clearly my 24 years have meant I’ve matured a bunch… or not!) Seriously though, I love this bag. I’ll be honest – I knew exactly what he had gotten me for my birthday, and have been waiting ever-so impatiently for the big day to roll around. To make things even harder, he stored it so obviously in his wardrobe – making the temptation even more difficult..! I can rest easy now though – it’s mine, all mine!

We took the bag out for a spin, and I was delighted with how many young children pointed and gazed at it longingly. (Good taste, kids!) I paired it with a oxblood coloured pinafore and spotted top – both by Ark Clothing. The flower crown is one of my most recent craft endeavours. I’ve constructed oodles of flower crowns in the past (like these ones, or even this flower crown) but this is my favourite by far. Somethin’ about wearing flowers on your head seems to brighten any day, don’t you think?

Cat bag – birthday gift / Flower crown – handmade by me / PinaforeArk / Dotted t-shirtArk / Spotted TightsTightsPlease / Flats – Bait Footwear