20th, January, 2016


Happy 2016!

Phew, I hadn’t really expected to take a whopping month or so off blogging, but it turned out to be the best decision ever! Working 9-5 (or till 5:30, in my case) can be pretty bloomin’ exhausting, and getting to spend free time being, well, free, I suppose, was a relief to say the least. My boyfriend, Barnaby and I freelanced for years – and the one thing I really struggle with is not being together 24/7.

..Moving swiftly on though – hello! How was your Christmas and New Years? Gosh mine were good. And life is still EXCELLENT. I am feeling the summer vibes through and through (sorry Northern Hemisphere!) and have been filling my weekends with beach frolics, gelato, and endless walks. Discovering new things about your city is the best feeling and there have been so many recently it’s almost too much to handle.

This Wildfox dress (my first ever piece from them) has been gettin’ me through the summer so far. New Zealand heat is really weird. It never gets that warm but thanks to our lousy ozone layer you burn in a matter of minutes. Especially if your name is Jo Fletcher. Which mine totally is. >_< Anyway though, I am EXCITED to be experiencing summer after one long winter and can’t wait to share some of my warm-weathered adventures with you!

DressWildfox / Hat – Thrifted / Sandals – Chicwish



16th, February, 2015


Ever since this dress arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago, I knew exactly where I wanted to photograph it. Well, admittedly, Wellington is the perfect location; as it’s all about the hills – just like the print on my Larmoni dress. Talk about meant to be, right?

After waking up at 7:30. On a Sunday (I am most disappointed in myself) we went on a hill hike – with me wearing this house-print little number and a pair of peachy cat eye specs from Polette. Lemmie tell you, there was definitely something in that hill air. I can’t remember the last time I’ve achieved so much on a Sunday (usually they are strictly reserved for Adventure Time binge watching sessions). I went to the supermarket (one of my most hated activties at the weekend – so. many. people!), cooking, crafting, writing, and doing some work for my day job. I’ll definitely be heading back up again, so hopefully the hill air does it’s wonders! Though I might sleep in for an extra hour or two this time! ; )

DressLarmoni / GlassesPolette / ShoesChicwish / Lips Bag – H! by Henry Holland


13th, October, 2014


It only takes a quick glance at my Instagram feed to see that I’m pretty freakin’ obsessed with flowers. Sure, I might not know terribly much about them, but I can certainly appreciate a pretty thing or two (or in this case, thousand or two!) Every year the Wellington Botanic gardens puts on a spring Tulip festival. I drive (aka. bus) past every day on my way to work, so have been keeping a close eye on their blooming schedule to make sure I visited at the peak time…

What I didn’t think about was that everyone in Wellington would be doing the same thing!

Something they don’t tell you about being a blogger is that you’ve got to be brave around other people! I twirled around and sat beside the tulips, ducking the crowds the best I could. The funniest point was when I bumped into a little boy from my work (I’m an early childhood teacher, by the way!) and he got so shy he wouldn’t even talk to me! Though I’m sure I’m a bit more intimidating with my thigh tattoo on display and giant hair, especially if you’re only two years old! Eep! I wore my favourite piece of clothing, this pink (!!) sailor romper by ASOS. It’s massively on sale at the moment, and was far too hard for me to resist – you know I love my sailor clothing!

Pink Sailor RomperASOS / Star BagChicwish / Sunglasses – Vintage / ShoesChicwish


22nd, October, 2013


My guy and I decided to take some time off work not too long ago so we could explore some of our local tourist attractions during the week. Turns out that we didn’t do the best job of coordinating things – as we picked dates that fell right in the middle of the school holidays. Eep! Despite a bus ride jam-packed with tiny children, the zoo really wasn’t too crowded at all. We were able to see all of our favourites, including the sun bear, lions, and the best of all; meerkats. There were three adorable babies in the enclosure, which of course made the want-to-take-one-home urge even stronger than usual! It was an absolutely perfect day out!

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Top – Ark Clothing / Skirt – Muubaa / FlatsSun Jellies /

BagLittle Odd Forest



18th, August, 2013


A real life seal?! Yes, yes! This sleepy little fellow has been lurking around Wellington city for the past few weeks. Lucky Barnaby gets to say a big ol’ hello to him every day on his way to work but I only see him – well, about three times a week I suppose! Let’s be honest, when a genuine real-life seal is in your city, you gotta make a lot of trips, right? On this overcast day, minutes before getting pelted by an out-of-nowhere type storm, we decided to pay the seal (fondly named Lucille three. Any other Arrested Development fans here?!) a visit before heading off for ice cream. Animals, ice cream, and taking photos? Now that’s my kinda weekend.

DressJarlo London / NecklaceEccentric Eccentricities / ShoesLinzi / BagChicwish


3rd, June, 2013


A couple of weeks ago now, right after snapping these outfit photos, we were walking alongside Wellington’s enormous waterfront museum, when we spotted this fantastic truck! Dream car doesn’t even begin to cover it..! The owners of this International CF1200 truck are driving it all over New Zealand, via the Truck Art Project, to showcase the beautiful Pakistani art. We (like everyone else even remotely nearby) couldn’t help but snap as many photographs as we could, trying to capture every tiny glimmer of detail. It felt extra special to stumble upon, as Barnaby had an incredibly similar one as his family car when he was growing up. If only it had looked like this! It sure is a beauty, eh!
















4th, March, 2013

Chances are, if you’re a recent reader of Lost in the Haze – you might not know about where I grew up. Sure, I’m born in New Zealand, and live here too – but I grew up in Brunei, in South-East Asia. As a self-confessed ‘jungle girl’, sometimes I simply feel the need to go back to my roots – I’m sure all of you who live away from home will know the feeling!

Today, this ‘need’ meant that I dressed up in a leopard print romper (c/o Boohoo) and lounged underneath a tree feeling somewhat like Jane (then Barnaby must be my Tarzan, don’t you think!) It’s not something I’d be likely to do in Brunei – between the jungle-dwelling monkeys and snakes (eek!) when I’m home I’m much more likely to be seen laying around on the beach. For now I’ll just settle for ‘wannabe jungle girl’ in New Zealand. Quite worth it when it means there won’t be any snakes popping in to say hello!

25th, February, 2013

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and just have a little bit of breathing room. I think it’s a genuine necessity to have a special place to relax and drift away. You know; just allowing your thoughts to blissfully float away and do whatever they please. The really tricky part is being able to capture the really good ones…

Welcome to my favourite spot – the ‘secret park’ as I lovingly call it. This is where I go to relax, be calm, and most importantly – let my thoughts wander. Luckily, this time I was perfectly prepared to harness my thoughts by bringing along a collection of anchors – via my outfit… It may have also helped that I brought along a notebook! The dress (c/o Pepa Loves) is one that I am still obsessing over, weeks after it’s arrival. Sailor style is my favourite ever, and I was so in love with the anchor print that I ordered a pair of trousers in the same fabric. My outfit still didn’t feel like it had quite enough anchors so I paired it with the tote bag that you can learn to make here. Goodness, I’m surprised I wasn’t anchored down too, carrying all that lot around!

23rd, January, 2013

Have I ever mentioned my sweet tooth? Well, ‘sweet’ being an understatement.. More like my sugary, candied, syrupy, nectar tooth..! I love ice cream, candy, toffee apples, and cupcakes. Yum! Fizzy drinks are my ultimate favourite – and always have been, really! After slipping on this beautiful (x100000!) dress kindly sent to me by Pepa Loves, the shade of red made me desperate for a nice, cool glass of coca-cola. Talk about sugar addict, eh! The 30 degree Celsius weather was a bit of an influencer too, phew! Actually, speaking of which – I’m surprised that my lipstick managed to stay on! After a forty minute walk it really did feel like it was melting off my face..!

Back to the dress though – honestly, what a beauty, eh?! It’s covered in teeny tiny little bows and has a super low cut back; nothing could be greater! I matched it to my favourite pair of clogs (c/o Lotta From Stockholm) and like I said – my most-used shade of scarlet lipstick. Actually, my face was quite pink from the heatwave, so I suppose I accessorized that to my look too! ; )

2nd, January, 2013

It’s 2013..! Can you believe it?! To celebrate the new year (and all of the excitement and possibilities that come with it) we spent our late morning visiting the most picturesque rose garden. If, like me, you live in Christchurch, New Zealand you will be peering into your screens thinking “aha! I know exactly where that is!” (Go on, I would be doing exactly the same!) Right in the heart of our main park is this perfect little patch of garden – aka my dream home. It is a fashion blogger paradise – especially at this time of the year. I had so much fun weaving in-between the rows of carefully planted and exceptionally beautiful flowers – they are so enormous and vibrant! When my parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago, my mum and I walked home with a slight bypass through the rose garden. I’ve been utterly determined to return with a camera – some things are just too pretty to miss!

For today’s little jaunt, I channelled one of my biggest style icons; a certain Miss Brigitte Bardot. I thrifted this genuine 1960s dotted bustier early in December, and I’m sure you will agree that it has ‘Bardot’ written all over it! (I need to show you the tag sometime too – as it has the sweetest little poodle logo). The second that I spotted it during a routine thrifting excursion – it was mine. (It happened to be an exceptionally lucky day, as I also took home a jacket with a sailor collar). Anything even remotely similar to Brigitte is right up my alley!  For today’s outfit I decided to pair the bustier with one of my go-to hairstyles – a beehive. Big hair has always been one of my favourite things, so I teased it to be as large as possible and tied it at the back with a leftover red Christmas ribbon. I seem to have amounted a mass of ribbon over December – which I am terribly excited about! I’ve been wearing it in my hair most days, which is a whole lot of fun. I think the bees liked it almost as much as me (or the hairspray at least..!) as I had several buzzing rather close to my head. Luckily I didn’t encounter one at the end of my nose in the midst of all of the flower-sniffing!