21st, February, 2014


During a rather impromptu trip down to the South Island I was lucky to pay a visit to the brand new boutique shopping centre, The Tannery. Oh wow. Christchurch, you have seriously upped your shopping game! Seriously, stuff like this in Christchurch just doesn’t exist. Really. This beautifully renovated former tannery (surprising, no?) built in 1881, is home to some of the quirkiest shops that disappeared after the big earthquake. I ventured in for a dash of window shopping, but even that was a treat! Everything is incredibly detailed –  right down to the tiny gold cherubs near the glass roof! Giant black lampposts are dotted around the outside of the building, making you feel as if you’re really having a browse around an exclusive London boutique. Be sure to stop by if you’re in Christchurch, New Zealand. This beautiful place is definitely worth a look (or two!)

The Tannery – 3 Garlands Road, Christchurch, New Zealand 


8th, April, 2013

Hands up if you love playing tourist in your own city! Well, allow me to introduce you to the Christchurch Gondola. When Barnaby and I started dating; almost a whopping seven years ago, we had always planned on riding the gondola together. We both remembered it so vividly as children and could think of nothing better than sharing the experience together. It was one of those things that never seemed to happen, especially after it was damaged the Christchurch earthquake. Sob!

Fast forward to the present. Barnaby and I were watching the news when we suddenly saw it – the Christchurch gondola was reopening! Wasting no time, I changed into my Pepa Loves dress, rushed outside, hopped on a bus, and headed straight towards the hills. Now, I’ll be honest. We were TERRIFIED the whole way up. Everyone in Christchurch has a height phobia due to the quakes, myself included (!) and when it seems like all you’re being supported by is a teeny bit of wire – it’s scary! But do I regret it? Oh no, quite the opposite. Going the top of the hills and seeing the views that New Zealand is famous for is one of my favourite things in the world. And now that I’m typing this from my new home, Wellington, the experience seems all the more special. Plus, we even saw a road that had been completely covered by fallen boulders – how incredible is that!

29th, March, 2013

Phew, hello there! “Hm, who’s this?” I hear you ask. Oh go on, it hasn’t been that long… has it? I do have an excuse – no really, I promise – a good one too! I’m moving CITY! Perhaps my little trip to Wellington a couple of weeks ago let you in on my little secret? Everything ended up quite wonderfully with our lease – so here comes the move! I am SO excited!

So yep, I’ve been a bad blogger. Livin’ in jeans and oversized tops; you know the sort! I’ve been blogging in theory though, mind you! I’ve been dragging my guy, Barnaby out to snap photographs – and to some particularly beautiful places too! So what’s been holding me up? The internet! We’ve been struggling with a ridiculously slow connection, which means no photo uploading, no twitter, nothing! Just the odd gaze at Facebook and emails – when I’m feeling particularly patient. So if you’ve been waiting for a response from me, I’m really sorry! I’ll be connected in just a few days, so responses, blogging, and general internet presence (yippee!) will be trickling out over the next week. I can’t WAIT! See you soon!

16th, March, 2013

Happy St Patrick’s day! I’ve always loved this day – mostly because of my massive love for the colour green! Plus, I really wanted an excuse to show off the vintage shamrock print blouse that I thrifted a few months back. As a little ode to St Paddy, I’ve selected a bunch of my favourite emerald coloured goodies. Just take a glance below!

Oh, and just so you have an exciting fact to share on St Patrick’s – how about this?! The Guinness world record for most leafs found on a clover is twenty-one!! Just imagine how much luck that would bring, eh!

1. Last Slow Dance Dress in Green 2. Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Green 3. Umbrella Statement Flat in Green 4. Putting Green Queen Dress 5. Blue La La Necklace 6. Blue S-teal Dress

Eep! And how sweet is this leprechaun brooch?! The perfect thing for St Patrick’s day – or just anytime that you want that little extra bit of luck!

And finally – I fell completely in love with this photo by Tim Walker, circa Vogue 2009.

12th, March, 2013

I love that initial sprinkle of Autumn. You know, when a whole bunch of leaves suddenly turn orangey red, while the last of the summer flowers remain. It’s like some kind of eerie crossover. Oh, and I just love it! To blend in with what’s left, I wore the prettiest flower print dress by illustrator goddess Caitlin Shearer. We had an unexpected gust of warm air, so I wrapped my hair up into a good ol’ pair of Heidi braids. Oh, and I polished the look of with an adorable miniature china teacup bracelet by Megan Jane Jewellery.

P.s. While you’re reading this, I’ll be jet-setting off to the capital city, Wellington. It’s just a day trip, mind you – but I am so so so excited! What I’m not quite so thrilled about is the 5am start to the day tomorrow (eek!) Terribly worth it though, for a day in my favourite city. See you soon, Wellington!

8th, March, 2013

Okay, I have a confession… I hate to admit it, but I have been one bad blogger this week. Eek! Though, it has been for good reasons, I promise! The first (and most important!) being that it was my boyfriend, Barnaby’s birthday on Monday! I’ve said it a bunch of times, but Lost in the Haze would honestly be nothing without him! No, really – I’m serious. No photographs, no layout, and no motivation! Yep, he’s a keeper, all right! (P.s. I find it so very bizarre that if you read our blog, you’ve never once seen what he looks like. What a man of mystery, eh!)

That being said – for once, I actually took our camera with us everywhere this week! I hope you enjoy seeing a snapshot of what I’ve been doing. Highlights included the arrival of my blue cat hat and matching bag (c/o Boohoo) and discovering a fairy ring made from mushrooms in the park closest to my house. Aren’t they insane?! As a child I was terrified of disrupting the fairies by entering the circle.. Not much has changed nowadays! They’re pretty to look at, but I simply refuse to step inside. Superstitious?! Me?! Okay, well maybe just occasionally..!

6th, March, 2013

There’s no denying it – Orla Kiely gets it right every time. Are patterns your preference? Or is mustard your must-have? Do you crush on clothing critters? Right, there’s definitely something for you then! This is merely a selection (!) from her breathtaking Fall 2013 collection – and some of my favourites too. Honestly, looking through this collection had me gasping. Each time I scrolled down the page, I would fall more and more in love. So much so, that I couldn’t even decide on one favourite! (And trust me – I always choose favourites!) All I know is that once again, Autumn is going to be ALL about the beehive. There’s nothing like brightening up dreary weather with extra big hair, don’t you think!

4th, March, 2013

Chances are, if you’re a recent reader of Lost in the Haze – you might not know about where I grew up. Sure, I’m born in New Zealand, and live here too – but I grew up in Brunei, in South-East Asia. As a self-confessed ‘jungle girl’, sometimes I simply feel the need to go back to my roots – I’m sure all of you who live away from home will know the feeling!

Today, this ‘need’ meant that I dressed up in a leopard print romper (c/o Boohoo) and lounged underneath a tree feeling somewhat like Jane (then Barnaby must be my Tarzan, don’t you think!) It’s not something I’d be likely to do in Brunei – between the jungle-dwelling monkeys and snakes (eek!) when I’m home I’m much more likely to be seen laying around on the beach. For now I’ll just settle for ‘wannabe jungle girl’ in New Zealand. Quite worth it when it means there won’t be any snakes popping in to say hello!

3rd, March, 2013

How incredible is this shoot?! I mean, seriously, wow. I accidentally stumbled upon it as I was looking for Autumn outfit inspiration. Well, let’s just say I found it! The long trousers, matching two-piece suits, and 1960s style dresses have me swooning. Paired with coloured tights too? Uhh, yes. Just to make it the slightest bit more awe-inspiring – just look at the colour!

Entitled ‘The Fun House’ – this shoot is one of my favourite discoveries ever. Taken for Tank Magazine, it features a certain Miss Codie Young, an Australian model with quite possibly the best hair I’ve ever seen! When I was in my early teens I was obsessed with having red hair and dyed it constantly. Nowadays I’ve gone the blonde route, as opposed to my natural brunette locks, sob, but I’m now once again longing for flame coloured hair. Okay, new plan. Hair dye, brightly coloured wardrobe (starting with one of these bags!), and rooms lined with AstroTurf carpets. Yep, it’s all achievable – right? Right?!

28th, February, 2013

Today you can find me guest blogging over at Here Comes the Sun. I’m sharing how to do a Heidi twist – which is a fun (and simple!) alternative to the classic Heidi Braids. There aren’t terribly many New Zealand bloggers out there, so it is super wonderful to be a contributor to one of the few kiwis – Amanda. Go on, take a look! x