19th, October, 2015


Prepare to feast your eyes on THE GREATEST PARK BENCH EVER SEEN! (Or, the best I’ve seen, anyhow!) Get a load of those crochet monster feet! My heart weeps ♥ Nestled between a wool shop and a doctor’s studio, it’s the pop of colour that brightens up an otherwise rather ordinary street. I’m not sure who the talented individual was that constructed such a colourful crochet, but I take my figurative hat off to you.

I wore a 60’s inspired dress by Boohoo, which was giving me all sorts of Barbarella vibes. I paired it with my peachy coloured specs, which I think matched the bench rather nicely, don’t you think? My last form of matchiness was of course my flamingo tattoo. I don’t think I’ve posted a decent photo of it yet, so here you go! Ain’t she a beauty! I’ll be dedicating a post to her in the near future, with all kinds of photos from it freshly applied all through the healing process. Get ready for some peely tattoo photos, mmm!

Dress – Boohoo / GlassesPolette / Lips Bag – Henry Holland x Debenhams /

Ring – And Mary / ABC Flats – Charlotte Olympia



11th, July, 2015


Guys, do you reckon acrylic could be eatable? Well I certainly hope so, because my Homer Simpson doughnut necklace literally makes my mouth water every single time I wear it – it just looks so good!

This outfit was actually in collaboration with Boohoo, who challenged me to create a Winter outfit for under $120. Uh, challenge accepted, and the end result is something I’m pretty darn pleased with. The main staples (ie. Chelsea boots, duster coat, and co-ord) are all from (you guessed it), Boohoo, but the lips bag is from Hi! by Henry Holland, and the doughnut is from Black Heart Creatives.

Now, can I just take a second to say ‘where are all the pink buildings at?!’ Seriously, it’s near impossible to find even the slightest bit of pink in the central city! If there are any Wellingtonians reading this who know of secret pink buildings, please do let me know! I had to make do with a building I do love terribly dearly – the Theosophical Society. Actually, I was pretty chuffed at the last minute choice – especially because the round windows reminded me of doughnuts too! Mmm, doughnuts..

Pink Duster Coat – Boohoo / Grey Co-ord – Boohoo / Chelsea Boots – Boohoo / Doughnut NecklaceBlack Heart Creatives



15th, August, 2014


Bonjour! That’s right, I’m in the city of lights itself; Paris… Las Vegas! ; ) This casino was absolutely stunning – in an over-the-top way; the best kind, don’t you think? After walking past the Eiffel Tower replica time and time again (usually on my way to watch the Bellagio fountain show, again) we finally went inside. Honestly, the detail that goes into these places is unreal! With the ‘street signs’ translated into French, I felt like I was either in Paris or having the most interactive high school French class I’ve ever had in my life!

In all honesty, I really, really wanted to take photographs in the main shopping area of Paris, Las Vegas. However the lighting had other ideas, so we said au revoir to the cobblestone pathways and started exploring the hallways near the conference centre. It turns out I couldn’t have asked for a better location as the colours and carpet print perfectly matched my Boohoo co-ord (yes, I’m all about the co-ords this trip!) I took along my full-to-the-brim Paris souvenir cup, my favourite thing from Vegas… Even more so now that my instagram followers have pointed out that it looks like it says ‘penis’! Well, what can I say? Ooh la la!

Co-ord – Boohoo / Shoes – Seychelles


23rd, July, 2013


You know those days where you’ve got a spring in your step and everything just feels right? Well here’s mine! Perhaps it’s something to do with having a giant cut out heart on the middle of my back, or even the fact that it was ‘t-shirt weather’ despite being slap-bang in the middle of winter, but today felt so g-o-o-d. I added a dash of red lippy, just to match the clogs, you know – and the brightest coloured bag I own. On days like this I’ll never get tired of exploring pretty alleyways in this fair city. ♥

DressChicwish / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm / Bag – Boohoo


1st, July, 2013


Okay, confession time..! I’ve never been to a festival. What?! Yep, you heard me – never ever. Well, between Brunei and New Zealand, there aren’t really any music festival opportuntiies. In the case of Brunei, none whatsoever! My concert experiences range from Ronan Keating (!!) to Lady Gaga, and oh – that’s about it really. Festival style though? That’s one thing I love – and best of all, it can be done anywhere, regardless of whether there are actually festivals taking place or not!

Naturally, I was pretty darn excited to be part of the #BoohooDIY campaign. After receiving a crafty kit and tee, courtesy of the retailer themselves, I opted to create a couple of hearts across my chest – a dedication to the famous Topshop dress, I suppose. It was a wonderfully easy task and I love how it turned out. All I needed to finish off the look was a good ol’ flower crown and some denim shorts. Festival look: check!


13th, May, 2013


Not gonna lie – I’m pretty darn excited about sharing this outfit post! A couple of months ago now, I was contacted by one of my favourite shoe brands in the world; Swedish Hasbeens, asking if I’d like to style a pair from their latest collection. Err, yes please In fact, I think I was barely even able to wait a full five minutes before I emailed my response. And so here we are..! I chose the beautiful zip-up Emy boots and have been wearing them virtually non-stop. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited for cooler weather! I styled them with a backless blouse, a pinafore, and my favourite hairdo; Heidi braids!

SunglassesChicwish / PinaforeBoohoo / Pan collar blouseRoom31 / Dog bagPepa Loves / Clog bootsSwedish Hasbeens


14th, April, 2013

There’s no denying it – dungarees are pretty great! I already announced on my Twitter that they are my favourite fashion comeback of the year. Hey, when you grew up in the 1990s, there is no way that you can’t love a good ol’ pair of overalls. Just be thankful that I haven’t gone the tie-dye and genie pant route! (No seriously, my camel print MC Hammer pants were my favourites growing up!) I do find it quite bizarre though – not even a year ago I wore a dungaree outfit, and received so many negative comments on how awful I looked and how disgusting dungarees wore… Last night I wore my Boohoo dungarees, and was asked three times about where I got them from. Fashion, you are a bit of a weirdo, you know that?

So when Boohoo asked me to style a piece for their #denimdaze campaign, I simply had to have these near-black denim dunagrees. A good choice? You know it! Living in a particularly windy city like Wellington means that having any clothing item that stops me being upskirted is a plus. No, scratch that, a massive plus! A plus so big you almost couldn’t believe it! I am so excited to style them in Winter too – paired with opaque black tights underneath. For today I styled my Boohoo dungarees with a striped sailor top from Modcloth and my favourite red clogs. Ahh, dungarees, I hope you stick around in fashion a lot longer this time!

DunagreesBoohoo / Sailor top – Modcloth / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm / Fox ringBoticca