21st, November, 2017


If you’re anything like me, you like to make a QUICK start on your Christmas shopping. I’ve been a little bit behind this year (usually I’m sorted mid-October-ish) but luckily all of the sales are starting to come round, so really, the timing couldn’t be better! Plus, my favourite website, Shopbop is having a 20-30% off sale, so I’ll be able to pick up some stuff for myself too. I included heaps of Shopbop links on this post so you can make the most of the sale as you shop! And yes, you’re welcome ūüėČ

For your man

Is it just me, or are guys really hard to shop for? My husband, Barnaby, has a really good sense of humour, so I tried to mix it up between classy and quirky – in a funny kind of way. My favourite thing here is undoubtably the personalised leather satchel from MAHI. I kind of want to pick up a matching one for myself too. Seriously, that monogram just kills me! Also: we are kind of obsessed with Larry David in our household, so I know the Curb t-shirt would go down a treat!

Larry David t-shirt / Personalized leather satchel / Neon pizza art / TV lunchbox / Grilled cheese cookbook


For your Mum

My Mum loves things that are a little bit quirky, so I totally tried to keep that in mind as I shopped for her.¬†I think these unique looking homeware goods are also super classy and that would obviously go down a treat. My Mum has a fantastic sense of humour and I know she’d love the cute little macaron soaps (plus, she doesn’t really eat sweet stuff so there would be no chance of her accidentally consuming them!) For links on any of these items take a little look below:

Botanical leaf plate / Velvet floral pillow / Leaf tray / Macaron soap set


For your Dad

I LOVE it when I find good things for my Dad. He’s just one of those people who are kind of tricky to buy for – so I’m massively proud of myself whenever I find the right thing. My entire family likes to laugh, and knowing my Dads brilliant sense of humour, he would be cracking up at those lobster oven mits. Plus, he’s a really good cook, so it’s kind of a not-so-subtle request for him to make me some food. Please, Dad. My favourite pick though, is the six-in-one hardware set. I showed it to my husband too and he loved it. Maybe I just need to pick one up for every single guy I know? What is it with men and tools? (I say as I constantly fuel my clothing and makeup obsession!)

Scratch-off Craft Beer bottle poster / Knights cheese board / 6 in 1 Hardware/ Darth Vader socks / Lobster oven mits


For your bestie

Ughh, can I please have one of every single thing on this list?! I think the Best Babes glasses are adorable, and actually picked up a similar one¬†for one of my really good friends. I just don’t want to tell you what it is yet, in case she’s reading! Also: is anyone else here obsessed with neon lights? I love it that they’re becoming a total ‘thing’ at the moment. I swear, if I could have an entire wall absolutely covered in them I would be one seriously happy lady (and probably with terrible eyesight!)

Pineapple jewellery dish / Best Babes glasses / Slay neon light / Girl boss plaque / Feminist cushion

7th, July, 2015


Jewellery has never really been my thing (I’m more of a bag lady¬†– the weirder the better!) but this has definitely been something I’ve been trying to work on this year. Slowly but surely my turquoise deer-shaped jewellery box has been filling up, and I’ve noticed that I seem to have an extreme penchant for rings. And much like my bag collection – I like ’em with a side of weird.

You will have seen the odd ring here on the blog before, but I wanted to share them all in one go. Because, you know, I’m feeling a bit proud of myself, and all that.. ; )


Heart RingMichael Hill

This heart ring is one of the latest additions to my ring collection. It’s a fairly simple piece, which makes it an absolute essential when it comes to layering. I’m a huge fan of this ring and wear it most days – even to work, which is a big deal for this lady who normally sports bare fingers during the 9-5!


Crab RingLes Nereides

This is probably my most lavish, ridiculous, over-the-top piece of jewellery yet – and I couldn’t possibly love it more. Les Nereides is a jewellery brand I am (quite frankly) obsessed with, and I’m desperately waiting for the summer months, where I can wear it on my favourite beach as I explore the rock pools. Hi little crabby crabs, say hi to your friend!


Fox Ring – Boticca

Basically, this fox ring is what started it all.. I fell in love with it years ago and had to make it my own! I wear it insanely often – and if I’m ever going out at night (which really, isn’t very often!) I make sure to have this baby firmly adorned on my finger as I reckon it would make quite an effective weapon if I ever needed it! In fact, I lovingly refer to it as ‘my punching ring’ – no joke!


Rocking Horse Ring – PBJ Boutique

I bought this ring from the (sadly now closed) PBJ Boutique. And would you believe it only set me back around $12? I picked this up for myself around three or so years ago, and for a cheap ring it is still in fantastic condition, with it’s gold colour still in pristine condition. Hooray! What I really love about this ring is that it functions as a teeny-tiny rocking horse when you put it upright. Because as we all know, things are so much cuter in miniature!


Alice in Wonderland & White Rabbit Ring – Les Nereides

If it’s fairytale based, chances are I’m gonna love it (and even more so when Alice in Wonderland is involved!) These two babes from N2 are no exception.¬†In fact, while you’re here, you should probably just look at everything that N2 makes. Because it’s all amazing. And there is SO MUCH fairytale stuff. It’s the best, man!


Sailboat Ring – Vinca

These guys are a little tricky to capture in photographs, so allow me to explain a bit more. One is a sailboat, another is a wave, and finally – dolphins. And together they combine to create… well, one mighty fine ring set, I suppose (I bet you were totally thinking more along the lines of summoning Captain Planet or something! No. Just no). For a nautical lover (which I totally am) these are basically the best thing ever. Though watch out for the yacht – it’s rather pointy (as my laddered Winter tights will attest to!)


Porcelain Rabbit Ring – And Mary

And finally, my beautiful, beautiful porcelain white rabbit ring. Because, lets keep the Alice theme going and all that! I accidentally got this ring in slightly too big a size, but that doesn’t stop me from sporting it on my middle finger and feeling pretty darn good about it too. Right, now I just need to find a human sized rabbit hole to fall down so I can go on my next adventure..!

2nd, September, 2013


It’s September, so you know what that means… Spring is here!! (Well, in the southern hemisphere at least..!) You’ll know by now that I’m not much of a Winter gal. Every year I go slightly into denial – wearing shorts and skirts and laughing (aka shivering) in the face of sub-zero weather.

The entire duration of the colder months, I’ve been left thinking about Spring. Naturally, I couldn’t help but begin to collect pretty things to style for when the weather warms up. The first being this stripy hat! Something about being a brunette makes me want to wear green all the time and these stripes make me feel like a wannabe Parisian. Something I am more than happy to deal with.


I’m beyond excited to get into curling my hair more often this spring! We took a whirlwind trip to Christchurch at the weekend to see family and to collect a portion of our copious amounts of stuff. One of the things I was most eager to find was my curling iron! You’re bound to see a whooole lot more wavy hair around here. Something about it seems so very spring-y, don’t you think?


These spotted clogs had me at hello! Once again, the very wonderful Lotta From Stockholm has outdone herself with her gorgeous designs. Clogs win me over every time – and the polkadot print is beyond dreamy. I’m so so so excited for the weather to finally warm up, so I can wear these babies out, without my toes feeling like they could drop off my feet.

21st, August, 2013


I always thought I was more of a ‘silver girl’. But lately it’s been becoming all about the gold. These are just some of the white and gold goodies which I’ve treated myself to lately. Just little things that make me happy, you know. Appreciating the smaller things is far more fun!


I can’t express quite how long I’ve wanted my very own bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume. And now I finally do, thanks to Smelly Cat. Rather than conquering the obsession, it seems to have fueled it. I’d quite like to own one in every single variety. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Marc Jacobs daisy garden?! Oh, go on then!


Painting my nails white is the best. My job means I have to reapply it pretty darn often (I’m a preschool teacher, so just think about what playdough, gloop, and everything else does to a manicure) so it’s a great thing that I enjoy doing it quite so much. White polish: I ‚ô•¬†you.


How sweet is this rocking horse ring?! It always seems to bring me incredible amounts of luck – making me love it even more, of course! Whenever I wear it, I’ll end up taking it off my finger at some point to admire just how pretty it is. Looove!

8th, March, 2013

Okay, I have a confession… I hate to admit it, but I have been one bad blogger this week. Eek! Though, it has been for good reasons, I promise! The first (and most important!) being that it was my boyfriend, Barnaby’s birthday on Monday! I’ve said it a bunch of times, but Lost in the Haze would honestly be nothing without him! No, really – I’m serious. No photographs, no layout, and no motivation! Yep, he’s a keeper, all right! (P.s. I find it so very bizarre that if you read our blog, you’ve never once seen what he looks like. What a man of mystery, eh!)

That being said – for once, I actually took our camera with us everywhere this week! I hope you enjoy seeing a snapshot of what I’ve been doing. Highlights included the arrival of my blue cat hat and matching bag (c/o Boohoo) and discovering a fairy ring made from mushrooms in the park closest to my house. Aren’t they insane?! As a child I was terrified of disrupting the fairies by entering the circle.. Not much has changed nowadays! They’re pretty to look at, but I simply refuse to step inside.¬†Superstitious?! Me?! Okay, well maybe just¬†occasionally..!

20th, May, 2012

Can You Guess My Favourite Accessory? 

Every now and then I can’t help but dream about luxury bags. I’m quite an easy pleased lady when it comes to clothing; I always feel right at home in even the grubbiest of thrift stores. But every now and then, I stumble upon bags which make my eyes widen in delight. Even when I was a child, I had a thing for bags. I would cart around my plush Minnie Mouse backpack, full of marbles, rainbow pipecleaners, coloured pencils, paper, you know – all of the essentials! Today, not much has changed. I still take a bag wherever I go, and even nowadays it is full to bursting point! Accessorizing has never really been my thing; but a nice fancy bag just does it for me.

Lately, Marc Jacobs has had me completely captivated. They have been producing the most incredible goodies; I never thought a girl could fall in love so many times!¬†Quilted fabrics, bowling shapes, chain straps; they’re all wonderful! My seven year old self may still have chosen good ol’ Minnie, but my current self is slightly more keen on Marc’s creations! I’ve pretty much spent my entire weekend browsing Marc Jacobs at farfetch.com, especially as I’ve been nursing not one, but two head injuries (the result of closing the car door on my own forehead – twice!) I definitely have a few favourites added to my wishlist – oh, quilted shoulder bag! P.s. Here are some of my go-to bags! Lovely!

27th, April, 2012

Time for Something Slightly Different!

I don’t really ever mention my university on here. Now seems as good a time as any – as today was my graduation! For the past three years I’ve been studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood. Before that I did a year of speech and language therapy. And before that I was majoring in theatre for my BA. Barnaby and I ¬†even have an ongoing joke that I’m like Van Wilder!¬†It’s pretty great to finally be done with university! To be honest – I didn’t enjoy it very much, and the past year has definitely been a struggle! I’ve met some wonderful people, but here’s to moving forward! Hooray!

The actual ceremony was quite lovely though. I wore flats by bait footwear paired with a gingham ASOS dress that Barn bought for my birthday. As I walked across the stage, my Nana called out my name and I gave a little wave. There always has to be someone to break protocol Рwhat fun!

19th, April, 2012

Fancy a Slice? 

I am so so so excited to share these photographs! A while back, we were ask to work with Original Foods for a cake for Canterbury. Proceeds go to the Christchurch earthquake – and they are very much needed! It is quite bizarre to see myself on a cake box; especially as I have so many at the moment. It’s not all vanity (though some of it is!) – they are mostly to give away to relatives. I can’t wait to start seeing the cakes for sale in supermarkets – it will be so very odd!

11th, March, 2012

Vintage Inspiration & More!

Making a Pinterest page has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. After having a weekend spent mostly in bed (I’ve been feeling unwell, boo!) I’ve finally made a Lost in the Haze Pinterest page. I would absolutely love it if you’d follow along! And be sure to leave your Pinterest link in the comments; I’d love to take a peek!

3rd, March, 2012

The Silver Fox

I know I’ve posted about my beautiful fox ring before; but I truly couldn’t resist sharing it again! I don’t wear an awful lot of jewellery, so it is remarkable that I love this ring as much as I do! Designer¬†Emilie Thomas captured the fox expression so perfectly; I love seeing it’s whiskery face perched on my finger. I grew up watching the Animals of Farthing Wood, and my new accessory always has me thinking of my favourites – the foxes. Emilie has also produced other incredible jewellery; I particularly love the seahorse and the rabbit ring! There is something truly special about animal accessories – it feels as if you are carrying a miniature friend around with you!