26th, February, 2016


You didn’t know I was into the 1960s?! Right, we can’t be friends. ; ) Just kidding (obviously!) – well about the friends anyhow, I am basically obsessed with anything 60s style. Naturally, that’s why I fell in love with this playsuit! Between the flared sleeves (ohmigosh, you can bet that there were many Meatloaf impressions going on!), floral print, and miniature hemlines, I felt like I had walked straight out of 1960s London. I wanted to channel how I felt in these photos, so we shot at a recently renovated intercity apartment, which was formerly a shoe factory! The big windows, fresh flowers, and beautiful brickwork definitely got the vibe across, and the bright pink concrete only made me feel even more at home. ♥

Playsuit – Boohoo / Boots – Swedish Hasbeens / Orange Clutch – ASOS



4th, July, 2015


Hooray for sunny weather! Despite it being Winter in Wellington, we had a particularly sunny day recently, so I headed to my favourite spot, which is very, very conveniently hidden from the wind. I love being outdoors, and little weekend adventures are kind of the best thing ever. Oh, and beyond worth the 45 minute bus ride and $5 fare.

Me and my guy, Barnaby headed to the beach I love the most just to do some simple lazing in the sun. Don’t get me wrong – it was bloomin’ cold when we shot these photos (shade will do that!) but lying in the sunshine, with no wind whatsoever, I genuinely was warm as toast.

You might remember I visited this very same beach a few months back, and I’m fairly sure that while doing so I discovered the perfect formula; beehives, instant cameras, and vintage inspired swimsuits go together like nothing else. And who am I to ruin a good thing? ; )

BikiniRed Dolly Swimwear / Minions Banana NecklaceTatty Devine /

RingLes Nereides



1st, June, 2015


It’s funny how blog trends come and go. A couple of years ago it was all about the balancing on one leg pose, followed closely the next year by the walking shot (here’s one of my attempts). Nowadays, you can’t really top a brightly coloured door. And as a colour enthusiast, I’ve gotta admit, it’s a trend I’m pretty keen on. After all, it’s a pretty great feeling when you spot a vibrant door right in the middle of the CBD. This emerald green entrance had me at hello, and it look especially beautiful on this gloomy, wet Sunday.

After being an avid follower of the uber talented Tara Starlet for quite some time now, I was absolutely elated to style up her Loveheart dungarees, aptly named due to the giant heart pocket right in the middle of the chest – and oh gosh, isn’t it just the cutest! Plus, it kept me ridiculously warm in the gloomy weather (don’t worry, I had a leather jacket on between shots). I was told I resembled a BBC children’s presenter, but this is something I am totally okay with! I am a preschool teacher anyway, so it seems fairly fitting! ; )

Loveheart Dungarees Tara Starlet / ABC FlatsCharlotte Olympia / Bag – Mimco



1st, May, 2015


Talk about dressing to match your surroundings! As soon as I laid eyes on this adorable cottage-shaped purse I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot it. The rest of the outfit sort of followed from there. It’s a little odd wearing mostly black and white – but a pop of lipstick always makes me feel like me 

Isn’t it a beautiful Tudor building? It reminds me of a miniature Liberty in London – where I would absolutely love to visit one day. Although rather grand, this Tudor sits in the middle of a busy intersections (err, hello traffic lights in the photos below!) I also noticed it’s actually a residence (totally thought it was a restaurant) when we saw the face watching us from one of the windows. Eep! Hello, strange person, you have a really cute house!

House WalletVendula London / TopChicwish / Skirt – Muubaa / Squirrel HairclipMane Message / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm



6th, April, 2015


Hi, I’m Jo and I love bright colours and big hair.

It’s true; I am an absolute sucker for both. I genuinely spend my bus rides to work peeking out the window for any blog-worthy brightly coloured buildings. Not that this colourful wall quite fits the same category – rather than spotting it from the bus, I tend to see it when I’m visiting the outdoor food court it’s attached to. It has a built-in car park, so when we snapped these photos we had to keep dodging out of the way of cars that were driving in and out too quickly (cue lots of Wayne’s World references – “car!” “car!”)

Can we just take a second to talk about these glasses. (It seemed appropriate as I’ve had my fair share of emails referring to these frames lately). They were only $30 from Polette and are easily everything I’ve ever needed from my glasses, and more. I am planning to post about my glasses collection, so more about that in the near future. And as for my headband – it’s by the lovely Le Vero who are running a Kickstarter campaign,  which you should definitely take a look at!

Dress – Pop Boutique (via ASOS) / WatchTwistedTime / Bag – Mimco / TightsTrendyLegs / GlassesPolette / Headband – Le Vero / Shoes – Le Bunny Bleu



23rd, March, 2015


…You know I’m an absolute sucker for cute bags! Though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (burgers and chips are more my thing) I couldn’t pass up getting to wear one as an accessory. Food themed bags just work so darn well. I actually posted about my weirdo bag collection last year, but it has multiplied quite a bit since! Definitely in need of an update, I reckon!

Oh, and did you spot my pilot style goggles? Call it love, call it whatever you like really, but I am completely obsessed over these sweet babies! Better yet, they’re reversible, so I can opt for tan or black, depending on my outfit. The lovely Le Vero has just started a Kickstarter campaign to produce these guys a little easier – so go on and take a look. If you need any more convincing – there are ones with #’s on them! I know I’m not the only Instagram addict out there – so go and wear that hashtag love on your head!

Bag – Pepa Loves / Glasses Headband – Le Vero / Shoes & Bow tie Dress – (old) – Chicwish



6th, March, 2015


Before heading out to dinner (burgers for the win!) we had an enormous attempt at stalking a stunning building that I had been eyeing up from our hotel. Picture ivy covered, picture old brick.. Gosh it was a beauty! And do you know what? We couldn’t find it!! Phones clutched in hand, staring at Google earth, we were sure there was no way we’d miss it.. But somehow it just wasn’t meant to be! So was a relief when we finally made our way onto this equally beautiful palm tree lined street. And it honestly felt like it was meant to be – as I was clad in my finest leopard print – making me feel like some sort of urban Jane-from-Tarzan (never a bad thing, let me tell you!)

DressQueen of Heartz / Shoes – Mel by Melissa / Bag – Jo Totes / Bee Ring – Stephen Einhorn



20th, December, 2014


Christmas-time in the Summer is so fun! Wasting no time when good weather came-a-lurkin’, last weekend I decided to spend my morning at the beach. Shamefully, this is one of the first times I’ve ever gone out of the ‘city’ city, and I had no idea what to expect – aside from a beach, really! Turns out it was a stone beach, not sand, so I can honestly say that my feet have never felt so darn exfoliated in my life! It was such a lovely day of lying in the sun, taking silly Instax photos, and just appreciating my little home country of New Zealand.

Oh, and after I left, I found out that this is actually a nude beach! Luckily we didn’t run into anyone even remotely nude, as I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face if I did!

Swimsuit – Vintage (similar here)


8th, December, 2014


Oh my gosh, it’s almost Christmas! I am seriously SO excited this year! We decorated the Christmas tree over the weekend while listening to a medley of the Killer’s Christmas songs (and by couple of Michael Buble too…don’t judge me!) and that really helped it all sink in. Yep, the silly season has really got me this time around. I’m not too good at surprises though, and am beyond ready to unwrap presents. If you can’t tell; I am totally one of those people who wakes up at 6am on Christmas day.. I just can’t wait!

Wellington city is looking so festive this year! Doesn’t the train station look incredible? Candy canes are one of my favourite Christmas treats (I wish they were year round, really!) so having one several storeys high was like being in the Candy Kingdom. Something I am very much okay with!

Dress – Chicwish / Bag – Nikita and Vesper / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm / Love Bow – ASOS




2nd, December, 2014


Oh, Summer! Only three days into ‘officially’ Summer and I can feel it right in the depths of my bones. It’s getting warmer, the sun stays up until way past 8pm (!) which means a whole lot more time for adventures. And time to wear fruit. On this occasion in the form of a New Look orange clutch from ASOS. You might have seen the watermelon or lemon versions – both of which I REALLY WANT but are sadly sold out, boo!

I’m beyond excited to have a few extra days off around Christmas. It’s no massive overseas trip – but I am heading up to Auckland before too long, which I am massively excited about. In the meantime, as I count down to my trip, I’ll just walk about wearing this Eiffel tower print dress/coat (I wore it as a dress. After looking at how others have styled it I’m now pretty sure it’s a coat) and exploring cute streets in good ol’ Wellington. And hey, when it’s on en route to a hot chocolate stop (which it was) then I know I’ll be pretty darn happy in the end.

DressPepa Loves / Orange ClutchASOS / ‘Hello Sunshine’ flats – Loly in the Sky