22nd, October, 2013


My guy and I decided to take some time off work not too long ago so we could explore some of our local tourist attractions during the week. Turns out that we didn’t do the best job of coordinating things – as we picked dates that fell right in the middle of the school holidays. Eep! Despite a bus ride jam-packed with tiny children, the zoo really wasn’t too crowded at all. We were able to see all of our favourites, including the sun bear, lions, and the best of all; meerkats. There were three adorable babies in the enclosure, which of course made the want-to-take-one-home urge even stronger than usual! It was an absolutely perfect day out!

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Top – Ark Clothing / Skirt – Muubaa / FlatsSun Jellies /

BagLittle Odd Forest



5th, June, 2013


Playing opposite seasons is rather fun isn’t it? Well, despite wearing an incredibly summery outfit, with an Autumn-y backdrop, it is actually winter here in New Zealand. Quite luckily the sun decided to say hello, which seems awfully appropriate due to the big ol’ “hello sunshine” written across the tips of my flats. No, seriously, these shoes are the best ever. If you haven’t yet been introduced to Loly in the Sky, I highly recommend you browse their footwear! Oh, and I can personally vouch for the fact that they have excellent grip when climbing over mossy tree trunks..!

We took a strictly uphill walk (standard Wellington procedure) to what has quickly become one of my favourite places in the entire world. I’ve been saying to Barnaby since we moved up here two months ago how we haven’t experienced Autumn at all. It’s slightly annoying as I really do love it, and it only comes once a year. It was a little stroke of luck to discover the prettiest pathway completely decked out in yellow leaves, despite it being winter. We were followed by a cheeky blackbird that would boune very close to us and then quickly fly away. If you know me, you’ll know I am obsessed with any animal interactions, especially the cheeky kind, (with the exception of crocodiles!) so it really was quite a perfect day. And sunny weather too? Yes please!

DressLovestruck Clothing / Flower crown – handmade / Hello Sunshine flatsLoly in the Sky


3rd, June, 2013


A couple of weeks ago now, right after snapping these outfit photos, we were walking alongside Wellington’s enormous waterfront museum, when we spotted this fantastic truck! Dream car doesn’t even begin to cover it..! The owners of this International CF1200 truck are driving it all over New Zealand, via the Truck Art Project, to showcase the beautiful Pakistani art. We (like everyone else even remotely nearby) couldn’t help but snap as many photographs as we could, trying to capture every tiny glimmer of detail. It felt extra special to stumble upon, as Barnaby had an incredibly similar one as his family car when he was growing up. If only it had looked like this! It sure is a beauty, eh!
















8th, April, 2013

Hands up if you love playing tourist in your own city! Well, allow me to introduce you to the Christchurch Gondola. When Barnaby and I started dating; almost a whopping seven years ago, we had always planned on riding the gondola together. We both remembered it so vividly as children and could think of nothing better than sharing the experience together. It was one of those things that never seemed to happen, especially after it was damaged the Christchurch earthquake. Sob!

Fast forward to the present. Barnaby and I were watching the news when we suddenly saw it – the Christchurch gondola was reopening! Wasting no time, I changed into my Pepa Loves dress, rushed outside, hopped on a bus, and headed straight towards the hills. Now, I’ll be honest. We were TERRIFIED the whole way up. Everyone in Christchurch has a height phobia due to the quakes, myself included (!) and when it seems like all you’re being supported by is a teeny bit of wire – it’s scary! But do I regret it? Oh no, quite the opposite. Going the top of the hills and seeing the views that New Zealand is famous for is one of my favourite things in the world. And now that I’m typing this from my new home, Wellington, the experience seems all the more special. Plus, we even saw a road that had been completely covered by fallen boulders – how incredible is that!

5th, April, 2013

Now I’ve shown you what I was watching, it seemed only right to show you what I was wearing too! My lovely, kind, and patient boyfriend, Barnaby (!) was extra lovely, kind, and patient and offered to take a few snaps after the show. These actually turned out to be some of my favourite ever Lost in the Haze photos, so thank you thank you, Barnaby!

For my outfit, I wore a red dress covered in bows by Pepa Loves. My beloved red clogs are by Lotta From Stockholm. I finished the look by adding liquid eyeliner, red lippy, and bundling my hair into Heidi braids. It’s a good thing I love ’em so much, as it’s the only way to cope against the famous Wellington winds!

25th, February, 2013

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and just have a little bit of breathing room. I think it’s a genuine necessity to have a special place to relax and drift away. You know; just allowing your thoughts to blissfully float away and do whatever they please. The really tricky part is being able to capture the really good ones…

Welcome to my favourite spot – the ‘secret park’ as I lovingly call it. This is where I go to relax, be calm, and most importantly – let my thoughts wander. Luckily, this time I was perfectly prepared to harness my thoughts by bringing along a collection of anchors – via my outfit… It may have also helped that I brought along a notebook! The dress (c/o Pepa Loves) is one that I am still obsessing over, weeks after it’s arrival. Sailor style is my favourite ever, and I was so in love with the anchor print that I ordered a pair of trousers in the same fabric. My outfit still didn’t feel like it had quite enough anchors so I paired it with the tote bag that you can learn to make here. Goodness, I’m surprised I wasn’t anchored down too, carrying all that lot around!

7th, February, 2013

Oh , hello there! Today there was a slight chill in the air, so you know what that means.. Any time I possibly can, I pop on my vintage red nurse’s cape (!!) paired with red clogs (c/o Lotta From Stockholm) and a gingham asos dress – and feel completely like a certain miss red riding hood. It seemed only fitting to explore a deserted part of the woods, after all, I had to deliver a bunch of dandelions to my grandma..!

30th, January, 2013

There is one thing that every single lady deserves in her wardrobe, can you guess? Lipstick? Err, yes.. A pair of Jackie O style oversized sunglasses? Okay, that too.. Well, maybe there are three things that every single lady deserves in her wardrobe..! The third (and most important!) being a classic LBD, of course. Perhaps I’m feeling particularly influenced by our latest blogger interview, but I am slowly beginning to harness the power of the LBD. Every single woman deserves to feel good about themselves  and a little black dress is the perfect tool. You can wear it for formal events, or even just for dancing around the house! As for me, I took my LBD (c/o Doubledutch Boutique) for a visit to the riverside. The main purpose of my visit was actually to feed the ducks – but there weren’t any to be found! Unfortunately, I had been feeling super prepared for the day, and had stuffed my bag with several bread slices (for the ducks, not me!) I felt more than a little silly when I ended up having to walk around with them in my bag for a big bunch of the day. Thankfully there wasn’t even a glimmer of crust during this set of photos! Oh well, at least I have no problem in accepting that I am a complete and utter oddball!

6th, January, 2013

Do you fancy a taste of this brew?

We’ve served up something sinister in the form of bubbling green liquid – garnished with an ever-appropriate serving of ivy.. Okay, I’ll admit – it may be nothing more than a vibrantly coloured fizzy drink, and I might not have even dared to try it with or without the garnish (one sniff was enough for me, thank you..!) but it does make a perfect addition as our ‘poison’, don’t you think?

As soon as this glimmering Motel bustier (c/o Zalando) arrived on my doorstep, one colour especially stood out for me. Any guesses? Green of course! Amidst the multicoloured sparkle is a bright shade of emerald green – a colour I love! It was the perfect shade to match this hidden ivy patch. I clamoured so far into the ivy that it started to grow all over me. Luckily I escaped just in time, phew!

2nd, January, 2013

It’s 2013..! Can you believe it?! To celebrate the new year (and all of the excitement and possibilities that come with it) we spent our late morning visiting the most picturesque rose garden. If, like me, you live in Christchurch, New Zealand you will be peering into your screens thinking “aha! I know exactly where that is!” (Go on, I would be doing exactly the same!) Right in the heart of our main park is this perfect little patch of garden – aka my dream home. It is a fashion blogger paradise – especially at this time of the year. I had so much fun weaving in-between the rows of carefully planted and exceptionally beautiful flowers – they are so enormous and vibrant! When my parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago, my mum and I walked home with a slight bypass through the rose garden. I’ve been utterly determined to return with a camera – some things are just too pretty to miss!

For today’s little jaunt, I channelled one of my biggest style icons; a certain Miss Brigitte Bardot. I thrifted this genuine 1960s dotted bustier early in December, and I’m sure you will agree that it has ‘Bardot’ written all over it! (I need to show you the tag sometime too – as it has the sweetest little poodle logo). The second that I spotted it during a routine thrifting excursion – it was mine. (It happened to be an exceptionally lucky day, as I also took home a jacket with a sailor collar). Anything even remotely similar to Brigitte is right up my alley!  For today’s outfit I decided to pair the bustier with one of my go-to hairstyles – a beehive. Big hair has always been one of my favourite things, so I teased it to be as large as possible and tied it at the back with a leftover red Christmas ribbon. I seem to have amounted a mass of ribbon over December – which I am terribly excited about! I’ve been wearing it in my hair most days, which is a whole lot of fun. I think the bees liked it almost as much as me (or the hairspray at least..!) as I had several buzzing rather close to my head. Luckily I didn’t encounter one at the end of my nose in the midst of all of the flower-sniffing!