9th, February, 2015


So, riding on a swing with built-in speakers playing techno music (!!) wasn’t quite what I was expecting when we headed out on a lunch date, but hey – when you’re presented with an opportunity, right?! We spotted this Astroturf carpeted swing in the middle of a shipping container in a side-street in town. After lurking nearby, waiting for a group of 8-year-olds to finish their turns, I got my chance to soar – and was it ever great! It felt like the most appropriate time ever (yes, really!) to be wearing a dress that quite literally makes me feel like a cloud, alongside my rainy days clutch.

…& now I suppose I should mention how embarrassed I was getting off the swing! I had been having such a fun time that I had no idea that there was a small bunch of children lining up, waiting for their go. Whoops! Oh well, here’s to never growing up, eh! ; )

P.s. if you’re in Wellington, New Zealand and fancy a go – it’s located on Bond Street Wellington CBD, New Zealand.

Dress – thrifted / Cloud Bag Little Odd Forest / Shoes – Mel by Melissa


13 Comments on “Swing Swing”

  1. What a cool dress! It definitely reminds me of clouds and your rain clutch is a perfect pairing. Such a super cute outfit. Also, I haven’t been on a swing in ages. I think I need to track one down soon!

  2. that sounds like so much fun, haha! and i love your dress, so pretty and you’ve styled it perfectly with that clutch and the shoes! :-) i need cute mel shoes like that as well, i only have their wellies that are obviously adorable but it doesn’t actually rain every day in england so that i could wear them that often, haha! xx

    • They make wellies?! Oh my gosh, I never knew! Gonna look those sweet babies up right now! x


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