17th, June, 2012

And Take a Peek at the new Layout! 

Phew, have you noticed how quiet it’s been lately?! I’ve been beavering away on several big projects, the first of which you can see right in front of you! We’d been wanting to give Lost in the Haze a wee makeover for quite some time now. The sidebar is a whole lot easier to navigate, and there are nice and easy links to follow the blog! I do have one other major thing I’m working away on. I wish I could share it with you – it won’t be long now!

While working away on the new look, I was sorting through all of our photographs. I found a bunch which haven’t been seen on here before! They are making me long for summer already! I love snowy winter days, but the rainy ones we’ve been having lately aren’t quite so desirable!

22 Comments on “Summer Lovin’”

  1. Ooh, these pictures are so, so beautiful! And I love the new layout, it’s so cool! Are you in winter at the the moment? I guess it must be in New Zealand. I would say we over here in England are having summer right now, but it rains so much anyway it might as well be autumn!

    Pip x

    • Yes, it’s winter here! It’s only just started but it’s already super cold! Brr! x

  2. rebelrousher

    I’m loving the blue jumper and yellow tights! Very cute. The new header is awesome. I’m a sucker for black and white!


  3. Gorgeous photos, I’m in love with your little hats and sailor-inspired clothing 😀 x Sushi


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