14th, April, 2012

Some Weekend Hair Inspiration! 

I always love a good bowler hat – they are the ultimate go-to accessory! After seeing the Yestadt Millinery Fall 2012 collection, I was feeling particularly inspired – can you tell?! The beautiful photographs had me thinking non-stop of hair ideas to match the key feature; the hat! I am definitely not a hair wizard; so these are all easy-peasy, I promise! All you will need is the ever-reliable hairspray, and several bobby pins.

21 Comments on “Styling a Bowler: Five Hairdos”

  1. I LOVE bowler hats and you look like the queen of bowler hats in these photos.. super cute.

    Josephine <3 xx

  2. I’m currently in love with hats and wearing them all the time… Thanks for sharing your ideas for styling them :)

    I just fell in love with your blog, it’s so cute and amazing :) Liked you on fb to get the latest updates.
    Also, thanks for dropping my on my blog, please visit me again?

  3. I love all of these styles. Now I have some great ideas for the next time I wear my bowler hat!

  4. What a beautiful pictures! And I love the color combination of the dress and all the hats. May I ask where you got this dress?



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