8th, August, 2013


Wearing this beautiful strawberry print dress by designer Lucy Hope, I couldn’t help but get the words to ‘strawberry fields forever’ stuck in my my head. Coupled with the fact that’s one of my very favourite Beatle songs, the sun was shining so brightly you’d hardly believe it’s winter. It’s quite honestly got me wondering if it really is still winter here. No really, I am so bad at remembering when seasons start and finish, you have no idea! Whatever it is, I’ll take it. Mmm, sun! Oh, and I wore a customized ‘Jo’ necklace. I could never find my name printed on anything when I was a kid. So I’m making up for it now and have been wearing it almost every day!

Lucy Hope Strawberry Dress – Unicorns in Love / Hello Sunshine FlatsLoly in the Sky /

Custom Name Necklace – Onecklace / Cat Bag – Birthday present


29 Comments on “Strawberry Print”

  1. AHHH unicorns in love is the cutest store ever! That dress is perfect and that bag is on it’s way to me! So excited n__n

  2. Love the typography on the shoes and the cut out on the dress. The whole outfit is beautiful though! xx

  3. The print of this dress is to die for Jo! I love the little triangular cut out too, such a nice detail. It’s so strange seeing you with darker hair, you look stunning as a brunette, not that you weren’t as a blonde. I can imagine it has taken some getting used to. Sometimes a change like that is just what we need!

    Emma x

  4. I love everything fruit print!!! When I was a toddler I had a fabulous pair of bright green shorts with fruit all over them, as well as a red seersucker dress with a watermelon collar…those items started it all! That strawberry fabric is so so cute!

    • I love fruit print too! I’ve seen those watermelon dresses on Etsy before, so I am super jealous! Don’t you wish they made them in adult sizes? 😉 xo

  5. If that is your Winter weather than bloody hell whats your summers like. This dress is beyond cute and is super feminine. The strawberry prints really adds a sense of playfulness to the look. Love how you styled your hair. You look gorgeous Jo.



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