22nd, September, 2012

All Set With my Picnic Basket! 

Saturday was off to a perfect start, with the sunniest weather I’ve seen all week! We spent the morning strawberry picking – or so it would seem.. These oversized sponge strawberries are actually hair curlers! They’ve just arrived in the mail box, and I’m so excited to try them out overnight! They seemed to go so perfectly with this wonderful old gingham-lined picnic basket I carted around today. The best part about the basket – it cost a whopping $2 – not bad, eh! The blouse was another celebratory cheap-as-chips find. It was one of those incredible slow motion-esque moments when I found it. I was browsing a rack of vintage, and spotted the sheer pink dotted sleeve – and that was it! I love the puffiness of it paired with anything high waist – it’s a little girly, and a little ridiculous; just the way I like it!

24 Comments on “Strawberry Pickin’”

  1. The pink top looks so good on you! Those strawberry curlers are just about the best thing ever, can’t wait to see how they work! As usual, the photography is superb as well!
    Happy weekend!
    xo Hannah

  2. This is such a fun and gorgeous post :)

    I love that top and the cute little strawberries in the basket!




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