19th, October, 2015


Prepare to feast your eyes on THE GREATEST PARK BENCH EVER SEEN! (Or, the best I’ve seen, anyhow!) Get a load of those crochet monster feet! My heart weeps ♥ Nestled between a wool shop and a doctor’s studio, it’s the pop of colour that brightens up an otherwise rather ordinary street. I’m not sure who the talented individual was that constructed such a colourful crochet, but I take my figurative hat off to you.

I wore a 60’s inspired dress by Boohoo, which was giving me all sorts of Barbarella vibes. I paired it with my peachy coloured specs, which I think matched the bench rather nicely, don’t you think? My last form of matchiness was of course my flamingo tattoo. I don’t think I’ve posted a decent photo of it yet, so here you go! Ain’t she a beauty! I’ll be dedicating a post to her in the near future, with all kinds of photos from it freshly applied all through the healing process. Get ready for some peely tattoo photos, mmm!

Dress – Boohoo / GlassesPolette / Lips Bag – Henry Holland x Debenhams /

Ring – And Mary / ABC Flats – Charlotte Olympia



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