23rd, January, 2013

Have I ever mentioned my sweet tooth? Well, ‘sweet’ being an understatement.. More like my sugary, candied, syrupy, nectar tooth..! I love ice cream, candy, toffee apples, and cupcakes. Yum! Fizzy drinks are my ultimate favourite – and always have been, really! After slipping on this beautiful (x100000!) dress kindly sent to me by Pepa Loves, the shade of red made me desperate for a nice, cool glass of coca-cola. Talk about sugar addict, eh! The 30 degree Celsius weather was a bit of an influencer too, phew! Actually, speaking of which – I’m surprised that my lipstick managed to stay on! After a forty minute walk it really did feel like it was melting off my face..!

Back to the dress though – honestly, what a beauty, eh?! It’s covered in teeny tiny little bows and has a super low cut back; nothing could be greater! I matched it to my favourite pair of clogs (c/o Lotta From Stockholm) and like I said – my most-used shade of scarlet lipstick. Actually, my face was quite pink from the heatwave, so I suppose I accessorized that to my look too! ; )

21 Comments on “Soda Pop”

  1. Love the red theme running through these photos, the colour suits you and your colouring so much! The dress is gorgeous, the way you paired it with the shoes is amazing. Your weather makes me so jealous- it’s snowing here! Or slushing rather- it’s all starting to melt.
    Katie xx

  2. Woooow! Love love love that dress!! <3 And the pictures are so lovely <3 Coke and other sweets are my guilty pleasures too 😉


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