18th, June, 2015


Make-up is an area I’ve been growing more and more passionate about recently and something I’ve been really wanting to share about more regularly on the blog. I figured there was no better way to start than by introducing the limited edition Snow White blush by Elf I bought while I was in America last year. Of course, I completely bought it for the packaging (how could I not?!) and am to-this-day regretting not buying the Ariel Lash Kit too. Boo!

Onto the make-up though; I have been trying this shade of blush for a couple of weeks now. It’s a little more orange and bronzer-esque than my usual Maybelline Fit Me (in medium pink) that I wear most days, but I quite like how it looks. Although I do think that Snow White would wear more of a pinkish shade, don’t you? If Walgreens does any more of these Disney collaborations I highly suggest you pick one up. I’m pretty sure this only cost me around $10, and it’s worth it alone for the sweet, sweet packaging!

Naturally, I just had to wear my seven dwarfs brooch to take these photos – and use a backdrop of apples too. Can you guess which one is poisoned? I’ll never tell! ; )



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